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Thursday, 6 February 2014

WWII batrep The Battle of Alam el Halfa 1942

Last Saturday 5 Rejects met up in the Shed for our first ever BigLee game. The game was supposed to be held in December last year, but Lee called it off, as he already had a toenail painting appointment booked up! Its a bit of a long post, but blame Lee for that!
We all picked a name out of the hat, Clint and myself picked the British while Postie and John were the Germans. You can see more on the game on Clint's and Lee's blogs....
Its the 1st September 1942, and the 15th Armored Division has formed up opposite the British positions at Alam el Halfa with the intention of taking the ridge, securing the area as a launching ground for the final stage of Rommel’s encirclement plan. Sketchy intelligence has revealed that somewhere east of their position is the 8th Armoured Division. A large dust cloud can be seen in the distance but as yet it is impossible to tell if this is the advancing British Tanks or just the result of a desert Khamseen.

The British positions at Alam el Halfa are literally "Egypt's Last Hope"; if they fail to hold back Rommel, Egypt will be lost and the whole of the middle-east will be Germany’s for the taking.  

The Umpire for the day
Mummy's little soldier!

The Alam el Halfa ridge

The British 133rd Brigade dig in deep on the right of the ridge.

The British centre

The 15th Panzer Division

Postie moves his mainly Infantry and artillery towards the right hill.
The red markers are casualty markers.

John moves his Panzer IV's toward the centre

We were lucky, Clint had to throw to see when our reinforcements would arrive.
He threw a 1, which meant turn 2.

John's advancing a bit quicker than I thought, so I moved my Matilda's up
from their reserve position.

Fortunately for the Brits the Germans fail to bring in their Air cover unlike us!
But my shot on the Panzer did no damage what so ever....

Clint fired at long range and managed to get a few hits on the advancing Panzers.

Rubbish dice roles followed the Stuka attack on my Deacon's.

The centre was taking a bashing and the Panzers were now up to the mine fields??

On the right Postoie was kicking the crap out of my troops, I'd lost nearly all of my infantry on the lower hill.

Boom! A Pak 40 bites the dust!

I'm not liking the look of this???

An overall shot of the game so far.
All the Germans had to do is take one of the roundel objectives on the 3 hills.

Bang goes a Panzer!

And another!!!

2 more bite the dust. It really started to go our way!!

The Panzer start to cross the minefield, one tank goes up in flames!!

Two Panzers make it over, but one is destroyed by mortar fire.

You can just make out John lone tank rambling up the hill. I took massive casualties but still
forced the tank crew to abandon their tank

Now I know I can't shout, but Lee's head was buried in the book quite some
 time, as his mind kept going blank, after the game he admitted he wished he'd done an easier game
 for his first time umpiring.

Postie started to spread his figures out more as we again won air superiority

More smoke is added to the battlefield as more Panzers are
 destroyed, John's dice were truly awful!!

The glum look of the inevitable!
he he he!!!

Postie even managed to make it up onto the Wall of Shame!!!!!!
Moaning and groaning that "It's not fair"
I'm sure the other Rejects will agree and say its about time Postie 
got a taste of his own medicine!!!

A scene of devastation....

A close up of BigLee's excellent homemade destroyed vehicle markers. 
Top job Lee, they really looked the biz!

While I was battling away in the centre and the right, Clint was doing a great job mopping up our left.
Taking 2 hits himself, lucky they were only Armored vehicles!

Clint's Grant's speed forward down the flank.

A nice close up of Lee's dust clouds,all homemade and 
rather spiffing looking I might add!

Its nearly all over, both sides have taken a hammering.

John assaulted the hill again, but was beaten back once again, with his crew hunkered down inside.

Then a lucky shot, their final real chance of pulling off a victory, goes up in smoke.
As John's Panzer on the hill is destroyed.

And we called the game there, as the German's had no chance of winning, 
Well done to Mr Hadley, t'was a great game, especially for me and Clint!

Friday, 1 July 2011

6mm Prussian Army for the Franco-Prussian War, Ebay Sale, Now Sold!

Some more blatant advertising once again, this is the second part of fellow Reject, Richard's 6mm Franco-Prussian army. Several people have asked what rules the armies are based for, we used to use a Warmaster variant that Richard found somewhere online and had some very good games, but alas the fine fellows have joined their French foe on Ebay for the measly sum of £35. So grab yourself a bargin and click this link!!

Here are the details for the Prussian Army

16 Line Infantry regts
6 Stands of Jagers
1 unit of Cheveuxlegers
3 units of Dragoons
3 units of Lancers
1 unit of Cuirassiers
24 stands of Artillery
22 Limbers
14 Command stands

in total 900 little blighters, again a mixture of Irregular and Heroics and Ros figures.

Monday, 27 June 2011

6mm French Franco Prussian Army For Sale

 Fellow Reject, Richard is very unhappily decided to sell his 6mm Franco Prussian armies. First to go are the French. He's asked me to sell them for him on Ebay, here's a link if anyone's interested, Ebay listing. He's obviously wants as much as possible but they start at £40. So if any of you fellow bloggers are interested drop me an email at

The army consists of

20 line infantry regts
30 artillery stands
15 limbers
15 chasseur a pied stands
2 regt of lancers
1 regt of chasseur a cheval
2 regts of dragoons
3 regts of cuirassiers
1 regt of hussars
10 command stands

In total 1073 of the wee little men

Friday, 4 February 2011

Recently Painted No 12 - 6mm French WSS

Guess what?? Yep, yet again these are more of Posties figures. These were painted in the middle of last year, I also painted up loads more. Posties trying to get every unit on all sides painted for the Battle of Blenheim in 1704, we've got around 70% done so far. It should be a great game when they're all painted up. I used various on-line sources for uniform and flag guides, thanks to everyone who answered my questions on the TMP and LoA sites. The figures are made by Heroics and Ross, which are true 6mm, they weren't that difficult to paint, after my eyes adjusted to the permanent squint I had to pull. Postie's not got a set of rules in mind at the moment, he was going to use Volley and Bayonet, as one of our pals used to use them, but he's not sure yet. As you can see from the photo above, I selected a few of the French regiments for this post. In the near future I'll have another post with some cavalry, artillery and some English and their allies. All comments welcome good or bad,. except for the Angry Lurker, who doesn't deserve to comment on my blog. LOL!!

German/French Regt Greder 

Regt Auxerois

Regt Nivernais

Walloon/French  Regt Isenghien

Regt La Reine

Irish/French Regt Clare