Tuesday 19 April 2011

Blog Award Nomination

Last Friday my good friend, (cough!!), Fran, The Angry Lurker, nominated my good self for a "I Love this blog",  award. Mr Lurker falsely claimed that he only gave me the award so he could guarantee himself a lift to Salute on Sunday. In secret he told me, and I quote, "Ray, I know your blog is better than mine, I feel awful that you didn't get this award before me, like you should have done, everybody should realise this fact, but please don't tell anyone what I said I'm so embarressed".

Yes I was as shocked as you!! I very luckily had a tape recorder in my pocket at the time and recorded Fran's plea, so if anyone wants a copy, please email me and I'll send it to you, it's a bit muffled as he was close to tears, and you may not understand him very well, with his ginger Oirish accent.

Anyway, thank you Francis for nominating me!!
The rules of the award are I have to share 10 unknown facts about myself with you and also nominate a blog which I like. So I would like to nominate, Mekelnborg's blog, it's a mix of wargaming, chess and good conversation. I don't know too much about the chap himself, apart from he's from Illinois in the US. He always comments on my posts and loves stripy T-shirts!!
Now my 10 facts about myself, you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to think of 10 things without giving away too much and trying not to lie, so here goes,

  1. I used to play American Football position right guard.
  2. My team Barracuda reached the national division 1 championship final wayback in 1989, we lost to Barnsley  Bears.
  3. I started wargaming in 1991, at first I thought it was crap! (boo!, hiss!)
  4. I am afraid of heights.
  5. I get travel sick, very easily!!!
  6. I love bacon.
  7. I was a teddy boy in a past life.
  8. I am related to the original Marquess of Queensbury, the Duke of Buccleuch.
  9. I've only broken one bone, my left ring finger.
  10. I have never been hit by a bus!!!
Thanks for visiting!!



  1. lol, post that recording on youtube!

    seriously, congrats! :D

  2. Well done Ray!

    I was going to say that we can tell you love Bacon from the pictures of you at Salute that have been posted but I'll leave that to Fran!

  3. Well at least you said thank you to Fran :-D

    In your list I miss something. Aren't you the person, that when Pamela Anderson knocks on your door you will give her, her best "15 seconds" ever "lol"

    Congrats on the nomination, and now see with what our friend Mekelnborg will come up ;-)


  4. @Jay-cheers!!
    @kingsley-cheeky git!
    @peter-Fran's the real Pamela lover, but I'd never say never

  5. Congrats on a well deserved award mate! Have some celebratory bacon :-)

  6. Does someone smell pig, sniff, sniff, Ray I am never nominating you again other than to nominate you for a swift kick in the nuts which I will deliver today before I go home, royalty my arse.

  7. This contest is rigged!! lol. Just kidding, Congrats on the award!

  8. I´d like to be present at the presentation of the "swift kick in the nuts" award. I can picture the acceptance speech now :-D
    These true facts...they could all be like the "I have never been on the moon" or "I have never invented a life saving cure" ones or?

    PS..and if I told the truth like my tadger is 42cms long...who would come and prove it ?? :-D

  9. Well deserved award mate!

    Just glad they didn't ask you to say twenty things about yourself ;O))


  10. Congratulations! Well done for finding so many things to say too. I only need to find seven and I'm not sure I know enough..!

  11. Congratulations, it is good to be connected or at least have a

    Really though congratulations!!!


  12. Congrats. Btw I love the name of the blog. I remember my days of Risk.

  13. we;; deserved...and congratz especially on point 10!

  14. Ray: You forgot to confess that you were driving the buss that hit Lurker.

  15. rofl !!! id like to hear the tape!! ahahha

  16. I think the award is very well deserved, yours and Fran's blogs are two of my absolute favorites that I follow!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS from the colonies!!!

  18. Heilige Scheisse, Ray, thank you! It's an Honour and I almost slept through it.

    but it seems to be a hot potato you've been tossed and now I have to reveal ten things and pass it elsewhere, right, where's it from, I have to double check TAL for the rules

    I'd'a never wrote all those smarmy comments if I'd'a known you were the royalty like that, jeez, I didn't know who you guys were, I just figured maybe Pirates, all right, I won't &%&* with you any more, that's it, no more comments, just respect, bro, now I know you're the Duke of Chug-a Lug, chug-a-lug (grape wine in a mason jar)

    2 mins

  19. Was that getting the ring off, or on?

    Well done Ray

  20. I have chosen you to receive the Stylish Blogger Award. The details can be found here-

  21. congrats, american football is the best sport

  22. What if you fell off a building onto a bus...that would eliminate no.4 and no. 10

  23. dude, its never too late to get hit by a bus, its a once in a lifetime experience!!!

  24. Great post,

    Hopefully you check out my blog and show some support.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback


  25. i always throw up on airplanes. always. lol

  26. i didn't think brits played american football.

  27. great facts, glad about the one regarding the bus.