Wednesday, 17 May 2017

AWI batrep - The Battle of Freeman's Farm 1777

Last Sunday the Rejects got together for an AWI battle. Postie told us all it was a reenactment of a famous battle, but didn't tell us what the name of the battle was until after the game had finished.
In fact we re-played the Battle of Freeman's Farm, Sept 19th 1777.

The initial set up.

The sides were, Surj, Lee and myself the Americans, while Richard and Ian played the Brits.
To win the game the American's had to destroy the British 1st brigade, in the above photo, centre open ground.

We were told we didn't have much time so had to attack quickly.
Which was a major problem as a lot of our attacking force were in the woods, which meant
 half move until clear.

Lee was on our left, his job was to hold the Brits for as long as possible.
BUT he only had light troops!!

The Brit 1st Brigade sitting in the open.

Me and Surj moved full move forward to close the gap.

Lee moved forward as well, to hopefully get a few pot-shots off at the British line.

In a rather surprising move the British 1st Brigade fell back towards the stream???

Surj began the struggle to get his troops out of the woods.

Richard's Jagers moved to the fence line and lost 2 figures for their trouble.

The Brits started to reorganize their front line. Me and Surj didn't like the look of 
what we were about to attack.

There's a lot of open ground over there??

Oops, my Militia fail a morale check and decide they want to stay in the cornfield!!!

On the left Lee's light troops are charged and decide to withdraw, but that gives Richard the 
chance to hop over the fence unopposed.

Our leader Surj decides we cannot attack the Brits in the centre, it would be suicide.
And he was probably right!

So he decided to push his troops over to the left to put pressure on Richard's advance.

Because the Brits fell back it gave them a better chance to bring up their 2 medium guns.
Which were placed in the frontline, if we advanced we would be cut to pieces.

Ian artillery turn and face the centre.

My artillery fired 4 times and missed each bleedin time!!!

Morgan's Riflemen v Combined Grenadiers
I don't fancy Lee's chances?

As Richard moved forward, Lee moved back.

Surj moved over to the left in a pointless move.

My Militia still won't move.
There was no way we could win now.

Ian moved forward on their left.

So I moved forward again

What's going on over here then??

Yay, my Militia hopped over the fence!

Whoop de doop!
We get reenforcments..........on the left, where we don't need them! Grr!
Back that's what you get when you play reenactment battles i suppose?

By now I'm losing the will to live........

With the Brits advancing I throw in the towel.
Surj wanted to carry on as we still had a chance to win?
Yeh 0,006% of a chance!

I think I can hear the kettle boiling?
I skulked off and made everyone a cuppa.
Lee told me the Brits got reinforcements turn up on my right flank.
Glad I didn't see them I might have thrown more than the towel in!!

And so to the victors.
Richard got the Best Reject award for his valiant advance.

While Ian got a Custard Cream to dunk in his tea!

Frustration is the word!


  1. What was wrong with your artillery?
    That corn field looks suspiciously like fur or shag carpet...

    1. Only 3 teddies were harmed for this game!

  2. A story well told - thanks. I assume that was a Black Powder game and the 'British 1st Brigade falling back to the stream' was a good old Blunder?

    1. Afraid not Norm. We used Posties own rules, a generic horse & musket set of rules that seem to work quite well.

  3. Next time you have to feed the militia first BEFORE letting them into a cornfield. No wonder they sat there so long. :)

    Nice looking game Ray!

    1. We'll dish out bacon sarnies before hand next game I think???

  4. Brilliant looking game - looks like a great time had by all. At least the flippin' militia managed to cross the fence :) Brave lads doing their bit.

    1. It took them long enough to get moving? But that's the Militia for you.

  5. Well at least the set up looked amazing. Better luck next time Ray.

  6. A very good AAR. Such a shame I dislike big battle games in the musket era which I am sure you do like.

  7. Wonderful looking game with beautiful painted miniatures and splendid terrain!

  8. That looks really good, great report also that is some size of a slice of Swiss Roll, you wouldn't get that up here.

    1. Posties never tight with his Swiss Roll!

  9. Cracker looking game Ray!

  10. Lovely looking game and set up. Better luck next time Ray.

  11. I think it looked a cracking game Ray

  12. Postie sets a handsome table! Very Enjoyable BatRep, Ray! Told only as you can. Better luck next time?

    1. I did enjoy the after game cuppa!

  13. Losing your touch with artillery are we now Ray? Lucky for you the table looks great and I always enjoy a nice AWI battle!


    1. My artillery were for want of a better word....crap!

  14. Very nice AAR and Great pictures!

  15. Your analysis of this game was more restrained that I expected...and more restrained than mine will be IF I can be bothered to write it up!!!

    1. Hhhmmm? What can I possibly say???

  16. "Done up like a kipper" in another of Postie's games ... I'm beginning to see a pattern with these Postie's 'specials.

    Great looking games btw and a good narrative too

    1. It's hard to believe he's my mate???

  17. Beautiful looking game - pity about the result ;-)


  18. No frustration when the table is so beautiful...And playing militia troops always gives you an excuse to lose, I know that!