Friday 28 January 2022

AHPC12 - Haitian Revolution - Strange Doctors


One of my favourite posts from last years Challenge was by Paul Scrivens-Smith, he posted some Napoleonic Scientists from Brigade Games in the US. 

Yes he is using a 3 inch brush to write his notes before anyone says anything?

Paul was living in the states at the time and offered to purchase the figures for me as he was heading back to blighty shortly. Paul got me these fine looking fellows as well as some other bits and bobs from Brigade Games.

Like Paul's figures, the table and other equipment all come from the WizzKids Range

In 1798 Napoleon headed for Egypt taking with him 160 scientists, engineers and artists to study the wonders of Egypt. My figures will head the other way over to Haiti, to study the stars and local fauna.
They are all of course Doctors of Astronomy, Biology and Naturalism.

All very Strange indeed!

So they fit in perfect with planet Skaro/Strange Doctors theme. Now I've completed 4 planets on the outer ring I'd like to head for Cybertron.

4 x 25mm figures @5pts = 20pts
Table and equipment 5pts
Skaro Bonus 20pts

So 45 pts in total!

Wednesday 26 January 2022

AHPC12 - More Haitian Rebels!

Its back to the Haitian Revolution once again.
These 38 25mm mainly Trent Miniatures we're started last month and painted alongside all the figures I've posted so far and some not yet seen!

3 of the units are made up of 8 figures with a Commander and standard bearer.
The commander figure started out in life as a Wargames Foundry Pirate and in true French Revolutionary style, had his head chopped off and replaced with a suitable bicorned head from Trent.
There isn't much info on what kind of flags the Rebels/Slaves would carry, if at all?
But I wanted them to have some anyway, this one is the Voodoo symbol for Papa Legba, 
Papa Legba is a lwain Haitian Vodoo, who serves as the intermediary between the lwa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guineé, and is believed to speak all human languages. In Haiti, he is the great elocutioner. Legba facilitates communication, speech, and understanding. He is commonly associated with dogs. Papa Legba is invoked at the beginning of every ceremony. Papa Legba has his origins in the historic West African kingdom of Dahomey, located within present-day Benin.

Exactly the same as the unit above, all are Trent minis expect the Commander, who again is a Foundry Pirate with a Trent mini head replacement. The standard is the Voodoo symbol of Baron Samedi.

Baron Samedi (English: Baron Saturday), also written Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi or Bawon Sanmdi, is one of the loa of Haitain Vodoo. He is a loa of the dead, along with Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetiere, Baron La Croix and Baron Criminel. 
He is the head of the Gede family of loa; his brothers are Azagon Lacroix and Baron Piquant and he is the husband of Maman Brigitte. Together, they are the guardians of the past, of history and, heritage.

The third unit are all Trent miniatures, the commander is from their Vendee range and is infact Jean-Niclas Stofflet a Vendee Rebel Commander.The figures looked so good I didn'r want to chop his head off, so just painted him with brown skin instead. The standard is pretty simple, its a white flag with the word Liberte, on one side.

The last 8 figures, no command or flag for these poor chaps!
Well ok, there is, I based the chap on the right up as a spare commander, but he can be thrown in at any time to make up units of 8.

A close up on the flags, thanks gawd for Microsoft Paint!

Nothing to be seen here.....

A close up on commanders.

And the lot squashed together, from the front..

and the back!

38 x 25mm figures @5pts each

190 pts please Greg


Friday 21 January 2022

AHPC12 - Donnybrook Prisoner Wagon & Cate Cramer

My 3rd post of the day!!! Sorry Greg!

My first stop is Caprica where I will invoke those who are Doomed. I was going to paint this Prison wagon up for the Challenge anyway so it was pretty handy that it fitted into Caprica/Doomed perfectly.

My prisoner wagon contains 3 Rebel traitors being driven to their doom, just after the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685.

The Wagon is from the very clever lads & lasses from Iron Gate Scenery and was a snip at £8!

It is more of a medieval model, so I changed the wheels to look more 17th/18th century which worked well. Check them out if you haven't already, they make some brilliant terrain pieces. I do have a few more bits from them for later in the Challenge.

I did also buy the figures to go with the wagon, but chose to buy another pack from Col Bill, c17th century Prisoners and guard. The three prisoner figures fit well into the wagon as my prisoners. The 2 drivers I believe are both also from Col Bill's Depot Battalion.

After lounging around on Caprica I decided to jump back on Sarah's Star Yacht, with our destination being the wonderful planet Skaro. As payment for my trip I offer up Cate Cramer a c18th century US settler, I'm sure Cate will fit in with my other civilians for King Philips War.

Cate is another of Col Bills, Belt Fed Gaming Novelty Girls and like  Becky Burton in my previous post is a snip at £3.35.

Points mean prizes so lets work out how many....

5 x 25mm figures - 25pts
Wagon 1 x 28mm vehicle - 20pts
Caprica/Doomed Bonus - 20pts

Cate Cramer 1 x 25mm - 5pts
Sarah's Star Yacht - 20pts

90 points?

Wednesday 19 January 2022

AHPC12 - Donnybrook - Polish Pancerni 1683


My first unit of Polish for the Battle for Vienna in 1683, I have previously part painted up a unit of Pancerni here, these will be the last unit of Pancerni, I only planned for the two units, I'm moving on to the Big Boys next, the Winged Hussars!! 

I really didn't know what figures to buy for this new Donnybrook army, so I've gone with a real mixture. The previous Pancerni unit was made up from Old Glory and Essex figures, which were quite small when compared to the Warfare Miniature Ottomans I painted up during the last Challenge.
I ummed and arred for a while and in the end I chose Redoubt Enterprises figures. As I'm sure some of you will know their figures do come up pretty large.
To be totally honest they fitted in size wise to Warfare like a glove and I was really impressed with the figures as a whole, they were clean and crisp with lots of different poses as well.

I kept the painting really simple using red as the dominant colour and am very pleased with the results.

I found the flag and others online and had to go with the red one!

9 x 10 = 90pts
These will push me up to 32nd

Monday 17 January 2022

AHPC12 - Sarah's Star Yacht & Arda


For only my second post in this the 12th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, I'm taking a trip on Sarah's Star Yacht from my massively successful Pointy Ears at Vulcan!!! to the pleasant surroundings of Arda.
For payment for this trip I'd like to introduce you to Becky Burton the buxom18th Century barmaid.
Becky is from the wonderful chaps at Col Bill's and can be found here, for £3.25

Upon arrival at planet Arda, I chose the Tolkienesque route after I found these sitting in my unloved box. They are obviously from Games Workshop and represent 6 Warriors of Minas Tirith.
I do have a few more of these as well as some other bits and bobs that may pop up a little later, IF I can't work out what else to paint for this years bonus rounds.

And so to the points

Becky 5pts
Sarah's Star Yacht 20pts

Minas Tirith Warriors 30 pts
Arda/Tolkienesque 20 pts

Making a total of 75 points
Should push me up to No52

Monday 10 January 2022

AHPC 12 - Vulcan - Prince Rupert and Boy 20pts


Believe it or not I have been very busy with the brush since the start of the Challenge, but like the twat I am, I started too many things at once, so I've not got a lot finished....Sigh!

Vulcan: Something Logical; Pointy Ears

I suspect as most of you know, I don't do a lot of fantasy of Sci Fi, but do have a small collection of figures just for the Challenge, BUT, I thought I'd go a bit left field. 

My first entry into Challenge 12 is a 25mm Bicorne figure representing King Charles' nephew Prince Rupert and his dog Boy. I've got a crazy yearning to do a small (yeah right) ECW army for Donnybrook, based on one of the smaller skirmishes that Rupert was involved in. So I thought I'd start with the main man himself. Whether or not anything else gets painted is another story.

Prince Rupert didn't have pointy ears, nor did his Poodle Boy, but his horse sure did!

Just look at them ears!!! Pointy or what????

So there we have it, and I managed to get this post in before the end of the year too.

10 points for the mounted Prince Rupert
2 points for Boy?
20 Bonus points for Vulcan

Total of 32 points!
Well that's what I thought but Curt was being mean and didn't like my pointy ears!
I was only awarded 20 points.......booooooo!!!

Wednesday 5 January 2022

2021 Review and what's next in 2022


I've been reading a few other bloggers 2021 reviews, so I thought I'd chip in as well.

Year 2 of Covid as you all well know was just as bad as the first for everyone. I only managed to get 7 face to face games in, 2 of those we're practice games for Richard's demo game at Broadside, another was the game itself, which I took virtually no part in, so really it was only 4 games, which is a bloody pitiful amount if you ask me!

But saying that I think The Battle of Montenotte 1796, Richard's game at Salute was my highlight of the gaming year. It was great to get the Rejects together again and help play in such a great game.
Richard worked very hard getting it all ready for the unusually dated December Broadside, thing is he had an extra year to plan for the game. this should have been played in 2020, but who's counting!

Blog wise, I had my busiest year since 2013, with 90 posts, this was partly due to being furloughed for quite some time and getting lots of painting done, for the Painting Challenge instead of sitting in doors watching the TV and annoying the Mrs! Not sure I'll top 90 posts this year, but I'll give it a go, for sure.

Blogger numbers are definitely down again in 2021, I received 152000 visits, the no 1 place visitors came from was the US, followed by Sweden? Yeh Sweden? The 5th most popular was Russia, wonder if they were all our favourite bot sites?

My top 5 most popular post from 2021 are as follows....

1. Salute 2021 The Pics

2.SELWG 2021

2. The Battle of Bruk auf der Leitha

4. The Battle at Alara River

5. Imperialist Infantry 1683

Gotta say I'm pleased to see 3 of the 4 games I played make it in the top 5, the other The Battle of Chatham came in 6th. 
But even better was some of my figures made the top 5. The luvvly grey uniformed regt Baden-Baden in the Austrian Imperialist army for my Battle of Vienna 1683 project.

So onto 2022....

Pretty boring really, much of the same I'm afraid. I've entered the Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge once again, So it's gonna be more Donnybrook and more Haitian Revolution, with a few other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure.
I would like to start another new army but 1. Still not sure what that would be? 2. Haven't really got the dosh for a new army and 3. The Mrs would kill me!

So look out for more Donnybrook Imperialists and Poles and more Rebels and French for Haiti.
Posties organized a game in a few weeks, think its gonna be Napoleonics? So I'm looking forward to that. I know Richard wants to put on another game using his most excellent Revolutionary Wars figures and rules and I'd like to put a few games on as well, just gotta find the time that's all.....

Cheers everyone and thanks for your continued support and comments