Saturday, 26 September 2015

You'll never guess what I've been doing?

Yep, for the first time in months the brush has made an appearance!!

Pack TA01 from Unfeasibly minis
They are actually Tuaregs
but they're posing as Moors for Tangiers.

Co-Starring 6 Foundry minis
a French/Jacobite/Spanish/.Dutch unit
also for Donnybrook!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rejects on Tour - Skirmish Sept 2015

Three Rejects set off on the long journey from Gravesend to Sidcup on Sunday
for a maybe our last visit to the September Skirmish show.
Speaking to one of the organizers, the April show may be being dropped from now on leaving
 just the September one if you're lucky??

I sat at entrance with the 2 loonies above waiting to be let in, Ian was being......well Ian?

Achtung Gringo - Mexican Revolution 1910-1920
Had a good chat with two chaps from Crush the Kaiser, who were playtesting their new rules
for the Mexican Revolution, which will be out on sale at Crisis on on the 7th November
The rules will be supported with figures from Shellhole Scenics and Early War Miniatures.

Greek Myth Skirmish - Skirmish Wargames

WWII - Herne Bay Wargames Club
Had a good chat with Larry, we put the world to rights on decent wargames rules??

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Medieval Siege
There was some really strange looking siege weapons on display!
Love the castle!

Rainham Wargames Club - 15mm ACW

Reject Clint in his alter-ego role as a member of Rainham Wargames Club

The Privateers of London - The Battle of Koh Chan 1941

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Warhammer

Hornchurch Heroes Gaming Club
Had 3 games on the go, one was Star Wars, not sure what the other two were?

Medway Wargames Society

Old Guard - Not sure of the game?

Milton Hundred Wargames Club - Corporate Takeover (Gruntz) 15mm Sci-Fi


And lastly here's my show loot
3 bottles of Army Painter Quickshade Strong, Dark & Soft.
3 packs of Unfeasible Miniatures Tuarag's
Foot with Spear, Foot with Swords and Foot with Rifles
Why I hear you ask? 
For Moors for my Tangiers project of course!

The figures are true 25mm, so are a tad smaller than the Artizan Moroccan above.
I can live with the difference in size, just look at me and midget Postie after all??