Saturday 29 August 2015

Da da da......He's back?? & Kirke's Lambs

As you may now all be aware, the Mad Irishman Fran is back. I spoke to the old git yesterday, he said he'd be online in around a week, but the lying git is back now!!! I'm sure over the coming weeks he'll explain his near 9 month absence from Blogland, the tit!
You really could write a film about his exploits!
Anyway, he said he's been going crazy with no internet these past months, but at least he's hit the brush bigtime, (unlike myself!) painting nearly all his leadpile, including the lovely placard holders above!!! ggggrrrr!
The Arse!

Lastly Loki, posted this pic on Facebook, he's painting up these Warfare Miniatures figures  and others representing Kirk's Lambs & the Tangiers Horse for some lucky sod's Donnybrook excursion???


Friday 21 August 2015

5 Years of Don't throw a 1!!!

It sort of slipped by me unnoticed, but at the beginning of this month was my blogs 5th Birthday!!
Cheers for all the support chap and chappesses!

and now for the boobs.........



Sunday 2 August 2015

AWI Batrep - The Battle at Church Road 25th July 1777

A game was booked up for last weekend at Reject HQ, but only 2 Rejects could make the bash, Reject Richard and myself and of course we had our own little Fuhrer, von Postie in charge!
This was gonna be our last big bash before we all go on our summer hols! Shame only 2 of us could turn up, but that's how it goes sometimes.
Anyway on with the game......
We drew out of the hat, Richard picked 1st and pulled out the American's
Funnily enough that left me with Cornwallis and his red boys!
(Can't remember the last time I played the Americans??)

Richard had the choice to set up first as he'd be in defence.
He was allowed to set up first and had the choice to set up to the fence line which he did.
I on the other hand had to set up 18 inches away from any of his troops, which as you can see, kinda pinned me to the table edge!

British C/O Cornwallis

1st Brigade C/O Agnew
8th Line Veteran
9th Line Veteran
55th Line Veteran
71st Line Veteran

2nd Brigade C/O Grant
27th Line Veteran
43rd Line Veteran
Combined Grenadiers Elite

3rd Brigade C/O Stirn
Prinz Carl Trained
Erbprinz Trained
Jagers Elite

Heavy Gun
Med Gun
Light Gun

American C/O Sullivan

1st Brigade C/O Stephens
3rd New York Trained
4th New York Trained
Lee's Additional Trained
Riflemen Elite

2nd Brigade C/O Heath
Haslets Delaware Veteran
1st New Hampshire Trained
2nd New Hampshire Trained

3rd Brigade C/O Woodford
Maryland Militia
New Hampshire Militia
Pennsylvania Militia
Delaware Militia

4th Brigade Weedorn
3rd Light Dragoons Trained
Heavy Gun
Med Gun
Light Gun

I placed my 3rd Brigade on my right, the plan with the Hessians was to get into a decent 
position and hold the ground.

Facing them was Richard's 1st Brigade. 

Rich placed 2 artillery pieces in the walled field, making it more like a redoubt!!

The American right was held by Richard's 3rd Brigade, the Milita. 
These were my prime target!

My Jagers were out front, 18 inches away from the enemy.

An American eye view
Facing Richard's Militia was my 2nd Brigade

The Royal Artillery take aim......


My Jagers move forward, while the American Riflemen move to the woods for protection.

My Medium gun fires at the American line.

Excellent shooting from the American artillery force a morale check on
Prinz Carl's who promptly fail and are pushed back.

A general forward order was issued for the rest of the British troops.
Not sure I want to advance further into the cornfield as I'm facing the 2 artillery pieces??

The 43rd and 27th advance, as my artillery is 6 inches from my and Richard's troops it can 
still fire, at a penalty though.

The 71st, waiting for the right moment to come out of the woods.

As I won the turn, I could fire first

Reject Richard stretching over the table!

His Nibs....the evil one

The American's fire back

And I move in next turn, but just don't reach the American's

I very wisely chose not to move forward with the 71st and 55th
Rich's artillery would have made mince meat out of me.

The 27th, my heroes!

Rich still held his 1st Brigade behind the Militia

Things seemed to be going my way when......

Rich got his 4th Brigade on the table, they randomly appeared right where Rich wanted them!! Dammit!

Again I won the first turn and fired fist. 

The American Dragoons really buggerd up my plans!
Luckily I had a unit who could turn and try and protect my flank, unluckily for me it was my hammer, the Grenadiers.

The Riflemen ventured forward and shot at my Jagers.

Next turn I charged the Militia at the fence, the Pennsylvania and Delaware both scarpered before
 I made contact

In a strange move, Postie suggested I could follow up the charge and hit the American artillery, even though I couldn't actually hit the front or flank of them, but hey ho, I'll take that!

Oh where's the gun gone?
he he!

Next turn I charged the 43rd and 27th, but the 43rd would have none of it and...................

Rout back right into the path of the Grenadiers!!!
Oh crap!

The 8th and 9th moved by the flank, trying to get out of the line of fire of the American guns.

The battling 27th smash the Militia who run.

And are left the sole occupants of the field.

I moved up to try and take a shot at the artillery, but Rich moved a line unit up, back into the
 range of my artillery.

In a desperate move, I pushed through the 43rd with my Grenadiers and became disordered, 
I had to threaten the Dragoons and I had to protect the flank of the 43rd.

The Dragoons moved up past the Grenadiers, I knew the swine wouldn't take the bait.
He didn't need to attack me he was enough of a nuisance just being there.

My Jagers took a bit of a pounding this turn, being fired at from everyone in range,

In the last move of the game Rich finally bought up his 2nd Brigade up to the fence line
ready for the next assault, which never came.

So that was the end, we were all a little unsure who had won as there was still a lot to play for in the game. Looking at the table we called it a draw as we both had lots of untested troops on the field. Rich was still in a pretty good defendable position all along his lines,
 when Postie added up the points for the game I'd won a resounding victory 21 -2.
I'd destroyed the Militia brigade who were dispersed off table, captured an artillery piece and killed a leader.
even though I'd won on points
I think we'll call it a draw