Monday 30 March 2020

AHPCX - Haitian Revolution - Rebel Slaves

What's this I hear you say?
A new period for Ray?
And Its nothing to do with Donnybrook or Beneath the Lily Banners?
This was first posted on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge on 12th March.
I've been off work for a week now, with this mental virus all over the place, one positive, its great for the hobby, it means more figures painted, but I have to pay for this free time. This morning I was helping my daughter Nieve with he Romeo & Juliet work, groooooooooooan!

Its all Stuart and his blogs fault. 
For the last few years on his blog Dust, Tears & Dice, Stuart has been
painting up and gaming the Haitian Revolution 1791-1804. I was thinking of a new period
and seeing all his excellent painted figures and all the info on the period got my Wargaming juices flowing!

There's only 1 company selling 25mm figures for the period and that's Trent Miniatures

So Father Christmas was told Trent minis are on my wish list last Christmas.
And he, (well Mrs R and my daughters) bought me a stack of figures!

These are the first results 4 units of 12 Rebel Slaves armed with muskets.

All based up on 25mm round bases, also included (not sure of points) are multi bases, enough
for the 48 painted figures.

I also have been collecting Fish Tank plants, for scenery and such, I cut a few into 
pieces and drilled and glued them in place. I think they work rather well?

So my first post on my first new period in a few years should gave me
245 points for the figures and for the bases??

I'm planning on using Rebels and Patriots for the rules.

Saturday 28 March 2020

AHPCX - Sarah's Balloon Ride No3 - Moll Catpurse

Another trip on Sarah's Balloon as I race to Awdry's Atoll to pick up some extra
points in the Challenge.

Moll Catpurse is one of Col Bill's Belt Fed Girls and can be found

That should be 10 points for the Balloon ride and another 5 for Moll.

Thursday 26 March 2020

AHPC X - Piper's Peak - I spy with my little eye.....

This is another figure that's been sitting around for a few years, he is actually Capt Kidd and was purchased along with Arr Jim Lad and his pal Monkey, from 

"Tamsin would like you to paint anything that is (or could be): 
i) associated with mountains; or
ii) taking a look (a peek); or
iii) displaying anger ('a fit of pique')"

I thought the figure taking a peak through his telescope would fit into Tamsin's Island 
very well.

I did do a little conversion work on the figures hat, it originally was a tricorn,
so I cut away some of the hat and turned it into a floppy hat.

Then gave him a new peri wig for good measure too!

So there we are 30 points for the Challenge Island, 5 points for the figure and perhaps a few 
extra points for the conversion work??

Wednesday 25 March 2020

AHPCX - Sarah's Baloon Ride - Mrs M and baby Thorin

Its time for my second ride on Sarah's Balloon, my fee is this Reiver Castings (I think) figure of a mother holding her baby. So in honour of fellow Challenger TomM, and his 
new arrival may I present 

Mrs M and Thorin.

My journey in Sarah's Balloon will hopefully  take me from Sander's Sandhill to Piper's Peak.

We've had no water at the brewery since Monday morning, which is bad news for a brewery, so no new beer and no Tea either, and certainly no Champagne, so I've had to put up with some good ol' Adam's Ale instead for my Balloon ride!

30 points for the Balloon ride and another 5 for the figure.

Monday 23 March 2020

Skirmish March 20

Oh the wonderful thing about Tiggers......

A few Sunday's ago 3 Rejects Lee, Postie and myself visited the first Skirmish of the year at Sidcup. 
We usually visited the twice yearly show as buyers, but this year as the feature was WWII, 
I suggested to Lee that we should perhaps put on a game of "What a Tanker"
I could see the lightbulb moment in Lee's eyes and he readily agreed to put on a game.

Numbers were certainly down, but it was to be expected with people staying away because of the 
Corona virus, but we all had a great time!

All the games were supposed to be set in the Early War 1940 France. Lee didn't have enough tanks ready, so we time travelled along to 1944.

I played the German's and had 1 Tiger hidden.

Postie had 4 tanks.

Postie had to come find me???

I was in the woods to the right of the church, just waiting for Postie to appear.

Postie moved into range and its the Tigers's turn next. All I throw were reload and aim marker!
But now they've spotted me!

Posties trying for the flanks?

Next go and its a boom!!

Poor farmer, fancy squashing all his corn!!! 

Great homemade smoke marker from Lee.

Oh gawd, Posties got the first turn with his Firefly!

Not sure what was being said here, but it looks inportant!

Top centre and bottom, I had hoped to have knocked out another British tank by now?

No Postie you can't go through the doors!!

Now he's squashing the cabbages!

Postie is a jammy git.
He threw very well this turn, not only going first but he could fire and reload 3 bloody times!
Which resulted in my Tiger going up in flames!
So that was the end of the first game!!

Col Bill doing his thang!!!
I pent a large wedge of cash at Col Bill's
We had to go searching in his van for my soon to be goodies!!

Posties spending loads of dosh at Debris of War.
We all spent heavy here as well, they do make some great stuff!


WWII display items.

The Games

Rainham Wargames Club - What a Tanker 1940

Skirmish Wargames - Cowboys

Privateers of London - Operation Catapult


The Old Guard - Dad's Army

Tonbridge?  - Star Wars

Maidstone Wargames Club - Chain of Command WWII


Milton Hundred - Enter the Zone.

Bring and Buy

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Club - Cowboys

Reject Game No 2 We swapped sides
I was given a Cromwell

and a Churchill

Things carried on the same as the first game with Postie throwing some awesome dice.

My tanks heading on down the road.

I decided to get some cover, with Posties dice I needed it.

Oh dear, my Cromwell goes up in smoke.

But surly I'm safe behind the burning vehicle and hedge?

I ain't taking no chances, leg it!!!

I make it thorugh the gap in the hedge to another field, just need to move first next turn and get into a better position.

Shit hot Postie shoots, but luckily I save the damage.

He throws shit hot dice again giving him 3 shots at me.

There's no towl to even throw in!

Evil Postie does it again!