Wednesday, 11 March 2020

AHPC X - Rearguard at Farleigh Hungerford 1685 - A Donnybrook batrep

As part of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, the Snowlord Curt challenged me to actually put on a game of Donnybrook, I've been painting figures for the rules for 5 years now, in my defence I have diveresed, I have figures for the Nine Years War in Flanders, Ireland, Scotland, Monmouth Rebellion, King Philips War and  Bacon's Rebellion, 
It was about time I put on a game to be honest, my previous one and only game was back in June 2016, Teviot's Last Stand. I mega game I put on with the Rejects at the Broadside wargame show.
So (for me) a hasty game had to be arranged, a date was set, only Postie and Lee could make the game everyone else would have trouble making the evening game.
I took a scenario straight out of the rule book. 
The Rearguard.

The Rebels set up in the red area and have the bigger army containing the following.
4 units of 12 figures Mixed Weapon Infantry Recruit using D6
2 units of 8 figures Musket armed Infantry Drilled using D8
1 unit of 12 figures Horse regt Recruit using D6
Hero - Major Douglas D12
Officer - Capt Carrire D8
Sergeant - Sgt Reidy D6
Poacher - Mr Cook

The Royalist Army, could set up second, anywhere in the blue area, there army consisted of...
1 unit of 4 Grenadiers Elite D10
2 units of Infantry Drilled D8
1 unit of Dragoons Drilled D8
Hero - Major Campbell D12
Officer - Capt Piper D10
Sergeant = Sgt Docherty D8
Drummer - Privite Van Straeten

To win the game which would last for 12 turns the Rebels have to get 1 unit, at least at half strength, 6 inches from the enemy baseline unopposed for one turn. If the Rebel army loses 50% of the force they would need an army Morale test, throwing a 7+ on their highest Character ability to carry on.

Each unit and character needs a card as above. There are also 2 other cards in the deck. A Reload card, (all units with a have a Red fired marker, take it off and are considered loaded again)
And a End of Turn card. Which obviously means its the end of that turn. Which means some troops, may not get to either move or fire????
Anyway on with the game!!!

Rearguard at Farleigh Hungerford- The Monmouth Rebellion 1685 - A Donnybrook batrep

Postie has set up Infantry 1 on his side of the bridge, already in musket rage of the enemy. His other troops are hidden.

Lee set his best troops in the centre, with the mixed weapon troops on the flanks. Each one of these have 4 musket armed figures.

The Rebel Horse hidden out of range of any enemy.

Lee's 2 units of drilled D8 infantry are his best troops on the board.

Lots of open ground, but where are the Redcoats?
As well as the bridge, there are 2 fords, each within 6 inches of each end of the river.

Major Campbell stands giving advice to his infantry guarding the bridge, while the attached Sergeant Docherty is keeping the men in order. The Sergeant character is very handy, when his card comes out, the unit he is attached to may automatically reload.

Postie gives fire!!!
8 x D8 needing 6+

Which causes 2 casualties on Lee's infantry.

When their cards come out Lee's infantry fire back, killing 2 of Posties Line.

Next turn Postie gives a devastating volley, leaving only 2 infantrymen and Sgt Reidy.

Lee's fails their test, and they route off board, taking their gallant Sgt with them!!
A red marker can also be seen in the building next to Posties infantry. Someone fired out???

In his set up Postie decided to dismount his Dragoons and hide them n the woods.
His card came out and he gave fire to the advancing Rebels.

It was chilly in the Shed O War!

Lee's advance is pretty slow, The End of Turn card keeps coming out before he's
 moved all of his troops.

As the Dragoons fired last turn they can now be seen, as they're in the woods they'll get a 6+ saving throw for ant casualties caused.
Lee kills 2 figures and Postie fails to save any. He's 1 figure away from going down to half strength.

Lee keeps the Horse where they are, he's worried about the open road.

As the Rebels move towards the ford, Postie reveals his last unit and gives fire!!!

2 v 1
Surely that's unfair???

The troops in the building, which are infact Posties small Grenadier unit, give fire.

Lee's infantry with attached Capt Carriere stand and give fire. Major Douglas can be seen skulking at the back of the hill, waving his troops forward.

Somehow Postie is still guarding the bridge!

Can anyone smell bacon?

On Posties left flank, the Rebels keep up their fire.

As do the Grenadiers and infantry in the woods. One Rebel unit has already routed, leaving the one unit to cross the ford.

The Rebels give fire on their right flank.

But are gone from their left. Postie has cleared the field.

Its about time those Horse moved Lee???

He must have heard me!

To the left of the Horse expert marksman Poacher Cook can be seen.
I think he's been given the sack. He didn't hit anyone all game!!

And here's where the game ended. We had reached turn 12. Lee has failed to get a unit to the enemy table edge. So automatically the win goes to Postie and his Royal army.
Lee was also only one casualty away form taking a End of Game Army test,  If the game had gone on any longer. So all in all a worthy win for Postie.

So there we go as promised a game of Donnybrook.
Fingers crossed that there'll be a few more in the coming months!!!
But I can't promise anything!


  1. A great write up and pictures. I held those cavalry back too long...I was worried they would be shot out of their saddles and my one chance to reach the back line of the table would be gone.

    1. Yeh, you should've sent them forward earlier.

  2. Not much of a Poacher. Lee should've moved the horses sooner.
    Good game, Ray.

  3. Nice report, Ray. Very inspiring: gives me a prompt to give Donnybrook try (I've got the rules; just haven't done a game yet).

  4. What a fab compact game - excellent, I'm going to read it again now! :-)

  5. Great picture at the end. And I'm digging those little huts/houses. Too fun. Happy Gaming.

  6. Wonderful miniatures and terrain, great report Ray!

  7. Such a lovely little village, Ray!

  8. Excellent Ray, great looking game


    1. Thanks Matt, I was pleased how the game went.

  9. Lgreat looking game that seemed to flow rather nicely too.
    Disappointed you didn't manage to stitch Postie up for payback.

  10. A great looking game and nice to see the collection in use

  11. Good old Postie, nicely done Ray!

  12. A great looking game with some terrific scenery and troops, including the well-fed porcine figures.

  13. Super looking game Ray and it looks like you all had fun too.
    Best wishes,

  14. Glad you took up the challenge to host this game. Looks great!

  15. Great game Ray, tell Postie to cheer up!

    Love the flag in the last picture :)

  16. Great looking game Ray. I really like those houses you have- they make a fantastic village.

    1. They are rather nice, they can now be bought from Cavalier books.