Wednesday 28 February 2024

Cavalier Wargames Show 2024


Last Sunday saw the Rejects on our first trip of the year to a wargame show, that being Cavalier in Tonbridge. We've been going to Cavalier for many years now only missing out due to Covid. There was a large Reject turn out, including Postie, Lee, Richard, Steve, newbie Dan and myself. We always arrive a little early and head in for the Bring & Buy before the show actually starts.

Postie did well buying 2 15mm ECW armies for £60 each, if he hadn't of bought them I think I would have.
Now does he need 15mm ECW, no not really he already has a massive 25mm collection that we don't play with!!

Onto the games!

The Society of Ancients - The Battle of Ilipa 206BC
Punic War action in Spain; 28mm; Rules: Impetus

Central London Wargames Club - Tally Ho Vera 
Emperor of the Battlefield - 15mm Napoleonics

I had a chat with Ian, pictured above, Ian has written the rules and gauging interest.

Me and Lee bumped into Mick Sayce and Henry Hyde, we had a long chat putting the wargaming world to rights!

Milton Hundred Wargame Club - "Eine Bruecke zu Weit"
An armoured bridge assault including a paradrop; 1/100th Modern

Gravesend Gamers Guild - A Song of Ice and Fire
28mm Fantasy

Real Time Wargames - The Glittering River
Riverine Actions in the Russian Civil War 1917 - 1921 on river, land and air; 1/600th

South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS) - Nach Paris!
Franco-Prussian War; 28mm

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Blood in the Lotus Garden
Honour Satisfied! Samurai Skirmish; 28mm

The Bring & Buy
Late in the afternoon, long after the mad crush and smell!

One of the Rejects favourites, Kate and Tony
Debris of War

Maidstone Wargames Society - The Summer of '77
The Battle of Britain; WW2; 1/300th

Cheshunt Wargames - Hoth
Star Wars; 6mm

Team Parkfield Miniatures

Deal Wargames Society - Death on the Savannah (Survival of the Thickest)

Can the Wildebeest cross the Savannah, hunted by lions and crossing a crocodile-infested river?; 1/32nd using vintage Britains figures


Ironclad Miniatures

Iron Gate Scenary

Warlord Games - 13.5mm Napoleonic display

Retired Wargamers Reloaded - Hold until relieved
German counter-attack against the Ox & Bucks at Pegasus Bridge 6th June 1944

Friday Night Firefight - Fall of the Reich
Battle round the Reichstag in the last days of WWII
28mm Bolt Action

Rainham Wargames Club - Hammerin' Iron
Riverboat Action in the American Civil War

Me, David & Lee
Me and Lee met up with David from Ragged Soldier blog and had a long chat, including tactics on Jonathan Frietag's Lake Trasimene games!!

Konfederacy of Eastbourne Gamers - Battle of Villamuriel
Napoleonic Peninsular Campaign; 10mm

South London Warlords - We Do Not Kneel - Battle of the North Wall
An epic battle between the Night Watch and Free Folk
28mm; Rules: A Song of ice and Fire

Tonbridge Wargames Club - LRDG - The First Rogue Heroes
LRDG Raids in the Western Desert 1942
DAK Mini-campaign 28mm

Kent & Sussex - Dungeons & Dragons & RPG Club
Landlord, There's a goblin in my pint!
The surviving members of the Moria branch of CAMRA go adventuring after too much ale; 28mm; Rules; D&D 5th Edition

And that my friends was Cavalier 2024!!