Wednesday 28 February 2024

Cavalier Wargames Show 2024


Last Sunday saw the Rejects on our first trip of the year to a wargame show, that being Cavalier in Tonbridge. We've been going to Cavalier for many years now only missing out due to Covid. There was a large Reject turn out, including Postie, Lee, Richard, Steve, newbie Dan and myself. We always arrive a little early and head in for the Bring & Buy before the show actually starts.

Postie did well buying 2 15mm ECW armies for £60 each, if he hadn't of bought them I think I would have.
Now does he need 15mm ECW, no not really he already has a massive 25mm collection that we don't play with!!

Onto the games!

The Society of Ancients - The Battle of Ilipa 206BC
Punic War action in Spain; 28mm; Rules: Impetus

Central London Wargames Club - Tally Ho Vera 
Emperor of the Battlefield - 15mm Napoleonics

I had a chat with Ian, pictured above, Ian has written the rules and gauging interest.

Me and Lee bumped into Mick Sayce and Henry Hyde, we had a long chat putting the wargaming world to rights!

Milton Hundred Wargame Club - "Eine Bruecke zu Weit"
An armoured bridge assault including a paradrop; 1/100th Modern

Gravesend Gamers Guild - A Song of Ice and Fire
28mm Fantasy

Real Time Wargames - The Glittering River
Riverine Actions in the Russian Civil War 1917 - 1921 on river, land and air; 1/600th

South East Essex Military Society (SEEMS) - Nach Paris!
Franco-Prussian War; 28mm

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Blood in the Lotus Garden
Honour Satisfied! Samurai Skirmish; 28mm

The Bring & Buy
Late in the afternoon, long after the mad crush and smell!

One of the Rejects favourites, Kate and Tony
Debris of War

Maidstone Wargames Society - The Summer of '77
The Battle of Britain; WW2; 1/300th

Cheshunt Wargames - Hoth
Star Wars; 6mm

Team Parkfield Miniatures

Deal Wargames Society - Death on the Savannah (Survival of the Thickest)

Can the Wildebeest cross the Savannah, hunted by lions and crossing a crocodile-infested river?; 1/32nd using vintage Britains figures


Ironclad Miniatures

Iron Gate Scenary

Warlord Games - 13.5mm Napoleonic display

Retired Wargamers Reloaded - Hold until relieved
German counter-attack against the Ox & Bucks at Pegasus Bridge 6th June 1944

Friday Night Firefight - Fall of the Reich
Battle round the Reichstag in the last days of WWII
28mm Bolt Action

Rainham Wargames Club - Hammerin' Iron
Riverboat Action in the American Civil War

Me, David & Lee
Me and Lee met up with David from Ragged Soldier blog and had a long chat, including tactics on Jonathan Frietag's Lake Trasimene games!!

Konfederacy of Eastbourne Gamers - Battle of Villamuriel
Napoleonic Peninsular Campaign; 10mm

South London Warlords - We Do Not Kneel - Battle of the North Wall
An epic battle between the Night Watch and Free Folk
28mm; Rules: A Song of ice and Fire

Tonbridge Wargames Club - LRDG - The First Rogue Heroes
LRDG Raids in the Western Desert 1942
DAK Mini-campaign 28mm

Kent & Sussex - Dungeons & Dragons & RPG Club
Landlord, There's a goblin in my pint!
The surviving members of the Moria branch of CAMRA go adventuring after too much ale; 28mm; Rules; D&D 5th Edition

And that my friends was Cavalier 2024!!


  1. Excellent show report with many fine-looking games. I am curious about your Lake Trasimene battle tactics discussion. What was consensus?

    1. Jon, we mainly talked about how brilliant your games and hosting are! There was a bit of tactical discussion as they were on the same team, but not sure I helped them much, they still lost next day!

  2. Thanks for a great show report there Ray and lots of very nice games too, much more so than Colours these past few years.

    1. It's a great little show, perfect to start the year with.

  3. Brilliant show report - I really appreciate being able to look through the photos of the games 👍

  4. Close up personal account and then a play remote game, you folk were certainly busy. Thanks for the tour on the 'con. '

    1. No problem Joe. Glad you enjoyed the report.

  5. Nice to see some of the vendors. I imagine it's difficult not to go nuts with buying stuff.

  6. Thanks Ray, great photo’s, lots of good work by those putting games on and a great find by Postie.

  7. Outstanding report and a great selection of pictures. Almost feel like I was there. Especially liked the pictures of people so I can put a face to names now.. Thank you very much for sharing these.

  8. Plenty of nice layouts on show. I especially like the idea, and look of, the Wildebeest game. Unusual.

  9. thanks for sharing. i do like a post about a wargame show. seeing all the cool games. 😁

    1. I get lots of ideas at shows, most though involve spending lots of dosh!

  10. Superb report Ray, always nice to see the games on how, and there looked to have been some real goodies.

  11. Thanks for making this blog post Ray. I'll echo the others, in that I really appreciate being able to see show reports for different areas of the UK or across the globe.

  12. Some very nice looking historical games and seems a good show overall. As ever so jealous of your easy access to such :-)

  13. Looks an excellent show with some great looking games

  14. Your photo roundups are always great to read Ray. Great pictures with just the right amount of explanation.

  15. Great looking show and games, Ray. I watch some of this on Big Lee's Youtube channel.

  16. Looks like a day very well spent Ray! I'd not heard of Debris of War before, but checking their website I can see I'll be a customer before long!

    1. They make some really great stuff, can't recommend them enough.

  17. Thanks for sharing, Ray; looks great!

  18. Fantastic show with heaps going on obviously - I think my favourites would be the two WWII games - Pegasus bridge and the Reichstag - but lots else to drool over too!

  19. Great report Ray, as ever I am impressed by how many pictures you get and how good they are! Brilliant to meet and chat too, and good to see you looking pretty well all things considered(!) - there's nothing like a good hobby to aid recovery..

  20. There were some rather splendid games there….
    I think the standard at British shows just keeps climbing…

    All the best. Aly

    1. I agree, shows do seem to be getting a tad smaller, but increasing in quaility.

  21. Brilliant job of cataloguing all that!

  22. Looks and sounds like you had a top time combining catch-ups, looking at games and a few 'strategic' purchases. Presumably all washed down with a few ales—or am I projecting what I would have done?!!
    Regards, James

    1. All of the above, sadly apart from the ales. I'm off the beer for a while due to the meds I'm on.