Wednesday 25 November 2015

This time next year we'll be...........

I've been falling a bit short recently on my blog and yours.
Apologies for that!
And I've just noticed I've passed the 1 Million hits mark!!
So thanks to all of you who come by and visit me on my old blog.
In celebration I will be doing a small giveaway??
As soon as I can get my butt in gear and find something worthwhile to Giveaway!!

Thanks for all the support guys'n'gals!



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Sunday 8 November 2015

The Battle of Valderas 1808 - A Napoleonic batrep

The Rejects got together for a Napoleonic game today.
Surj & Richard were the French
Ian, Lee and myself played the Spanish
To put it bluntly.....the Spanish were crap!!!

Postie set the troops our, Ian our Commander took the centre, giving me the right
and Lee the left.

The set-up
The French were overloaded on their right, (Surjit's side)
Facing my troops was Richard's smaller force. So we decided rather than just sit on both hills
and defend, we'd push our right forward and try and take the initiative away from the French.... 

Along with my Infantry below, I was in command of the Cavalry on the flank.

Ian's command on the left and Lee's on the right.
Unfortunately, although the Spanish were a rather large army, they were, for want of 
a better word, rubbish! Half the army were Militia, which meant everytime you moved them on a roll of a 1 on a D6 they only moved half and became disordered, while the other half were normal line but with the same morale as the militia. This included all our Horse.

The French on the other hand were all either normal troops, Elite or Guard!!

Front Line - The 5th Villa Vicosa and 7th Numancis Dragoons, Maria Luisa Hussars
Back line - 5th Borbon Horse and Militia Lancers

 Ian's command

Lee's two militia units Avila and Soria, (in blue coats) sitting pretty on the hill. Out of shot 
on Lee's far left is our one and only decent unit, our Combined Grenadiers, which was next to our best artillery piece a heavy gun. Lee threw bad for their number of shots. They only had 3 fires for the whole game.

Thing start to go wrong for us straight away, I went and through a 1 for the Villa Vicocosa Dragoons
who refuse to move and go into disorder...Doh!

At this point I ran out of batteries for my camera, so had to use my phone.
I think the pics are better!
So the plan was to attack with my entire force, including my 2 militia units, Jerez and Toledo, who Postie had very thankfully put in my front rank, cheers Postie!!
Richard's troops can be seen trying to cross the river, he had a little trouble with one unit who went disordered.

A high shot of the battle field.
On the left Surj's troops can be seen crossing the river 13 units in all. While Richard's command is to the right of the field in the centre. Richard seemed to be having no luck as his artillery also went into disorder crossing the river.

On our extreme left Lee's 3 shot Heavy artillery sits waiting for the French to come into medium range, while the rest of his troops sit and wait for the onslaught.

Back to my side
Richard#s cavalry decided not to cross the river and face my Horse, rather unsporting if you ask me.
but then I go and throw another bloody 1, so my Lancers go disordered and bugger up my plans!!

Things seem to be going better for my Infantry though.
I took a chance and moved upto Richard's disordered artillery, to take a potshot at them, killing 1 figure. I also move my line up to force the French Chassuers back to allow me to fire at Richard's columns crossing the river.

Hang on a minute!!
The French bring on their IMPERIAL GUARD DETACHMENT!!
Two units of Fusilier Grenadiers , two Fusilier Chasseurs and a small unit of Gendarmes de Elite!!
Oh happy day!

Ah I almost forgot...
Ian our General was late to the battle, he started the day in a town on our extreme right baseline. 
He was, lets just say enjoying some horizontal activities with a local lass. He raced in his coach back to out camp in the centre of our lines to jump on his horse., It took him most of the game!

Evil Postie, telling Surjit he's a bad boy. Surj made it on the Wall of Shame. After moving 
his troops, he decided he didn't want them there after all so moved them back. Postie
 let him get away with it???

On the right I bought on our reserve. 2 units of Peasants. Yes, you read that correct Peasants, no Imperial Guard for us, we get crappy peasants. Was we bitter??
Yes we were!

Ian, Lee, Postie and Surj, discussing I can't remember what?
Actually I think Lee was asking was it time for the sandwiches?
Always thinking of his belly that one??

Come on my beauties!!

What a mess!
Rich charged, my Jerez Militis who failed their morale and moved back, they were given a yellow disorder marker. He also charged the 1st Cordobo, (in front of my commander)
I moved my Horse up, close the the flank of Richard's unit, just incase he won the morale, so I could charge next turn.

A rather blurry close up on the situation.
Its looking dodgy but we're still in with a very small chance.....I think?
Until a lucky shot, Richard the Comte be Lobou is shot from his saddle. All units within 12 inches are forced to take a morale check.

While on our left, Lee, after much goading from Ian, sent two Spanish units the 1st and 2nd Valencia, down off the hill to try and destroy, two units the Surj had sent forward.

It's looking a little dodgy this side too?

The Thin White Line

All but 1 of Richard's units passes their morale check, but luckily for us the one who failed routs through the 3 oncoming French units at the corner of the filed.
What a stroke of luck!!!
All day long Richard's dice were quite dismal until it really mattered. In the melee above
 he managed 6 hits to my 4, destroying half my unit. The 1st Cordoba routed. 

What was the point??

As the 1st Cordoba routed, it forced a Divisional morale check, on my Division.
So it was down to me to throw 2 D6, needing a 6 or more and what did I throw
Snake Eyes!!
The worst possible score on the planet.
As they were such fantastic troops the whole Division dispersed!!!
8 units left the table never to return, giving the flank and the game to the French!


Well what can I say? 
I don't like playing the Spanish? Well that's a lie, I do, but they need some help. Its almost impossible to do anything with them on their own. If they had a bit of British or Portuguese support to bolster their morale, it'd have been more of a challenge for the French. But alas their wasn't any. 
I think we did the right thing attacking on our right, it certainly made for a more exciting game, but in the end it kinda played right into the Rich and Surjit's hands.
Oh least we live to fight another day??

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Secret Santa & Santa Claus 2015 Ideas??

Like many of you, yesterday I received my victim for my Secret Santa from Catherine and from Chris a few weeks ago, Catherine urged us all to post a few ideas of what we'd like. So here no particular order.

or something along those lines........or if you fancy a change of scale some 15mm figures

Essex Miniatures pack - BRO71 European Armies: Musketeers in Long Coat & Wide Brim Hat,

 without Apostles: At ease, musket at 45 degrees

Not that I'm particular at all????