Friday 28 October 2016

Secret Santa & Santa Claus Wish List???

I'm hopefully going all Native for this years Santa Claus and Secret Santa!!
These are just a few idea's for my 2 Santa's in arms!



From North Star in the UK
and Brigade Games in the US

In fact any 25mm FIW or earlier Indians of any kind would be great??

I did get some of the gorgeous figures as a pressie last year from......

If you don't fancy any of that lot, any 25mm Civilians from the period 1650 to 1750ish ??

I always need more of these!!!

But if you've any other ideas for me that'd be great too!

Thanks Santa's

Saturday 22 October 2016

Warbases 25mm Ammunition Cart

Warbases teamed up with The Lardies for a range of carts and wagons especially 
for their new rules Sharpes Practice,  this Ammunition Cart fits perfectly into
 my Donnybrook rules, and at £3 its an absolute bargain.

And here's a pic of the wagon, off its base being used to protect a flank.

Monday 17 October 2016

SELWG Swag, better late than never!

Can't believe its taken me over a week to get some pics taken of my SELWG Swag!!!
Tut Tut!
The above figure Col Bill's Moll Cutpurse was a gift from that very nice Fudge
 eater Sir Clint of Gillingham.
She's a healthy girl that Moll!
Cheers Clint!

A few packs of North Stars 1672 range.
A pack of French Dragoons, King Louis and how could I not resist D'Artagnan!

From Ainsty Castings - Artillery equipment &
Col Bill's new figures C17th Century Villagers.
So new they're not even on their website yet!!

Why oh why oh why??

More offshoots for Donnybrook!
Bacon's Rebellion and King William's War in America?!?!
Redoubt Indians

These were a must from Col Bill.
From Old Glory English Marines....sigh!

From Foundry....Lazy Luther Road Workers
technically for the SYW, but they'll do for me as NYW!

 Oh dear.....more Indians!!!
From Foundry

First thing I've bought from a Bring and Buy for a while.
Don't really need it, it just took my fancy??

 Last but not least. More 15mm Essex NYW figures!!!!

Yee haw!!!

Monday 10 October 2016

SELWG 2016 - The Pics

The Rejects made our annual pilgrimage to Crystal Place yesterday for SELWG 2016.
Its usually our last show of the year, I did fancy going to Warfare in Reading next 
month as well, but I don't think the wallet will allow it, after I spent a tad 
more than I expected at SELWG!
Oh well never mind!
I met up with loads of fellow Bloggers
Clint, Tamsin, Dave, Simon, Mike and Rodger? I think sorry but I can't
 remember your blog name?

 We got there just on time so didn't have a long wait to get in for too long

Shepway Wargamers - The Road to Konnigratz 
The Austrian-Prussian War 1866
The Shepway guys won Best Demo game.

Is that you?

The League of Gentlemen Alchemists - WWII Chain of Command

Maidstone & District - 2mm Arab-Israeli War
Best Scenery 

Is that you???

Crawley Wargames Club - Operation Overlord WWII

Essex Warriors - Appalachian Spring ACW 1863

North London Wargames Group - Moncontaur  1569

Peter Pig - Vietnam

SEEMS - Vikings

Essex Warriors - Peach Orchard ACW 1863

Simon Miller - The Battle of Raphia
To the Strongest
Simon gets my vote for Best Game at the Show
but he did win
Best Participation Game!

Who's that looking puzzled?

Look at all them Pikes!!

The man himself, trying to control the rabble!
Lee said they youngsters were getting very excited and carried away with the game!
They'd make great Rejects!!

Sorry guys, I don't know what club you were from? - WWII Bolt Action

Or is that you????

Crush the Kaiser - Mexican Revolution

Is that you??

Realtime Wargames - Condottieri 

The Bring and Buy.
I shoulda bought them Artizan Moors when I had the chance, dammit!

Help the Heroes

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Star Wars X-Wing

GLC Games Club - Witless Womba's Woe's
A Lion Rampant Viking

Reading & Newbury - Senlac Hill 1066

Could that be you?

Society of Ancients - The Battle of Ephesos I 498 BC

Dulwich Gamers - Very British Civil War

I spy with my little eye...
Oh its Clint!

South London Warlords - Dr Who
Well Dalaks anyway?
They won Best of Show