Thursday 27 February 2014

Cavalier 2014

Only 4 days after the event itself but I'm probably one of the last bloggers to post about the show! Anyway some of the Rejects made the short trip to Tonbridge to hopefully spend some of their hard earned dosh!! I bought basically what was on my list although their were a few bits I couldn't buy and plenty of bits I hadn't planned to buy as well!!  
So all in all in was a successful show until we left the carpark when I slowly drove over a ginormous hump in the road, now the fact that I had Ian in the back of the car didn't help one little bit. After hearing the godawful bang and scrapping sound my car sounded like a 1970's Dragster car. Nothing I could do but drive home the 25 odd miles like it. We were all quite deaf the time we got back and the next day I was £430 lighter!!!

Anyway on with some pics of the show............

TWWS - Blitzkrieg - Early war FOW

Maidstone Wargames - Somewhere in Belgium 1914

Jazz Hands....cha cha cha!

Friday Night Fire Fight - A Crusade's Game

Essex Warriors - Reconquista 1450

A Great looking Castle!

SELWG - Welcome to Valhalla!

Battle of Fraustadt 1706 - Crawley Wargames Club

North London Wargames Group - Kohima, The Stalingrad of the East

Stains Wargames - Schweinfurt 1943

The Stains lads came up with another great participation game.

Gravesend Gamers Guild - French and Indian War Skirmish 

Tabletop Teasers on Tour 1709 - SEEMS

Sunset Over Shimushu 1945 - Deal Wargames Society

My Game of the Show!

Arrgghh! Its Al from The Wargame Shed
We always mange to meet up at shows and have a good chat, I'm glad to say
that my blog has influenced his decision to buy the new Donnybrook rules he he!

Field of Glory 1813 - Southend Wargames Club

Had a good catch-up with Richard and a frank dicsussion with his pal on the 
merits of Wargaming Widows, bless their little hearts!!

                                          Battle of Cape St. Vincent - Tonbidge Wargames Club

The Rejects
Richard and his son Little James, Postie, Clint & Big Lee
Not sure where Ian was???