Sunday 30 June 2013

15mm Russo-Japanese - The Battle in the Pass & my new painting table!!

As some of you may have already read on Fran's blog earlier in the week, Postie put on a Russo-Japanese midweek game for me and Fran. It was a playtest of his new set of rules "The Tsar & Emperor", which are once again a mix of a few sets of rules and some of his own ideas. I must say it was great to see some of these figures out on the board at last. I painted nearly all of the figures on display during this game during my first entry into Curt's painting challenge the year before last, so its taken Postie quite a long time to get them on the tabletop!!!!
Once again apologies if I've missed any of your posts, I'll hopefully be back to normal soon???
At great expense I've equipped myself out with a new desk in my painting room, its not as big as I'd like but it'll just have to do at the moment. There's a Pic at the end of the post.

Anyway on with the game.......

We were both set up in road column and the aim of the game was to be in control of the
 two hills and the pass between the hills.

The 1st Japanese Cavalry 

Don't they look smart in their blue uniforms?

And here come Fran's Russians all dressed in white!

Two Japanese Artillery pieces and a Machine gun.

We haven't seen each other yet!

We'd both kinda made up our minds to charge our Cavalry forward at the first opportunity.

The Russian infantry column who were infact Siberian troops and were an inferior
 quality to their European counterparts. 

The Russian Cavalry preparing to charge.

Fran won the initiative and charged first, I decided to counter charge....

Things didn't go according to my plan, Fran threw well, I didn't. I was pushed back 
disordered and the next turn Fran charged again.

He was very dismayed when I was allowed to turn about and face his charge...

During the turn I moved up some infantry just incase I lost the Cavalry fight.

Which I did....again!!!
But Fran's next move was a voluntary move back with his Cavalry to move them 
out of my close firing range.

Fran started to move up one of the hills, it could only be climbed in the depression.

My machine guns makes it to the hill, while my infantry spread out and move towards the hill.

The battle unfolds.........

I started to fire long range with my artillery but couldn't hit a bloody thing!

Up the hill I go.

Fran continued along the defile on the hill, if he moved out of it he could be seen 
and become a target, so wisely he kept their heads down.

Fran's cavalry finally take a few casualties and flee the field. 

I tried to get into a  firing line on the hill and give fire.

My unit in the pass got shot up badly and soon fled.

Fran decided the time was right to move out of the defile, my machine
 gun and columns made him wish he didn't.

I think this hill is mine?

And there's where we had to stop the game. I had to go and pick up Brat No 3 & 4 from school. So the day was called a draw, there was still a hell of a lot of fight left in both sides. Not sure who would have one so I'll just say ME!

Contractual shitbag shot!

And finally my new painting table!!!

Peace and quiet at last...............

Sunday 23 June 2013

Battle of the Boyne oob @ Broadside 2013

I was asked on TMP what Order of Battle we used for our Battle of the Boyne game at Broadside earlier in the month. So here it is, it mainly comes from the Osprey "The Battle of the Boyne". Most of the troops used  were present at the Battle but some weren't! So don't shoot me!

Friday 21 June 2013

Blah Blah Blah!!!

Well another week has slipped by without a post, bad boy Raymond!!!, (as my Mum used to say!) I've got to admit I'm not feeling the love at the moment, so apologies to you all out there, as I've probably missed some great posts. I have been dropping in every now and then, but nowhere near my old levels. I've also not picked up a brush for 3 weeks now, which is very unlike me, I'll hopefully get some done soon!!!!!!
Postie's putting on an afternoon game for me and Fran next week, we're going to be testing his new house rules for the Russo-Japanese War. I'm really looking forward to that, we've not had a game in the shed for quite a while now!!!!!

As for the job front I may have something lined up from next week, I've had 1 interview and am just waiting for some verification, so fingers crossed!!!

After all that Blah blah blah boring shit! Postie has been a good lad and made and painted up the excellent Wild West train for fellow blogger MiniMike. I posted a few pics over on the Battleaxe blog so if you missed that and want to see more click this link.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Broadside 2013 - The Games & Nipples??

Well there were a few other games at Broadside this year, not just ours, so I 
thought its about time I posted the pics!!

 The Battle of Salado Creek, 1842 - Skirmish Wargames

Society of Ancients - Issus 333 BC

The Nipples, unfortunately they're male and belong to Martin.....yuk!
Pass the sickbag please!!!

Gravesend Wargames Club - AWI

Fran & Tamsin

ECW - Realistic Modelling Services

Me and Fran had a very interesting chat with Mike Reynolds from

 East Grinstead Wargames - Crossfire

Mr Broadside himself, Alan Abbey

 Shepway Wargames Club - The Town with no Name

 Southend Wargames - Gunboats on the Nile
I had a good chat with Richard above, he explained this was not their planned game,
They had to dig this old gem up and resurrect it in an emergency!!

Eastbourne Men at Arms - Operation Husky Sicily 1943

Deal Wargames Club - Denmark 1940
This game won The Game of the Show award.

Clint and chums from Rainham Wargames Club - Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls

And finally Tamsin surprised me with her 2nd secret project..

She said it was me but I think it looks more like Fran!!!