Wednesday 30 March 2022

AHPC12 - Donnybrook - Vienna 1683 - Polish Haiduk Infantry


Staying on the Vienna 1683 project for my next post.
I've been scrabbling for info on the Polish Infantry that was sent as part of the relief force to Vienna.
It would have saved me a lot of fuss to include these in my venture to the centre of the Challenge Quadrant, but alas, I'd already started painting these and perhaps some other too?????

From what I've read so far it only looks like 2 units were sent?
And as per usual I don't know what 2 units and what they wore?

So I've gone for a generic blue coated faced red.
The 8 figures on the left are from Essex Miniatures,
The 8 on the right are from The Assault Group.
The 3 command figures are also from TAG.

I found the flag online here on Another Miniatures Painting Blog , this and other on the site are taken from The Stockholm Roll.
The “Stockholm Roll”, a 16 m long painting depicting the entry of the wedding procession of King Sigismund III Vasa into the city of Kraków in 1605, is now on show in the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The Essex figures were a little smaller all round than the TAG figures, so I double based them, which bought them up to the same height, which made the fit in a little better. Not perfectly, but it'll do fine for me and the Rejects.

I will need to print the flag off again, with a better quality paper, as this one is rather 
wishy washy in colour.

19 x 25mm figures @5pts each

95 points!
This should push me back up to 7th place, only 3 points ahead of Kerry!!
And 39 points behind Miles!

Monday 28 March 2022

AHPC 12 - Donnybrook - Ottoman Commanders 1683

I ordered these Warfare Miniature Ottoman Commanders a few months ago as soon as they were released. But kept them to paint up during the Challenge. I could have been sneaky and use them as part of my final Challenge, to paint up another 2 units, one for either side of the for the attack on Vienna in 1683. But alas no, I'd already nearly finished these when given the Challenge.

I gotta say I'm really pleased with how they painted up.

The sculpting is superb and so are the poses, which helps make them really easy to paint up.

The flags are also from Warfare miniatures. 

All of the figures aren't for a particular unit, but can be used as command for any of the units I already have, or will paint in the future. And they will of course be added to my Donnybrook Ottoman force that I painted up during the last Challenge.

There are 10 x 25mm figures each worth 5pts.
So that's 50pts please Greg.


Friday 25 March 2022

The Battle of Mount Rock 1757 - A FIW Batrep


The Rejects got together on Sunday for another game, this time we used Posties 25mm French Indian War figures and rules.

Gotta say the table looked brilliant from the very start, it all went tits up shortly after walking through the door!!!!

We picked out the hat for sides
C/O Lee
2nd in C Smiffy
3rd in C Ray

French & Indians
C/O Newbie Steve
2nd in C Surj

Setting the scene.

The British are building a fort.

Close to a growing village of Mount Rock.

Mount Rock is named after the small rocky hill at the bottom right of the pic.

It's a busy village, the army and townsfolk are going about there business.

A company of the 55th sit atop of Mount Rock, surveying the area.

We knew the French would attack, but where?

It looked like they may attack over the river, the Brits seemed to think so, as Postie had set up
troops guarding the bridge and ford.

And we were right, first turn the French and Indians come charging out of the woods, choosing to get there feet wet, nit going over the bridge of ford.

We were lucky and took a test, hearing the enemy before they charged out. Smiffy's commander by the bridge fired a warning shot, alerting everyone else that the French were coming.

Postie told us all, that the winner will be decided on the number of enemy killed and nothing else.
So we decided to get all the civilians who weren't carrying a weapon well out of the way.

 A company of the 55th form a line and awaite the French.

Steve's French take fire from Smiffy's Provincials

Another company take and give fire, this time against Surj's troops.

Surj's Indian's stalk through the woods and stumble on a hidden BEWARE token!
Last time this happened Lee lost 3 men to a maurding bear! 

Surj was mightely pleased when Postie placed a chicken!

My civilians, the ones with muskets, give fire, but to no effect, my dice rolling was rubbish.

On the other hand, Surj's dice rolling was pretty good.

The 55th still waiting in the clearing. They've been joined by Eagleye, the Scout.

Its not going to well tbh. We can't seem to win the first move. This means the French and Indians move first and fire first. Any kills inflicted can't shoot back.

Still running civilians' back and missing with every shot taken.

We left Lee's 44th foot back at the fort, just in case the enemy had a surprise attack  down the other end of the table. But we now had to take a chance and move them down the table towards the action.

Smiffy and Steve were having a tussle at the top of the pic. Steve was getting the better of Smiffy.

They're moving very quickly

Postie, Smiffy, Steve and Surj.

The 55th still on Mount Rock, but at least they've turned to face the action.

Surj lines the fence line and kills a few of my townsfolk. I miss everyone again......

If Surj had any sense he'd not advance towards the 55th?

Leave the cows alone Surj!!!

The massed Indians, Marines and Militia march onwards.

Our only bit of luck in the game so far. We couldn't outrun Surj's Indians, so we turned back and charged.

Miraculously Smiffy won both melees!!!

Lots of firing and lots of missing. I'm throwing D20's needing 15+. 
Not a hope in hell!

The 55th moved off of Mount Rock to help cover the townsfolk.

Lee's 44th head for the centre of the table.

While I make a pretty pattern and keep my fingers crossed.

But we're running out of time.
We need to be put out of our misery.

And thank gawd, there was where we ran out of time, Postie added up the points.
The Brits 62 - 132 French Indians
An utter thrashing for the Brits, if we'd have had 3 Tiger tanks they would still have beaten us.
There's not much else to add, if one of the three of us could have thrown half decent dice it may have been a closer game. But with the three of us throwing like we did it was never gonna happen. 
At one point I had 5 shots one after the other, needing a 15+ to hit I threw 3, 4, 3, 2 & a 4!

It was a crazy game and well won by Surj and Steve.
Steve was awarded the Man of the Match, because he could throw 15+ on a D20, when he wanted too!
The swine!

Thursday 24 March 2022

AHPC12 - Haitian Commander - General Davide

I've been on a few of the Zoom & Paint chats organized by fellow Challengers JamesM and DaveD, via Facebook. If you haven't joined in please do so, its great to see fellow Challengers face to face (well virtually anyway) and paint up figures and chat about whatever takes your fancy, at the same time.

On one of these Zoom calls, Dave said he had a old Trent figure, that he'd started to paint up, he'd never finish it and did I want it? Hell yes!!!
Well he arrived the next day! Thanks Dave!"
 The figure is actually a representation of  General Lecourbe, but as I only have 1 Haitian mounted General, I thought I'd paint him up for the Haitians.

He was a little chipped, so I had to go over Dave's original paintwork on the horse. Looked like Dave had painted with oils as it was a bugger to paint over.

1 x 25mm mounted figure gives me 10 points!