Monday 29 May 2023

Partizan Loot!


Thought it was about time I posted up my Partizan Loot, I didn't think I'd bought that much until I sorted through the bags a few days after the event.

I hit Warbases hard, firstly loads more bases of varying sizes, just incase?? Yiu never know when you'll need them. Also a 25mm Parisian Fountain..... Why you ask?
Why not!
And some 2mm Antonine figures for my next 2mm project, if ever I get round to sorting it out that is.  

Next up a Bateau and crew from Iron Gate Scenics, I do love the stuff these guys make, I make it a must to buy something from their stand at every show I go to.

I picked up a few odds n sods figures from Col Bill's, most of these will go into the Bonus round box for upcoming Challenges.

Rules Rules Rules
Barry Hilton's Mad For War and Jacobite from Old Glory, I used to own these many moons ago, but they went to Postie when I sold him my 25mm Culloden figures I painted up, probably 20 yeras ago?
Mad For War, I do plan on getting some ships soon, for a little adventure on the high seas.

Lastly back to Col Bill's, I saw these pre-pained figures up for a snip and thought why not.....they could either add to my Haitian Revolution stack or maybe a little African adventure set in the late 1600's, more idea's from Mr Hilton!!! After buying them, Col Bill told me, like the Rejects they'd come up from Kent to visit the show. They were infact painted by blogger pal and Milton 100 Club chum Alan Abbey!

Well that's it, my Loot from Partizan 2023!

Thursday 25 May 2023

Partizan 2023 Part 2

Part 2 of my Partizan photo fest!!!


Andrews and Imrie - 28mm American Civil War - Bayonets

Dale Yates - Border Reivers

Boondock Sayntes - 28mm Second Anglo-Maratha War - The Battle of Laswaree 1803

  Burton & District Wargames - Zombie Apocalypse - When the Levee Breaks

Iron Brigade - 28mm English Civil War - Battle of Hopton Heath

Homefront Wargamers - 28mm Peninsular Napoleonic - A Bit of Bailen

Caseshot Publishing - 15mm Napoleonics - The Battle of Castiglione 5th August 1796

A random photo of the hall.

And another, Mr Dave Docherty looking for bargains, I believe?

Lance & Longbow Society - 28mm Medieval

Huntingdon & District Wargames - Catch the Pidgeon

Wings of Glory

Blitzkrieg Miniatures

RAF Wargames Association - 28mm Vietnam - Never Get off the Boat

Lancaster Wargames Society -  Courage mes Braves....Arretez les Momies!

Grantham Strategy Club - 28mm Fantasy Discworld - Witch Racing

One Hour Skirmish - The Great Turkey Hunt

Peterborough Wargames Club - 28mm Fantasy Adventure -The Frozen Forest of Fear

Steve Jones - 6mm Napoleonics - The Battle of Teugn-Hausen 1809

RRR Gamers - Halo Trash

Hornsea Wargames - War of the Roses

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish - Xenos Rampant

Not sure this games from?

KBB Club - 144th Moderns

KBB Club - 144th Sci-Fi

Pandyman Entertainment -WWI Trench Warfare - Trench Offensive

Gripping Beast - Mr Richard Kennan 28mm Ancients SAGA

Mark Copplestone - Mark's Little Soldiers

James Morris & Chums - 28mm Norse Mythology - Midgard Heroic Battles against the Frost Giants.

Sheffield & Rotherham Wargames Club 28mm Napoleonics

Barnsley Association of Wargamers - 20mm WW2 - The Winter War, Finland 1939

Big Lee, lurking in amongst the lead.......

Two Fat Lardies

Mark Backhouse - 2mm Ancients - Strength & Honour
The Battle of Cannae 216BC

More Lardy goodness!!!

What a Cowboy

Room 17 Studio - Naval Skirmish Thalassa: Naval Battles on the Ancient Seas

And there you have it!!

Partizan 2023!