Saturday 24 June 2017

Broadside 2017

Well I've certainly taken my time getting this post on!!!
My last post was all about the Rejects game at Broadside so its only fair to show off the rest of the games as well.

Rainham Wargames  Club -  The Men who would be King
Just love the Paddle Steamer!!

Clint and Matt with un-named chum!

Random Shot no1

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Tank Battle

Southend Wargames Club - ACW

Random Shot no2

Shepway Wargames - "I am Frank Hammer" West Texas 1930

Random Shot no3

SEEMS - "Lords of the Wine Dark Sea" 1/200 Ancient Naval

Col Bill's

Random Shot no4

Maidstone Wargames Club - Fenris Decending


Random Shot no5

"Jurassic Park" participation game

Rochester Games - WWII Western Desert using the new 4th edition Flames of War rules

Pokemon Mega Powers

4th Quarter 

Milton Hundreds Wargames Club - Lego Star Trek!!! Yes I said Lego Star Trek!!

Friday Night Fight Club - "High Noon"

Skirmish Wargames -  Blood in the Snow - 54mm French Indian Wars

Valhalla - Viking Skirmish

Skirmish Wargames -  Blood in the Snow - 54mm French Indian Wars

Deal Wargames Society - Tank Action at Prudka, Poland 1937

The Walking Dead