Monday 31 July 2023

Mad For War!!!!!

The Rejects are Mad For War!!!

As you may already be aware, we had a fun packed weekend at the Rapture Games Show, playing the Dutch attack on Chatham Dockyard at Chatham Dockyard with Barry Hilton, using his very own Mad For War rules.

I had already been gifted a squadron of English and Dutch form my daughters, for Fathers Day.

The other Rejects, Postie, Richard, Lee and Steve all ordered a few ships, see below!!

And of course a copy of the rules each.

If you're Mad For War too, you can pick them up here, in the UK or here, for the US.

We've not done a group project for many years, so we're all looking forward to having a few group painting sessions and get this project started.

The ships can be found here, if you fancy a bit of Anglo-Dutch Wars naval action.

Monday 24 July 2023

Turkey - Efes or Ephesus


Wow, what a place!
Luckily for me Efes was only a 15 minutes drive from where we were staying, not like Hierapolis which was a 2.5 hour drive away. But we picked THE hottest day of our holiday to go visit.
It was 48 degrees but felt like 50, I don't think I've ever felt so hot!!
I was not in Mrs R and the kids good books at all!!

This is the 4th Ephesus, the previous 3, were destroyed by earthquakes and moved. As was this one.

Government meeting area.

Used for meetings and political discussion.

The guide pointed this out, it was where a giant torch lite the street, the hooks, were for ropes to hold the torch upright.

The Doctors

And Chemist.


The Temple of Hadrian

Medusa keeping a lookout

The public toilet, try and use the first one, you don't wanna be using your sponge in the water the other 47 people have already used, yuk!

The library of Celus

The house of prostitutes was near the library, it was said there was a secret tunnel from the library,

 "Just pooping over the library tonight darling, don't wait up!"

The market

The Ampithetre

The Theatre of Ephesus with harbour street. Due to ancient and subsequent deforestation, overgrazing (mostly by goat herds), erosion and soil degradation, the Mediterranean coast is now 3–4 km (2–2 mi) away from the site, sediment having filled the plain and the coast. 

The green on the right are the remains of the harbour..

And that's it, Hope you enjoyed the pics?