Tuesday 18 June 2024

Broadside 2024 Loot

To be honest I didn't really get a good look around Broadside the other Sunday, I was far to busy trying to run our game and/or talk to fellow gamers,  but I did sneak off a few times to buy some goodies...

More fab trees from Debris of WarDebris of War, I'll probably buy a few every show we visit, I'll have a whole forest worth in 20 years time!

Also from Debris of War, a Medieval Grain StoreMedieval Grain Store. I did want to buy this at Salute back in April, but they'd run out of stock! So Tony put one aside for me to collect.

Hmm? Should I glue it in place?

There's no Bring & Buy at Broadside, but the were loads of Flea Market tables. These Front Rank horses were purchased on one such table for a few quid. You never know when you'll need a horse?

At another stall, one chap was selling a book collection, all the Rejects bought something from him,  I picked all these books and rules up for £1.50 each!

Probably don't need it but what the hell!


Another interesting?

More interesting??

My first Charles S Grant!

And some dice!

That's my show loot!!!

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Broadside 2024 - The Games

Broadside once again proved itself to be a great show, the turn out seemed very high and it was a busy looking show, so hopefully Milton Hundred Club made a pretty penny? And as per usual there were some great games on show too, unfortunately some weren't labelled, with a club name or game, so if anyone knows who's who, please ley me know..

Deal Wargames Society - A Crown of Thornes - Palestine WWI

Ragnorak Hobbies - 


The Werelords - Sci Fi

Steve throwing bloody good dice......again!
Blogger Steve in yellow, pondering life and figures!

Shepway Wargamers - Dornier Down
Congrats to Shepway, who won the Best Game at the Show.


Medway Wargamers Club - Mythical Greece?


A Milton Hundred Display - Cold War

Friday Night Fire Fight  - 

Real Time Wargames - WWII Naval

Crawley Wargames - Africa?

Retired Wargamers Reloaded - D-Day Attack on Pegasus Bridge

SEEMS - ACW, The Battle of Bryson's Crossroads.

Central London Wargames Club - Napoleonics

Skirmish Wargames Club - The Boxer Rebellion

Hythe Tyrants - ?

Maidstone Wargames Society - WWII

And a final 2 photos of the yellow t-shirts!