Sunday, 15 May 2022

The Rejects on Tour - Partizan 2022


Only 1 week to go!
Some of the Rejects, BigLee, Postie, Steve, myself and possibly Richard will be heading up to Partizan next Sunday.  We are pretty lucky living in the south east as there's always loads of show on throughout the year.........up until now of course.
It'll be a  quick trip of 2 hrs 47 mins and 152 miles with a stop for brekkie on the way (of course!) and we'll be there of opening time.

Me and Postie went to Partizan back in 2018 and wanted to go again. The other didn't take a lot of persuading!
Here's a few pics as a reminder.

Lastly, I can't seem to comment on other blogs at the moment, I keep being asked to sign into google when I'm already signed in, anyone else having this problem?

Monday, 9 May 2022

Broadside Games Show 4th June 2022 - Anyone going?

Posties Rejects will be putting on a demo game at this years Broadside Games Show on Saturday 4th June at Medway Park Sports Centre in Gillingham.

Its BigLee's turn to put on the game this time round, I've included 2 pics in the post to wet your whistle, without completely giving the game away.
The game is called " Beau Hunks" and features my favourite comedy duo!!

So hopefully we'll see you there?

If you need to find out anymore info on the show click the Facebook link, here!

Thursday, 5 May 2022

The Battle of Steve's Creek 1862 - A 15mm ACW Batrep


Posties wouldn't tell us what game we were playing, I should have guessed it was the American Civil War. I've nothing against playing the ACW apart from the rules we use, "Fire n Fury". At one point I will admit to loving the rules, but that was many moons ago, now they fill me with a sense of dread and anger. I've said it before, you could have the tactical genius of a mushroom and as long as you keep throwing high you'll win. I've had my fair share of wins and my fair share of losses with these rules, most of the losses were ones where I could quite easily hang up the dice and take up crochet!

So when Postie said those memorable words Fire & Fury, there were a few groans and a few swear words, none from Steve though, the newbie Reject, he's yet to suffer the rules. They can't be that bad he said. "You wait, Steve, you'll find out what we mean"

The set up
We picked out sides, Lee and myself were the Confederates.
Steve and Surj were the Union.

Lee photobombs my pic.
I've included it as punishment, doesn't he look a tit!
Postie then told us he's changed the rules slightly, we are no longer using a D10 for all throws, he wanted to even out the rolls and stop the 10-1 throw that comes at a crucial melee roll. We'd now be rolling 2 x D6, with tables increased to 12 instead of the usual 10.

"OK, that might work?" 

Although it was a meeting engagement, we knew we'd be doing the attacking.
Above are my troops, the 1st Corps commanded by Longstreet, the 1st to 5th Virginia

Lee's troops on the right are the 1st Corps 2nd Division commanded by Hood
the 1st-5th Texas

In a surprising move, Steve moved over the hill, I thought he'd set up on the hill?

Surj was spread out quite a bit so, we thought we'd have a good chance on beating Surj's men from the 2nd Div under Ricketts, the 1st to 4th Pennsylvania


First blood goes to our artillery!

Its always difficult to get organized for an attack in FnF, you never know if a unit will throw bad for movement. Luckily I'd left enough room if things went bad, which this turn they didn't.

Steve's column middle left had no room to go into line, unless he wanted to get his feet wet?

On the right, Lee moves through the cornfield.

Steve moved his column back, only leaving 1 unit out front, but he did 3 artillery pieces pointing at me!

Surj got into a defensive line with his artillery out on his left flank. 

Well that's buggered that then, our advantage that you need when attacking has gone. The Union get some reinforments on the board, The Rhode Island cavalry turn up on the road on our left. I told Lee before the game that this was gonna happen, when I saw the way Postie had laid out the terrain.
That's taken one of my units out of the attack

Lee squares up to Surj

I moved up to block the bridge and moved within charge range for next turn.

Will Steve charge me in column?

Lee doing his thang!

The Union players, yes I'm including Postie in that!

Steve charges me before I get the chance!
He threw bad I threw good.
This  invoked Steve's first swear word about the dice and the rules!

I did manage to silence one of Steve's artillery, which had to move back off of the hill.

Steve dismounted his cavalry, they now became the best unit on the table.

I moved my guns off the hill, to try and get a shot on the Union troops on the hill.

Surj is hiding in the corn, lets hope both units charge eh, Lee?

This isn't good, Surj charges 2 units into Lee's already decimated unit.

Hmm? What to charge?

Lee needs to charge, but unseen on he hill are the Union guns, they'll do some damage IF they throw well.

I wanted to charge both my units, but the one in the centre only had half move so wouldn't reach, which was a bit of a pain, I'm sure I popped a few blood vessels at this!!!

Lee does the Reb thing and charges as well.

I moved my damaged unit on the right up past the 1/2 move boys, mainly to protect them, as they hadn't had any causalities yet.

Not really sure who's winning the game at the moment?

Lee moves his guns forward so he can shoot at something.

I throw badly and am pushed back and receive a n orange marker meaning "Not Fresh"
Which is very bad!

Lee has a bit more luck than me.....

He thrashes the Union troops pushing them back nearly off the table.

An exchange of fire at the bridge.

And Steve charges as well.

Lee advances into the cornfield, with a bit of luck he can charge again next turn and hit the worn Union troops!

Steve's 2 charges go either way.

I knock Steve back to the bottom of the hill, but he knocks me back a full move in the other melee and follows up on my troops guarding the bridge.

But lady luck is on my side this turn and I beat Steve back.
This made Steve's eye twitch like Herbert Lom, whenever Inspector Clouseau walks in the room.
Steve was heard muttering under his breath.

A different angle of the same scene.

Back in I go in the centre, including the 1/2 move boys!

Lee charges as well, but threw a 3 to Surj's 9, so was pushed back.

It was getting late, so we knew it was the last turn. I charge the Union guns and soon wished I hadn't as my unit received a red marker going worn.

I knock back both of Steve's units.

And charge again on the follow up!

But here was where the game was won.
Surj's off pic artillery threw an enfilade shot at Lee's unit on the right in the cornfield.
Surj only went and threw a 12, the one and only time during the game a 12 was rolled.
The unit lost 2 stands of figures which made it go worn and the exceptional leader was killed 

So there the game ended, Postie added up the scores. The Union claimed a victory, 12-9. If Surj hadn't thrown that 12 on that turn we would have won the game!
The changes Postie made to the rules worked very well, so I might give Fire & Fury another chance, until the next game of course!

Silly bloody rules!

I was going to type all this out, but in the end didn't. You can see both sides were severely mauled throughout the game. I still think we need more troops as we were attacking and most of our loses came before we even got into melee, due to artillery fire. We ended up with only 2 units in a fit state to fight, while the Union finished with 4. Now that tells me we need another 2 units at least?

But hey ho, what can you do....