Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Battle of Asturias 1809 Part 2 - A Napoleonic batrep

Part 2 of the Battle of Asturias 1809, or as I found out at the end The Battle of Asturias Monastery. 
I wish I knew that at the start!!
So at the end of the sea battle you may remember the British got their transport ships off table, the Brits had 2 rowing boats set to land on the shore.

The Monastery, right down the end of the table.

Surj had some Spanish troops to place on the table, you can see them in the distance.
The 3rd Battalion Valancia Line
Sonia Militia
Spanish Guerrillas
Maria Luisa Hussars
5th Villa Viciosa Dragoons 

The French had 2 line regts
1st Bat 36th Line
2nd \bat 36th Line
1st Bat 4th Legere
10th Chasseur a Cheval
15th Dragoons

At the start of the first move Surj had to throw for his row boats, he threw a 1 which was great for
me, as this meant his boats were 1 move from the shore, if he'd thrown a 6, his goods would be already unloaded and reloaded onto their transport vehicles.
So this gave me a little time, and a little idea that would backfire on me almost straight away.
In my deployment I placed my 2 Cavalry units on the right and moved them in column towards the beach. I hoped to capture the un-named goods on the beach......

But alas
That dirty bugger Surj took a chance and not only moved his smaller 6 figure Cavalry towards mine but swerved the Hussars towards the flank of my infantry columns.

There was going to be 2 fights....
My Dragoons v the Spanish Dragoons

And the Maria Luisa Hussars v my columns.
I had my fingers crossed that I had enough time to turn and face my foe??

And we're in, I was lucky enough to hit the Spanish Dragoons at the halt.

Oh crap!!!
The Hussars hit me in just under their half move, which meant I couldn't change formation!!
It was mm's out!

Surprisingly we drew the Dragoon v Chassuer melee, 
In my movement phase I moved my Leger out of the way of the Hussars and placed the 2nd 36th
into square.

Surj threw well, I didn't the column ran, Surj then hit my square.

Surj pushed his Spanish infantry into the centre of the field.
My column can be seen routing across the hill!

A very well deserved red marker for allowing Surj to catch me out!

The Hussars bounce straight off the square. Note the blue marker.
This is a token to signify that they captured the colours of the 1st Bat 36th line.

On the next turn I tried to consolidate my position and get myself back into attack mode.
Note that I also had captured a colour, the French 10th Chassuers were in possession of the Villa Viciosa's lovely standard.
Meanwhile all the Goods have been loaded on 2 Wagons and 2 Mules.
Also some very helpful re-inforcements for the Spanish.
A unit of British Marines and a unit of Sailors.

Surj turned his Hussars to face my Dragoons

The Spanish Guerilla's were a right pain in the arse, as Surj was moving second most of the time
he could move his skirmishers so only they could shoot.


The Guerrilla's on the left, doing what I just said they kept doing......

And the Hussars are no more!

I moved my Dragoons up towards the Spanish Militia.
The Marines can be seen on my flank.

I charged the Sonia Militia, who fail their morale check and run!
My charge is then switched to the Valencia Line. 

Bit of a double whammy here!
I smash the Valencia Line who flee and follow up hitting the Sonia Militia in the back!

Looking good!

Both Spanish foot regts route

The Transports can clearly be seen, wonder if I can capture any?

Next turn Surj checked morale for the 2 Spanish foot units, both fail and dissolve into the Spanish countryside.

As my Dragoons fought 2 rounds of melee last turn, they stay in disorder this turn, which only gives them half move, which is 5 inches. With the Marines hot on their heels I moved them forward
over a transport base, capturing some Gold!!

The Leger are in a tussle to the death with the Guerrillas

Its very close, but I push the Guerillas back.

Uh oh!!!!
The British Marines fire at the French Dragoons at close range.
Surj through a pot full of dice and blew them away.
This would now cause a brigade check on my Chassuers.....Gulp!

My second plonker move of the day was not to follow up and take the ground after I destroyed 
the Spanish Guerillas. This let the British Sailors in with a chance.

Where's my Cavalry?
I needed to throw a 6+ with 2 D6 to survive my Brigade check.
So I went and threw 3!!
Off they went!

Things got worse....
The Sailors charged my Legere and once again I failed the morale check, so I was caught from behind and destroyed!!
I still had my 2 Line units left, it was a race to the Monastery, But I still had to pass a Brigade check for losing the Legere. Once again I needed a 6+ with 2 D6....

Another bloody 3!!!!!
So they retired from the field, giving the game to Surj!

And here he is Loving every minute of it!!!
Getting his MotM award.

How the hell did I throw that game away???? Two stooopid moves didn't help my cause. Surj caught me on the hop with the Hussar move and took out a line unit for the whole game, which was a great swap.
I should have stuck with my initial plan which was to set my Cavalry up to Surj's and charge. The numbers were on my side. But when he threw badly with the landing dice I change my mind.......silly boy!!
Even though Surj inflicted my first 2 losses of the year, they were still 2 great games to play, well done to von Postie and his planning, not such a well done for that dodgy wind throw though!
It was such a good game that it was one of those where I didn't actually mind losing in the end.
Well done Surj and well planned evil Postie!

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Napoleonic Naval batrep - The Battle of Asturias 1809

The Battle of Asturias 1809 (off the coast of Asturias)
Only 2 Rejects made it for the latest game at Reject HQ, summer holidays and all!!!
Postie called and said it was only me and Surj and we'd be playing a Napoleonic Naval game.
So I was a little confused when I saw the table above!!
Postie explained it was a 2 part game (Oooo how exciting!)

I picked out the French and was given the following note.
French Commander
You must stop the British fleet at all costs, if you loses any ship you will withdraw from the action and the British fleet will carry on with its mission. Destroy or disable as many ships as you can.
If you reach a certain target you have won.

Le Hoche - 76 Gun Flagship Ship of the Line
Le Superbe - 74 Gun Ship of the Line
Mars - 20 Gun Corvette

The Britsh Fleet consisted of.......

Defence 74 Gun Flagship  Ship of the Line
Africa 64 gun Ship of the Line
Empervier 16 Gun Brig
And three other ship that looked like Merchant ships?
Which infact they were....
The Amity Hall

The British were set up all in a long line at the edge of the table except for the Empervier.
I was set up heading towards them with the Mars leading the way.
And here's where the game went tits up!

Postie threw for the direction of the wind, which would last 6 turns.
It was heading straight at my bow, which meant I could only move forward 1 hex with 1 turn.
While it was hitting Surj on the aft which gave him a 4 hex and 2 turn move.
SO I was going to have a little trouble catching him to say the least!

Myself and Surj moved our Corvette and Brig to have a shot at each other.


Surj moved forward at full speed, while I moved and turned, at least the wind 
wasn't in my bow for the next turn.

I got the first move and threw well shooting away the Empervier's rudder!

Surj Moved his 2 Ships of the Line towards mine.

We both took long range shots at each other, but Surj always had the
 better movement rate.

We finally got into close range and I came off worse!
The Superbe was on fire!

All the crew had to stop their attack and try and put the fire out.

The Mars was also badly hit, below the water line. I had 3 turns to patch up the hull.
Each turn all I had to do was throw over 9 with 2D6.
I failed the first 2 times.....

And the final 3rd time, so the Mars sunk.
Ending the game, Surj's Merchent ships can be seen exiting the table top left.

I din't have a hope in hell of winning this one, but I think that was Posties plan!!!!!
It didn't help me at all that the wind was against me for the whole of the game.

So it was onto part 2 of the game......I was then told that the end of this game had a great effect on the start of the next game and the escaping ships were Merchant vessels as I thought. So what were they carrying and where to?
"Can't tell you"  Postie said, you'll find out soon enough!
Then he placed these 2 rowing boats on the table.... Part 2 soon!