Friday, 7 August 2020

10 years of Don't throw a 1!!!


Today is Don't Throw a 1's 10th Birthday!

Where the hell did those 10 years go?

My first post all that time ago was on Nine Years War Huguenot flags 1184 hits (click link) at the time it created a hell of a lot of interest, receiving absolutely no comments what-so-ever, (I did pick up a few over the years though).

In the 10 years I've manged to post 794 posts, which is an average of 79 posts per year,  not bad going? I've have a total of 834 Blog Followers and I've had a whopping 2,279.804 individual visits to my blog! 


My top 5 posts are as follows

1.  How to Build an Indian Longhouse  56645 hits

2 . Playing Favourites  29822

3. 15mm The Walking Dead Survivors & Zombies 21543

4. A Prize, A gift and a Guest Post  19430

5. 15mm NYW/League fo Augsberg Photos 17730

If I had to pick 1 post as my favourite its got to be a 15mm Napolonic battle report  The Battle of Hal 1815,  from back in 2012.

Me and Big Lee were chatting again about the game the other night saying what an utter disaster it was for the French side. Give it a read, its quite ridiculous what happened, if anything It'll make you laugh!!

This is what's great about the blog, we're all getting older, the memory seems be be going, if it wasn't for the blog, I wouldn't be able to rub salt into Lee, Fran and Smithy's nose every now and them.

So I'd advise any gamer to get themselves a blog, its a great help to the hobby.

Once again I just want to say thank you to all my followers, people who take the time and effort to commenters and to all the readers who just like to come and read my guff and look at the pictures!

Remember "Don't Throw a 1", unless you really really need to!



Friday, 31 July 2020

Trade Goods 'n' Treasure

More Lockdown painting from me, these were painted a month or so ago and I've only just had the chance to take a few pics. 
The front row and one base back row on the left were bought from Bad Squiddo Games a few Salute's ago, you can buy them here, for the princely sum of 12.50 They're sold as Food Supplies and are all resin pieces which are crisp and clean and paint up really well.

The rest of the back row were bought from Col Bill's once again quite a while ago???
They are from Ainsty Castings and called Treasure Piles!

They can be used a scatter terrain or objective markers in all sorts of periods.
Although the food stuffs will mainly be used for a market scenario I have planned for my Tangier figures using Donnybrook rules!! And they may well pop up in South West England during the Monmouth Rebellion as well???