Sunday, 13 June 2021

Donnybrook - Imperialist Infantry Baden Baden 1683 Standard Bearer


Back in April 1 of my entries into the Analogue Painting Challenge was the Austrian foot regt Baden Baden. (Link)
The only thing missing from the unit was a flag, I don't know of any company which makes this regimental flag, although it and others are in the pipeline from Warfare Miniatures, so I've been told.
I'm not that patient and couldn't wait so I made my own, kinda?
Once Warfare start selling these I shall replace mine with their better quality flag.

Monday, 31 May 2021

Reject Richard's - The Battle of Stoliboz, 1 October 1756 P6

 An Alternative Seven Years War Remote Wargame

The Battle of Stoliboz, 1 October 1756

A Guest Blog

Part 6 – Battle Phase 5, Some bold cavalry moves.

So far, the action has been hottest in the north of the battlefield, around the town of Stoliboz.  This phase would see action developing all along the line and some pretty bold moves on the southern flank.

If you have just joined this then you may want to catch up by looking at some of the previous posts on this battle.

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  2. Phase 1 – deployment in the fog - (link)

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  5. Phase 4 - Southern Flank warms up - (link)

These blogs go out after the commanders on both sides have submitted their orders for the next phase.  To name and shame, the Austrians have been a little tardy with theirs.  Perhaps this reflects some indecision with the commanders, Ian and Ray?  

What has become increasingly doubtful is whether the Austrian grenzers and hussars in the north have been receiving any orders at all.

As we pick up the story this is the situation at around a quarter past the hour of noon.

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The French 3rd Brigade deliver a lethal cannonade and volley into the Austrian 1st Grenadiers and the defenders of the town of Stoliboz.  However, the Austrians reply in kind leaving the French grenadiers feeling very unhappy about the situation.  Meanwhile, Lee’s brigade move into position.

All along the line the artillery of both sides competes for dominance.

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Whilst on the southern flank of the battlefield, Ian’s Austrian dragoons cross the stream with haste in order to contact the French heavy cavalry of the Commissaire General Regiment.

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With Teutonic efficiency the Austrians wipe out the French heavies to a man; taking their brigadier prisoner and trampling the colours in the blood mired earth before retrieving it as a trophy for the Empress.  Austrian casualties were slight.

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The situation at around half past twelve in the afternoon.

As the French Guard advance, they suffer considerably in a hail of canister.  Whilst further along the line Ian’s gunners wipe out their counterparts of the French 2nd Brigade.

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At Stoliboz, it is getting very hot with horrendous casualties on all sides.

Oh look!  It’s the picnicking hussars – even Ray doesn’t know what they are doing!

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The situation at 12.45pm.  

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In the north, the Liccaner Grenzers have finally destroyed the effectiveness of the skirmishers of the Montagne regiment.  Now they turn to deal with the other chasseurs.

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The Austrian 1st Grenadiers continue to take considerable punishment from the French guns and muskets…

…and are forced to retire to regain their composure and cohesion.  The Austrian line is starting to look a little thin at this crucial location.

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Not too far away.  Ray’s errant hussars have forced Lee’s newly arrived Bandeville regiment to turn to protect its rear.  Simultaneously causing some command and control problems for the French 4th Brigade.  Because where is the brigade general?

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…on a hill having lunch!

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It is hotting up in the centre.

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But it is getting even hotter on the southern flank with aggressive advances by Austrian cavalry and grenzers.

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The Austrian dragoons chase down the French hussars who turn to face.  The Austrians charge the French Turpin regiment on the left.  The French falter and receive the charge of the Austrian 1st dragoons, now led by Ian himself, in disarray.

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It is utter carnage!  John has arrived in time to witness the death of an entire brigade.  “Zut alors”  John mutters to himself.  John seems to cut a lonely figure.  He better move on quickly now.

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The situation at approaching 13:00.  


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Can Ray hold the Austrian line at Stoliboz?  Or has Surjit now become his master?

What will John be able to do to shore up the southern flank?

Will Lee break the Austrian centre?

What the hell are Ray’s hussars up to?  Not sure Ray knows?  Or does he?

Until next time…

Friday, 28 May 2021

25mm Donnybrook Buildings 1


More great MDF buildings from JB MDF Products

These 4 come as a set for the princely sum of £12.70!
The two I've finished here are the small House/shed and closed barn. Both on the left in the pic above.

The Closed barn, I've tried to give them a Tudor/ECW style, to make it pretty generic for all of my Donnybrook shenanigans, whether in England, Ireland, Scotland or Flanders. 

The small House/shed, again with wooden beams, which are actually strips of card. I paid extra for the roofing material, which is made from coconut fibre and generally used to line baskets for flowers.

Two pics of the inside, again like the last post, I've left the inside unpainted and again, I may paint it white or may not......

I'm aiming for around 12 various buildings but I can never keep to any plan, so I may end up with loads more!
Oh well......