Monday, 19 October 2020

Haitian Revolution - French Colonial Dragoons

I saw these figures painted up on Stuart's blog Dust Tears & Dice back in 2018. Its thanks to Stuart's
wonderful work that I'm now painting up hordes of Haitians, French & Brits myself.
There's not a great deal of info on the Colonial Dragoons to be perfectly honest.

There's not a great deal of info on the Colonial Dragoons to be perfectly honest.
Other than what's written in the Osprey book Napoleon's Overseas Armies.
Men at Arms 211.

"The unit wore all green jackets with round hats, and a shipping invoice tells us it was well equipped with green Dragoon housing, saddles, etc. It seems to have incorporated the cavalry brought over by General Leclerc, as well as finding recruits among the local populace favourable to the French 
metropolitan army"


Thursday, 15 October 2020

Haitian Revolution - Rebel sharpshooters

I had a text the other week from Martin over on 28mm Heroes blog. Asking for my address as he had a little pressie for me????? A few days later these 14 Foundry Pirates arrived in the post!!

To say I was pleased is rather an understatement! And what made it even better (what can be better than free figures?) is that last month I had my finger hovering over the buy button for the same figures on Foundry's website!

I planned on getting 2 small units of 6 figures each, to have as Haitian Sharpshooters or skirmishers and perhaps a few command figures so I thought about these Pirates as they look different to the Trent miniatures I've already painted. 
I'm very glad I didn't buy them now, thank you very much Mr Cook!!!!

Unfortunately the figures got a little damaged in the post, so I had to paint over a few chips, which took no time at all. Then I followed that with a coat of Army Painter Strong tone stain, matt varnish and topped it off with my usual style of basing.
Thank again Martin.