Monday, 20 May 2019

AHPC9 - The end of the Challenge

This post has been sitting waiting for me to get my finger out and press that publish button for a few weeks now, so I thought I better press it!!

Sadly that's another Challenge all over and I was just getting on a roll. I hope I can keep up at least half of the effort I put in, for the rest of the year........can't see it happening though???
I've gotta admit I feel pretty pleased with myself, I've earned 2274 points placing me 8th in the Challenge, which is my third highest placing and third highest points total.

Here's my performance so far in all the Challenges
Challenge II  4940 points 1st
Challenge III 2586 points 4th
Challenge IV 1227 points 17th
Challenge V    691 points 37th
Challenge VI  681 points 36th
Challenge VII 1093 points 24th
Challenge VIII 662 points 40th
Challenge VIIII 2274 points 8th
Challenge X ????

So to the points......
I don't know if anyone noticed but the majority of my figures painted were for one set of rules

I painted :
1147 points of Donnybrook figures
587 points of other 25mm figures.
368 points of 15mm Beneath the Lily Banners figures (same period as Donnybrook!)
172 points of other 15mm figures

And I managed 2nd place in the Sport Bonus Round for my Lacrosse figures!!!

So a good Challenge for me all round!

Monday, 13 May 2019

AHPC - 25mm Boris & Nigel

My last post of this years Challenge...
And hear we have couple of Ass's

You may or may not know the names, If you're from the UK you certainly will.
I'm not sure what make they are, but Boris & Nigel are a right pair of  useless donkeys!