Wednesday 29 November 2023

Almansa 1707 - 2mm Woods

Several months ago I started to make some woods and forests for my 2mm Almansa project. My first attempts were utter failures, I originally used different sized pompoms from Hobbycraft, (see below), but as you can see, they come in loads of different colures, so they'd need painting.

I gave it a go and made a hell of a lot of mess, I had green paint absolutely everywhere. More importantly, I had a lot of trouble gluing them down. So I gave up and the whole mess went into the bin!!!
If anyone want a few boxes of these little blighters let me know. You can have them! 

So I went back to Richard's idea of  using Javis tree foliage.

I bought several packs of each of the three colours.

Ripped the pieces up, so they all looked like a large tree for 2mm scale.

Lee suggested using WWS Basing glue, as that's what he'd previously used on his rivers and roads. 
I bought some of the glue yonks ago, to make my own grass tufts, but as per usual I've never got round to doing it?
I found the glue very watery, so much that it soaked right through the felt base of the woods, gluing it to the mat underneath, where I'd left it to dry overnight. so that one went in the bin as well.

The main reason I wanted to use felt as the ground of the woods is so it would be flexible and hug the contours of the board I wanted to place them on. Like halfway up a hill for instance. As you can see by the photo, they are very flexible and bendy, so they should do the trick??

I dipped each tree into superglue then pushed it in place onto the felt. It's probably not the cheapest way to do it, but you know the trees definitely not coming off again, but still gives the flexibility I wanted.

With the 3 different colours all mixed together I think they look pretty effective, I just need to make a few more now, some bigger and some smaller.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Friday 24 November 2023

The 14th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge


Oh Yes! Its that time of year again....

I've booked my spot and am already looking forward to the start date of the 21st December.

I've given myself a target of 1000 points which I should be able to do, but you never know?

Usually by now I'd have been busy cleaning and prepping figures for a new project, but not this year. I did have one in mind, but that will have to wait for another day.

I've decided to have a bit of a tidy up in that pit of despair, that I call my painting shed. I have over the last few years amassed a rather large hoard of figures that were already prepped and undercoated, but simply never made it to the top of the queue. So its time these poor figures got the lick of paint that they deserve.

So rather unusually from me, you may see a little more Donnybrook stuff, more from the Haitian Revolution and some 15mm LOA Spanish, to name but a few.

On the Challenge, Curt has perhaps wisely not offered me a chance to be a Minion again, after my last debacle, I swear I never pressed delete!!!!

Looking forward to it already!!!

Friday 17 November 2023

Warfare 2023 Loot


I had quite a successful spending spree at Warfare, once again I hadn't planned on spending much but......

Products for Wargaming had some very nice field bases. I was planning on making my own, but it was easier buying them. I went for 1 x 15x8 field, 2 x 12x6 and 2 x 6x4's.

They were £8, £6 and £4, so a bargain!

2 buildings from Warbases

5 small cobblestone mats from Deepcut Studio

These can be used in any of my 25/28mm periods.

A few paints.....from Sheppey Models

You can never have enough Oxen can you?  These Black Tree figures were in the bargain bin from 

Can't remember who I bought these from, these will be used to make some 2mm woods and forests.

An impulse buy from Charlie Foxtrot, some 28mm walling for my Haitian Revolution project.

Back to Products for Wargaming. Another building, this one is from their luvvly medieval range.

If Iron Gate Scenery are at a show, I have to get something from them. Their range of bits and bobs are brilliant. This time round it was some Highland cattle, a tannery, perfect for some Native American's and a stone sheep pen.

Lastly more Highland Cattle, these 2 were from Disdain Studios, why do I need more 
Highland Cattle, you ask?

Well.....why not?