Wednesday, 7 June 2023

Almansa 1707 - 2mm Dutch - L'Isle Marais' Brigade

 Oh how I wish during the War of Spanish Succession, the armies had a splash of colour on their uniforms. Grey, grey, grey and more grey.........Here we have 4 units of grey coated Dutch.

There were only 8 regiments of Dutch foot at Almansa and here are 4 of them from L'Isle Marais' brigade.

There were 2 Dutch regts Friesham and Welderen and also 2 Huguenot regts, Cavalier and L'Isle Marais' own foot regiment.

They fought in 2nd Line of the centre under General Friesham.

The figures are based for Volley & Bayonet although they are not so deep as in the rules. The figures are as usual from Irregular's 2mm range.

Monday, 5 June 2023

The Rejects at Broadside 2023 - Who's going?


Yes, we're back once again in attendance at Broadside Wargame Show, run by those luvvly chaps at Milton Hundred Wargames Club.
Its Posties turn to run a game this year, he's gone for something completely different.

Skirmish at St Francis Cove 1784

A small skirmish involving a gang of Smugglers and the local authorities!!!

I've only posted 2 photos as I don't want to spoil the effect on the day. Posties worked very hard on some great looking custom terrain and painting up all the figures for the game.

Stop by and say hello

You can find us at C1, the big red circle!

All listed traders & clubs are links to their websites where possible, have a look at what will be offer at Broadside!

Games at Broadside 2023 :

  • Luxembourg 1940, 20mm Rapid Fire - Deal Wargames Club
  • Gravesend Gamers Guild
  • Fallujah, Iraq, 2004 - Maidstone Wargames Society
  • Star Wars Legion 54mm - Medway Wargamers
  • Skirmish at St Francis Cove 1784 - Posties Rejects
  • Nach Paris 1870; Franco-Prussian War - SEEMS
  • Lord of the Rings SBG - Hythe Tyrants
  • Hauhausen ‘89 - Shepway
  • RED and white and BLOOD RED SNOW - Skirmish Wargames Club
  • Star Wars Legion - Bring on the Bad Guys
  • Spanish Ulcers; Battles in the Peninsular War - Real Time Wargamers
  • Intro to What a Tanker - TWWS
  • Friday Night Fire Fight
  • Battle of Cawnpore, Indian Mutiny 1857 - Hailsham Wargamers
  • Eagles & Lions at Carentan - Retired Wargamers Reloaded
  • The Turkey Hunt, French Indian Wars 54mm - Big On Strategy
  • 40k Boarding Action - Gothic Games Canterbury
  • Fort Amherst Wargames Club
  • Crawley Wargames Club

Activities at Broadside 2023 :

  • SiLC Skirmish
  • Bloodforged Games - Sythopian Wars
  • Gaslands / Hobgoblin / Boarders / Black Flags - Man O’ Kent Games
  • Sumo Gnomes / Summoners Isle - Peculiarity
  • Magic the Gathering / Yu-Gi-Oh! - Cataclysm Games
  • Battletech - Battletech UK SouthEast
  • Cosplay & Necromunda - 601st Cosplay Group
  • Pandora Celeste - Guntower Games
  • Model Display - Medway Veterans Hub
  • Trench Offensive / Threat Level / Emergency Response - Pandyman Entertainment
  • 79th Cameron Highlanders
  • Mantic Games
  • Painting Area
  • Big on Strategy
  • 28mm Vietnam
  • War on Terror


Thursday, 1 June 2023

Almansa 1707 - 2mm French - Courville's Brigade

 After all the Partizan posts recently, I thought I better get back to my Almansa 1707 project

In today's post we have the units in Courville's French Brgade

Courville's fought in the Centre, in the 2nd line under Lt Gen Hessy. Their position can be seen above in blue.

The regiments in the brigade were 1 battalion of Bresse, 1 battalion of the red coated Irish regiment Berwick and 2 battalions of the Maine regiment.

The figures are as per usual are from Irregular Miniatures 2mm range and the flags were either found online or drawn by myself on MSPaint.