Monday, 18 January 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution Generals

For my next entry into the Challenge I've gone back to Napoleonics. The Haitian Revolution to be precise! 

The English General on the right is from Trent Miniatures.

While the Haitian General is from Front Rank. Apart from his head!

The figures is actually a French Officer/General, I can't find him on their site? 
I chopped off his head in true French style and replaced it with  a Trent Minis head to represent a black officer, either fighting for or against the French.

I painted the English General up with green cuffs, I'm not 100% decided if he's from the 39th Foot of 69th, who were both pretty unhappy to be sent to Saint Domingo at the time.

These fine looking fellows will add 20 points to my total!

Sunday, 17 January 2021

AHPC11 Donnybrook - Dutch regt Von Essen


At last a Donnybrook entry!! These 8 Essex Miniatures are painted up to represent he Grenadiers of the Dutch regiment Von Essen.

I'm afraid I know nothing about the unit, I just liked the Ash Grey coat with Yellow cuffs!

So that's it, short and sweet.
8 x 25mm figures = 40 points
The figures shot me up the table to my highest placing this year so far, No 40!

Friday, 15 January 2021

AHPC 11 The Chamber of Challenge - The Golam's Haunt


Another step closer to the Alter of the SnowLord....
The Golem’s Haunt:

 “..IT WALKS…!!” Paint something re-animated, stitched-together, bolted-together, re-created from steel, clay, earth, etc.

Well If anythings made out of nuts n bolts its CP3O?
This is my first venture into the land of Star Wars and may not be the last???
I bought an unpainted selection of Star Wars figures from a friend Tony over the summer, just
incase I fancied doing something different.

C3PO Is a 54mm Hasbro Star Wars Command figure and like I said I do have more to paint, can I fit anymore into the Challenge??????
The Golden one should earn me 10 points as a 54mm figure and another 20 for the Bonus round!