Monday, 6 August 2018

Blow that Trumpet!

There's not a lot going on at Reject HQ at the moment what with the kids off school and holidays abroad!! I've read a few bloggers complaining its too hot to paint, which I totally agree with. Us Brits are such wimps when it comes to the weather!

Anyhoos, Blowin' that Trumpet time..........Postie came round the other day with my copy of Miniature Wargames, (he's a good boy, really, he collects it for me each month!)
He was very pleased to see his WWI Reject game the Battle of Marchais en Brie 1914 (link) that we displayed at Broadside wargames show back in June had made the mag. Not only a great photo, but also a very complimentary write up by John Treadaway !
So thanks John and a very well done to the Evil Umpire himself von Postie!

Friday, 20 July 2018

What a Tanker in the Desert Batrep - Skirmish at Siniyat 1940

The Rejects got together last Sunday for our first game of What a Tanker. BigLee was the ref and what a sterling job he did to! Here's a link to Lee's report on the game.

Four Rejects turned up for the fight, myself and Richard were the Italians, while James & Posties played the Brits.
The Setup

The game was set in later 1940 and represented a side skirmish of tanks that randomly encountered each other. Vehicles from both sides had been sent to the small village of Siniyat which although abandoned by the locals could be used as a supply depot by either side. Four players started the game each with a single Level one tank each but I brought on three more tanks as the game progressed to keep things moving. As this was a 'learning the rules' test game I also gave all players a couple of special cards to help spice things up. The result was an educational experience!

Order of Battle
   M11/39 Medium Tanks x3
   L6/40 Light Tank x1  

   A9 (Cruiser Mk I) x2   
   A10 (Cruiser Mk II) x1

Me and Richard had a simple plan, get in the middle of the field, straight into the village
for a little protection.

Postie and James, set up close to either side of their edge. Posties A9 can be seen top left,
James unfortunately isn't in the pic, but he's roughly opposite Posties tank. 

Oh there he is!

I didn't get enough movement to get me safely over the wadi, so I hid behind some cover.
James is moving very quickly!!

James moves up, acquires me as a target, and shoots all in one go!!

Richard moves into the town getting ready to attack Postie.

That didn't go to plan did it?
Posties first shot, blows up poor Richard's tank!

Sod that then, I ain't moving from this cover!!!

Evil Postie with a shiny head!
Richard got a replacement tank, which can just about be seen on the top right hill.

My Gaming mat. I've already lost 2 dice due to that terror James!

I threw well for movement and made a dash for the village. James followed....

Postie and Richard slug it out hill to hill.

Both sides got another tank, I got an L6 while James got another A10.

Cat and mousse in the centre.

But I got a nice rear shot straight up the Khyber!!

Another shot from a different angle, it didn't get much better than this!

Richard had tremendous movement dice over the next 2 turns and got right around Postie back.
Me and James were driving around the village having a jolly good time!

My two game mats. Note the M11 has only 2 dice left to throw each turn?!?

I make a rush out of the village but James follows.

Here we go again!!
Richard's second tank goes bye bye! This time a long shot from Jame does the damage!

I felt sorry for Richard and gave over control of my damaged M11.

Richard 1 & 2 still billowing out thick black smoke!

Bloody hell, Richard really was the kiss of death in this game.
He didn't even get a chance to move, before his son and heir blew his tank up for the third time!

I called the game there and then. 
We the Italians couldn't handle a 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 let alone a 3 v 1.
My L6 turned around and trundle off back to base.


What a great game, when I looked at the game as we started, I thought it'd be over in no time at all, but how wrong was I. We stared off at 10 and finished at 2.30. All ready for Richard and James (wearing his French footie shirt) to get back home to watch the World Cup final. 
I gotta admit I really enjoyed this game, the subtle tactics and frustrating dice throwing really add to the what the hells going on fog of war.
Can't wait for game number 2, well done Mr H!