Saturday 24 March 2018

AHPC 8 - The Cardinal's Guard & a Wagon

This is most probably my last post of the Challenge, I don't think I'll get my last figures finished.
So here we have 8 x Redoubt Enterprises Cardinals Guard to fight my previous entry the 
Four Musketeers.

 These are excellent multipart figures. I bought some odds and sods at a show a few years ago and then my daughter bought me some figures for Christmas.

What's great about these is, as they're multipart you can chop and change body's, legs and heads
and come up with different poses.

Check out the 3rd and 5th figure, they're the same body, with different head and legs!!

Lastly I wanted a few wagons to use as barricades or scenery pieces. I strted painting up 2 wagons
but only finished this one. Its a Col Bill's ECW period wagon
and can be bought for only £5.50. Its made out of MDF and was very easy to put together!

Just for scale, one of the Guards standing next to the wagon, its quite a large piece!!
I earned myself 55 points for this entry.

Sunday 18 March 2018

AHPC8 All For One!!

Well how about this then. 25mm figures from me that aren't for Donnybrook or the NYW?
I do plan to have another few reads of the Osprey Rules En Garde!
They may well be the rules I'll be using....of course I could always use Donnybrook??
The figures are from Redoubt Enterprises, which have recently been bought by 
Andy from Grubby Tanks!
I did order some transfers for their tabards for Redoubt, but got 3 figures in the post instead?
Not sure what happened there, Andy??
So I had to paint the design myself.
Hopefully I'll be able to paint up some rotters for the chaps to skewer before the Challenge ends?
4 x 28mm figures should earn me 20 point!





Wednesday 14 March 2018

AHPC 8 Bonus Round - Monstrous Bonus Round

Here's my entry into the Monstrous bonus round.

Frankenstein, Dracula & Death

All three are from The Dr Who collection from Black Tree Designs.

This was for me another difficult round, unfortunately I couldn't find anything to
fit into it from my lead pile. So a quick email to Black Tree and these naughty boys
arrived in the post a few day later.

I do like the Frankenstein and Death figures, I'm not so keen on poor old Vlad.
He's a bit of a bore really being all in black.
But what other colour can he be?

Saturday 3 March 2018

AHPC8 Bonus Round "Childhood" 1/32 DAK

Back in the 70's when I were a whipper snapper, I was fascinated with history and anything related to soldiers, strange eh?
I had a massive collection of books that I used to copy and draw soldiers from. I'm not that good at drawing but used to love it. I also, probably like most of you reading this, had a rather large collection of Airfix 1/32 scale WWII figures.

Me and my brother Lee, used to spend hours setting all the soldiers up, behind Lego barricades
and a home made wooden fort our Dad made for us, then we'd take turns to throw marbles at each others troops.

Any you knocked over became casualties of war. We'd always end up with the heavy machine gun
figures left. Or the "Laying downers" as we used called them. Trying to turn them over
using a marble from 4 feet away is very hard!
My favourite troops were the DAK, or as I used to call them the German Africa Corps 
(Corps as in corpes)
I was fascinated with them, (still am I suppose) especially the German army uniform, but mainly the German helmet and field cap.
They were always my first choice when picking out an army, while my brother loved the British Commandos.
I used to own a FOW DAK army, which I very stupidly sold at a show 1 year, bloody idiot!!

I do still have my collection of old bendy Airfix figures, but decided not to paint them, instead I bought 20 odd figures from ebay for the colossal sum of 99p and chose my two favourite figures to paint up for this round. 
Not sure what I'll do with these?
Maybe paint the rest up??

My favourite ever pic of the DAK.

Thursday 1 March 2018

Cavalier 2018

Last Sunday some of the Rejects jetted off to the sunny climbs of Tonbridge to 
attend our first show of the year, Cavalier 2018.

Me and Postie drove up together and met BigLee in the carpark. Like most gamers we sneaked in the door and headed for the Bring & Buy.
Not spending a penny!

Upon entrance it didn't take long to bump into Honoury Reject Mike Sayce.

The Games

Raphia 217 BC - Society of Ancients

Anti Alchemists - Come & Get it 1835 

Gravesend Gamers Guils - Panzer Vor

Southend Wargames Club - Air War over Malta WWII

Hailsham Wargames Club - Operation Z

Crawley Wargames Club - Siege of Girona 1796

I wants one!!!
Crawley won Winners of best Demo game!

North London Wargames Club - Crug Mawr  1136

The Bring & Buy

The small Hall

The Battle of Segesvar 1849

Friday Night Firefight - Ring the Bell

We had great a chat with Henry Hyde. Here he is  showing off his Battlegames/Patreon site T-Shirt

SEEMS - Big Tanks

Maidstone Wargames Society - Twisting the Dragon’s Tail WW1 - Zeebrugge 1918

Deal Wargames Club - Behind Enemy Lines - Battle of Yangmigbao 1937