Saturday 25 August 2018

The Other Partizan 2018

As you may be aware from my last post, me and Postie took a trip up north last Sunday to our first visit to a Partizan show for well over 20 years!
And we weren't disappointed either!
It was great seeing other clubs games rather than the same ones we see in the South East. and also to meet up with other bloggers and gamers too!!
I bought a book from Helion and Company and a great chat with Charles Singleton as well.
The Rejects will definitely make this show again next year, it was well worth the 2 1/2 hour trip there and back again.

I had another nightmare with the photos on my phone, so many were blurry its ridiculous, but I still managed to get well over 100 decent pics!

My first pics are from Barry Hilton's War of Three Kings Great Northern War game.
Postie and Barry were chatting about their ages. They both agreed Barry is 8 1/2 while Postie
is 7 3/4. So I suppose that makes me around 6?

The next three photos are pinched from The League of Augsberg blog
Mr Hilton was kind enough to loan them to me.

Big mistake, I asked technophobe Postie to take a pic of me and Barry
this was the 19th photo he took!! I'm surprised our heads were in the photo to be honest. 

Barry was showing off some of his new Warfare miniatures. The Miltia/Civillians/Rebels 
to which I made a purchase and the absolutely beautiful Ottomans.......for God's sake Barry
are you trying to bankrupt me!!!

Barry's bestest pal Toggy also 8 1/2 in the centre chatting to customers.

There were a few games where I don't know who or what they were
any help filling in the blanks will be greatly appreciated
This is the first, looks like WWII 

The Mad Tin Hatter!


The League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists - Ruff Trade - The Spanish Armada land in England 1588

The Three Blogger Amigos

Old Guard Wargames Club ie Dave, Martin, James and pal
Sands of the Desert
A real spectacle of a game, I'm not sure just how many figures were on the table,
there was a lot! Loved Dave's terrain mat too, it had an unexplained 3D look.
Well done chaps!

Some of Dave's million camels can be seen in the background.

Very British Parlour Forum - 28mm VBCW

Pete Barfield aka Panzerkaput standing to attention by his VBCW game.
Loved the look of this game, there was so much terrain filling the table up. Top marks chaps!
I've been privileged to game with Pete and some of his figures
at Blog-Con back in 2013

Crann Tara Miniatures - 18th Century British v French
Graham at Crann Tara was a busy boy, everytime I went to have a chat, he was busy
flogging his ware's. Can't be bad.

Chesterfield Old Boys - 28mm WW2 - Son of Market Garden

I really liked the roads in this game, infact all the terrain was superb.

Earlswood Wargames Group - 28mm Chain of Command - The Attack on Foy

What a great looking game, it actually hurt my eyes looking at it, the white was so bright!!
Excellent looking game chaps, well done to one and all.

Forest Outlaws - 15mm WW2 - Normandy

Glenbrooke Games - The Fords of Isen (Lord of the Rings To the Strongest)
Only one pic I'm afraid and its a bit blurry too, you should have seen the other pics!

Westbury Wargames - 28mm Carlist Wars - The Battle of Mendaza December 12th 1834
What is it with the weather at Newark, another snowy game, this one was only a flutter though.
A great looking battle from a period I don't know that much about. It's nice to see the unusaul
wars at a show.

Nottingham Wargames Club - 1/35th WWII
Big tanks.......need I say more?

Simon Miller - The Battle of Magnesia
Me and Postie had a quick chat with Simon, we were supposed to go back and take part
in a game, but time and memory just ran away from us.

Like a Stone Wall Group - 28mm Great Northern War - Battle of Gadenbusch 1712
This game looked superb, unfortunately I could only use 2 photos, both long shots, everything else
came out way to blurry.

Ian Smith & Friends - 40mm ACW - Glory in the Halls of Montezuma

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Henry Hyde clicking away and Mike Whitaker in the background too!

You should have seen the size of the box, the fort went in after the game.
Me and Postie could have fit in it!

North Hull Wargames Club - WWII

Again slightly blurry, the figures looked a lot better in real life.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

Dale Yates - 28mm Pax Bochmannica - Maximum Voluums Revenge

Durham Wargames Group - 20mm Modern - US Special Forces

Black Hawk down, we gotta Black Hawk down.
Excellent looking terrain and buildings.

Newark Irregulars - 28mm English Civil War - Battle of Winceby 1643

Loved the rolling hill terrain and the figures looked superb.


I did have to look twice, all the buildings are made from paper and card!!

Retford Wargames Club - 28mm Bolt Action

1st Corps - 28mm WW2 - British Airborne Assault

If only my garden looked like this!


Harrogate Wargames Club - Peninsular War

Loved the building in this game, exactly what you need for a Sharpe's practise game.
Had a quick chat with one of the chaps, he informed me there was sad news. 
Sharpe had just been killed.
RIP Dick

I was wandering around aimlessly when I bumped into fellow blogger Simon Quentin
 from Brummies Wargames!! 
What a thoroughly nice chap!

RAF Wargames Association - Jungle Predator Game - Get to the Choppa


Wings of Glory Aroedrome - Sails of Glory - Sails over the Ocean

Wings of Glory Aerodrome - WWI Fighters


Blitzkreig Miniatures - 28mm WW2 - Blitzkrieg Panzer Battles

Leicester Phat Cats - Blood and Plunder - Swashbuckling adventure on the Spanish Main! in 
the mid 1600’s

Wargame Developments - Clichés of the Great Patriotic War

Solent Wargames Club - 2mm English Civil War - The Siege of Portsmouth 1642
with a little help from Sir Sidney Roundwood!!


KBClub - Accelerate & Attack Sci Fi Starship Combat

Terry Broomhall - 28mm Sherlock Holmes - 221B Baker Street

Old Sergeants Mess - 28mm Dark Ages The Vikings are coming

Mantic Games - The Walking Dead


Gothenburg Gamers - Wild West Play Mobil

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - Gaslands


Great Escape Games - 12mm WWI 1914

Peterborough Wargames Club - 10mm Vietnam Ambush