Tuesday 26 April 2022

AHPC12 - Donnybrook - Polish Guard Haiduks


Its not long to go, I can't believe its gonna be the end of the Challenge soon, (its already ended, I'm just behind on my posts!) where did the time go? 
For this entry I'm posting my last unit for my Polish/Imperialist army for the siege of Vienna in 1683,

Here we have the 8 figure Guard Haiduk regt, along with a commander and two standard bearers.

All figures are from The Assault Group, apart from the Commander on the left, he's a figure from Essex Miniatures. You may notice the lack of muskets?
Who needs a gun when you can have a massive chopper?

The Guards carried halberds instead.

Rear pic, just encase I only painted the front of the figures.

The flag on the right comes from the same source as I've previously copied in and the flag on the left is from Alex Pil's flag site that I can't find anymore?

11 figures @5pts

55 points!

Thursday 21 April 2022

AHPC12 - Odds & Sods

Just a small post, these figures were painted up early in the Challenge but I've only got around in posting them now. 

This poor chap comes from Iron Gate Scenery and can be purchased for the princely sum of £4.50!
Its a made from PLC, whatever that is?

The poor chap sitting inside the Torture Cage has definitely seen better days.

Looks like he's been in there for a while?

The Doc, he was originally painted up to be my Doctor figure, for Planet Skaro in the bonus round, but I changed my mind and painted the French Scientists instead.

He is actual a Pirate Doctor from Foundry

He shall probably vanish into my civilian box of doom.

Finally some boxes, once again from Iron Gate Scenery

I'm not really sure of the points for this one?

5pts for the doctor
1pt Torture Cage?
5 pts Skeleton
2pts boxes?

I shall let our humble minion work this one out.


Monday 18 April 2022

AHPC12 - Donnybrook - Polish Haiduk No2

For this post I've painted up my second Polish Haiduk regt for my Vienna 1683 project.

The figures are from The Assault Group.

And were a pleasure to paint up, a little too much flash, most of which I only noticed while painting the bleeders up!

I matched the infantry unit to the colours on the flag.

The command, a boy, Officer and Standard Bearer.
Like the last Haiduk regt I painted, the flags come free online

Apparently, Officer didn't wear the same as men in there unit?

Rear shot

2 units of 8 figures 80 points

3 Command 15 points

Makes a total of 95 points!

Wednesday 13 April 2022

AHPC12 - Planet Curt - Vienna Militia & Ottoman Archers


From Minion GregB
"Ray has successfully navigated the perilous interstellar shoals of the Challenge 12 Quadrant, arriving at the very core of this complex set of worlds. Thus he has earned a final Challenge from the Snowlord!"

"Ray, I love your Siege of Vienna project, and I think it needs a further boost! We know what prodigious, sandbag-levels of painting you are capable of...therefore, to appease the Great and All-Knowing Snowlord, you shall paint TWO more units for this project - one for the Ottoman side, and one for the defenders of Vienna!
Good luck Ray!"

After a lot of thought I decided on the two units I'd paint up for my trip to the centre of the Challenge Universe. I've been painting up loads of Poles, for my Siege of Vienna project, BUT , the Poles came to the recue of the Austrians holed up in Vienna and did not defend the walls.

So I chose a unit of Austrian's, I do have a unit of infantry I want to paint up, but there's at least 20 figures in that unit, so I chose a smaller unit of Austrian town Militia. A small 8 figure unit with 4 command figures, all from Dixon Miniatures.

The Austrians loved their grey, so the only colour other than grey is their red neckerchief.

Officers could wear whatever they fancied!

So I painted him up in the same kinda blue as is on the flag, which I found online.

Rear shot!
I do like that flag!

And now for the Ottomans!

I didn't actually have any Ottomans ready or planned to paint anymore during this Challenge.

I did have the artillery, previously posted, but I'd already started painting them at the time.
So I delved into the big box of figures I bought from fellow blogger Dave Crook, he was selling them as part of a collection of his friend Eric who passed away.

In said box were 8 Old Glory archers and 8 Dixon archers.
So I mixed them together, to make a unit of 12 archers to represent some of the lighter Seyman Peasant Militia conscripted by the Ottomans from their provinces such as Anatolia, Judea, Egypt, Armenia or Capadocia, where these fine fellow are from.

The Dixon figures are pretty small up against the Old Glory figures and are not that animated either.

But double basing them brings them up to roughly the same height..

So there we have it...
2 units one for each side for the Siege of Vienna 1683!!!

Austrians x 12 figures 60 points
Ottoman x 12 figures 60 points
Dunno if you get extra for making it to the centre or not?

Thursday 7 April 2022

The Battle of Vervins 1914 - A 6mm WWI batrep

Last weekend Postie put on a humdinger of an early WWI game, using his 6mm Baccus figures.

We all threw a D20, the highest throw could pick their side, either German, French or British.

The sides ended up German Steve CnC, Ray & Surj

French, Richard (check out Richards batrep here)

Dave, British

The game was simple, The Germans have quickly moved a force up to the French/British lines and had to push them back. 

Postie explained to win the game you just had to kill more figures than the enemy.

 The French artillery

Postie used nearly all of the 14 foot table.

The Germans
At the bottom left, Steve's command, I'm in the centre while Surj is on the right at the far end of this pic.

Richard's French at the bottom, our left and Dave's British at the top our right.

Our left



First casualties of the day, my 1/52, take a pounding from Dave's artillery losing 9 casualties in one hit!

Some Paris Taxi's turn up and out jump some French latecomers to the battle.

On the allies left, Dave gets reinforcements as well. a battery of 3 British artillery.

We got nothing!

The centre right
I'm hindered first move, my troops have got to climb over all the hedges in the centre.

The plan is for Steve to take the woods on our left, he's attacking with a unit of the 9th Uhlans, dismounted and behind them are the 3rd Jagers.

Postie introduced a new rule he was trying out. We (the Germans) didn't like this rule at all.
After every turn each battery of artillery had to throw a D20. If you threw the number of times the gun had fired they'd be low on ammunition and shoot at half effect.
First turn, only fired once and I go and throw a bloody 1. Hence the little cannon ball marker.
You could re-supply your guns with a artillery wagon, unfortunately our one wagon was miles away over by Steve's troops, approx 4 moves away.

You can't really see them but the French and Brits are hiding behind the hedges by the farm in the centre.

Steve's unit on the right fails a courage test after being hit by artillery and is pushed back.

On the right Surj is making steady progress.

Artillery shells seem to be landing everywhere!

These are 3 batteries firing at this unit, hence the three pronged cloud.

The Allies behind the hedges are in soft cover which makes them very difficult to hit, we aren't in cover which means we are easy to hit. But we're attacking so them's the rules!

The BBQ Pringle tower stands mighty high in Flanders Fields!

Ready to enter the field, gulp!

Surj has it hard, the Brits are killers! There rate of fire is far superior, They hit Surj in the open on a 4 and up on a D10. Surj shooting back hits on a 8 and above!

Steve manages to destroy the French Chasseurs  and takes a foothold in the woods.
But more French troops are heading his way, fresh from their trip in the Paris taxi's.

Surj is trying for the field next to the river. This will be very difficult.


I had a lucky shot with my artillery and threw a few 10's on a D10. A ten not only kills 2 figures it automatically causes a courage test. Dave failed and was moved back 4 inches. Just gotta fill that gap myself now?

Steve's having a hard time, trying to shift the French infantry from the field.

Poor Lee couldn't make the game today, so I sent him a pic of us tucking into lunch, kindly donated my Postie!

Dave deployed his artillery between the hill and wood, Surj moved up to hopefully charge the next turn? 

I moved forward but because I'm straddling the hedge I'm slowed down and can't get to the hedge like I wanted.

Richard blasts his rifles at the Germans, killing many men.

Keep going, not far now.

The French Taxi's and artillery. Richard threw bad last turn and was low on ammo, but luckily for the allies they had a wagon each and Richard was in 1 turn away from resupplying the turn after.

The whole battlefield, were in danger of destroying Posties table, every time I lean 
forward to move my troops I come away with a tree stuck to my belly!!

Men are dropping like flies on both sides.

I urged Steve forward, but he didn't want to advance into the deadly fire.

Disaster, both of Steve units fail their courage test and are pushed back 4 inches.

Me and Steve concentrated our artillery on the French and British unit, trying our very best to
destroy them with our depleted artillery.

After we destroy the units in the fields there's more troops behind, don't think we can do this?

You can see more of their troops behind more hedges at the top of the photo.
Its taken the whole game to move the enemy troops lining the hedge and they're still there!!!

Looks a bit of a mess? Everything in this pic are Surj's troops apart from the two units behind the hedges. I think Surj might have him next turn?

Meanwhile on our left flank, Steve charges in with his Jagers, only to find an elite 65th Chasseurs a Pied regt waiting for him!!!
Will the pain ever end?

Nope.....Steve draws the melee but is still pushed back.

Surj double teams the Brits in the woods, but still loses the melee and is pushed back.

But surely the Brits can't win this melee can they?

Nope they can't as they're hit from behind they can't claim soft cover, and they lose. they are pushed back 4 inches, but have nowhere to run, so all the figures are captured.
We actually won a melee!

Richard pulls his troops out of the field, right behind another hedge...........grooooooan!

Dave's British behind the hedge are blasted with rifle and machine gun fire, but its still not enough !
He only has 1 figure left and they're still there.
There's no moving the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry!

And there was when we ran out of time.
Me and Surj were for the last few turns resigned to defeat, Stve was a little more confident.
When Postie added up the scores the Germans had won 25 - 22!!!
To be totally honest I was flabbergasted? We'd been absolutely battered the whole game, I kinda new that would happen as we were the attacking army, you expect to lose casualties getting in. But obviously we'd unknowingly caused them more casualties. There's no doubt if Surj hadn't cahrged and won the last melee and captured the remaining troops, we would have lost the day.
I actually felt sorry for Richard and Dave, they'd played well and used the rules to there best. I think they edged it on dice rolling ability, Dave killed 9 figures with one artillery shot twice, while we just picked off troops 2 by 2, throughout the game.
Well a wins a win, well done to the allies, well done to the Germans and well done to Posties fir the crackin' game!

PS to Postie
Get rid of that stoooopid artillery rule or give us more ammo wagons you tight sod!