Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Second Battle of the Corunna Road. January 1937 A SCW Batrep

7 Rejects got together for our very first game of the Spanish Civil War. Newest Reject Clint put on his first game in the Shed'O'War, using 10mm SCW figures using his own set of rules that he just knocked up the day before!!!

Clint decided that Postie would be the Fascist CnC, after a few chats with the other Rejects we thought the decision was pretty apt! He was joined by the two S's Smiffy and Surj.
Due to my left wing leaning's Clint put me in charge of the Communist force, I decided to take the centre (being the commander and  all) was assisted by
BigLee on my left and John on my right

Our right, John's troops can be seen lining the wall on the right, while my troops are
lining the hedge.

Our left and centre

Each player was given their own personal orders and objectives. 
On a whole we had to hold the road at all coats. But my own orders were to take and hold the
farm, in the above pic. Also I'd lose objective points if I called in some re-inforcements
None of us knew any of each others orders, so it really made for a Fog of War situation, were
you never really trusted the chaps on your own side????

My Scouts started the game galloping back towards our lines, having just spotted the enemy. This unit also contained me, our CnC figure.

The first turn I had an important decision to make, Like I previously said I had to take the farm buildings in the centre, but clearly I didn't have the troops to do so, (the unit on the left of the farm, being one of Lee's units)

So much to Clint's disgust, I dismounted my Scouts and took the farm building. Clint advised me not to do so, as I was risking our CnC. but I needed to plug that very large gap???

I crossed the hedgerow and took cover behind the wall.

Lee, moved forward to take up a defensive position in and around the small village. 

While his other unit moved back, these were specialist troops, who would use a sling to throw sticks of dynamite at the Facsists !!!!! Oh yes!!!!

Here they come!!! 

Clint struggling to read the tiny writing on his ingenious playsheet, that also doubled up as a Tapemeasure AND a Range finder!!!! 

Our two piddly artillery pieces proved they wasn't as piddley as we thought, as I narrowly missed
Posties Armoured Car

Lee called in reinforcement to back up his defence of the left wing.

As did John, to call the extra forces, 1 stand of troops had to exit the table edge
which would then bring on the reinforcement, BUT that exiting stand would not return!!!

John moved up to plug the gap, while Surj can be seen skulking behind the hill. We couldn't work out what Surj was up to, we thought he was under orders to hold his ground and keep John pinned, which was fine with us!

Surj did make a forward move, but kept all his troops away from the edge of the walls, so they couldn't be seen or fired upon.

The left was looking dodgy for bothe sides, Smiffy and BigLee were both taking heavy casualties.

That's a very nice defensive line there Mr Hadley!

We fired again on the Armoured Car, and actually hit it this time, inflicting 1 wound on it
another wound would destroy the vehicle and what was in it.

At this point the Fascist scum was given their artillery, which was better than ours.
In its first shot Postie destroyed 2 stands of infantry with one shot!!!!

Then turned his attention to Lee, blowing up a truck and another two stands of infantry!!!

Next turn I was extremly lucky and somehow knocked both of Posties artillery out of the game. For some reason he didn't seem too miffed?????

Things were looking a little dodgy for both sides, then all of a sudden more Fascist troops appeared....damn!

I spread my troops out to cover more ground, but there seemed an awful lot of troops
 heading my way??

Surj finally poked his head around the corner of the hill, as John moved up to take a
 position at the hedge.

I'm not likin' the look of this!

The troops stopped by for a little Tapas at the local Taverna...

Surj massing his men.

We'll fight on to the bitter end!!!

Me, our CnC, in my Sombrero! 

I spread my troops out in extended line.

While John moved up to the hedge line.

We both took casualties, especially John's troops, who were decimated at the hedge.

Lee continued to hold his line, while Smiffy hid behind the hill.

I made the mistake of asking Clint if there was a planned end to the game, which there wasn't.
But Clint then decided to check our army morale.

We were in trouble!!! Only needing another 2 casualties to retire from the field

Which happened the very next turn.........dammit!
So that was the end of the game, the Fascist's forced us to retire, giving them the road, there and our main objective. 

At the end of the game, Clint made me feel ill, as he jammed all the figures we'd just played with
into 3 little boxes, bending the flags  in the process!!!!

The Heathen!!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

RP No 161 NYW French Zurlauben Infantry regt

About time I posted again??

These blue coated chaps were painted back in March for the Challenge but once again failed to make it because they were unbased. To date Zurlauben's are the last thing I've painted to a finish this year!!!! 

The regt were present at the following battles and sieges of the Nine Years War, The Boyne, Siege of Limerick, Siege of Mons, Siege of Namur, Steenkirke, Neerwinden/Landon and the Siege of Charleroi.
They were raised in 1684 and were massacred in 1704 at the Battle of Blenheim, so much so they were disbanded and never re-raised.

From the Journal of John Stevens, a captain in James’s Grand Prior’s regiment, quoted in Kinross, “The Boyne and Aughrim”, Windrush Press, 1997

“Only the French can be said to have rallied for only they made head against the enemy and a most honourable retreat . . . Nor ought any of this glory to be attributed to the Count de Lauzun or La Hoguette, who at first left their men, but only to the valour and conduct of M. Zurlauben, Colonel of the Blue Regiment, who with unparalleled bravery headed and brought off his men.”

The plan is to paint up another two of the French infantry units who were sent to fight for King James in Ireland. I'm not too sure what the other two regts will be at the moment, but I hope to have them painted up this year..............fingers crossed!!
The flags are from Flags of War...I think???