Friday, 27 May 2016

We're going to......Broadside 2016

Well its nearly that time of year again, the Rejects will soon be let out of our cages to
 put on a game at a show.
And that show is of course
Broadside 2016
Run by those affable chaps at Milton Hundred Wargames Club.
The Rejects will be putting on a game set in 1664 Tangiers, using Clarence Harrison and Barry Hilton's Donnybrook rules.

You can come and view our game at G10, centre right in the map above.
I'm not too sure what Rejects are coming to the game, but pop along and say hello!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

AHPC 6 Donnybrook - 25mm NYW English Artillery

About time I posted again...........

We'll move back in time, to mid March for my 5th entry into the Painting Challenge

and we have yet more Donnybrook figures!!!
This is the Dixon artillery set, from their Grand Alliance range which can be purchased here, for the measly sum of £6.95.
Which for 3 figures and an artillery piece is a bargain!

Although in the title I called this an English piece, it can be used for the French or Rebel 
artillery as well as the uniforms were very similar.