Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Battle of Snake Hill, an ACW batrep

Well its not happened for quite a while, a few years infact, but all the Rejects were able to attend our first game of 2013. It was quite an affair all in all, some enjoyed the game more than others, some like me had a great game and were involved throughout the game. Others like Fran, Richard and Smiffy didn't play a massive part in the game, but all in all it was a great start to 2013.

The Battle of Snake Hill, January 13th 1862
Posties Briefing

A few days ago advance elements from both armies had an encountered each other, a vicious fir-fight broke out between the two sides. As only a small portion of the main armies wer involved both sides decided to withdraw from the field as they both felt that they were unable to press any attack due to lack of support and poor ground.
The scene is now set for a decisive battle, both armies have been re-inforced and are feeling confident as they march towards each other......

I picked out the McClellan the Union CnC on my side were, Ian-Porter, Surj-Mansfield and Rich-Cox.
Jammy John picked out the Confederate CnC Longstreet on his side were Bold Dave-Jones, Poor Fran-Hood, Hapless BigLee -McLaws- and I ain't movin' for nothin' Smiffy-JEB Stuart. Just thought I'd get the first dig of the day in!

I won't bore you with the complete list of troops but here are a few stats, the Union had 24 Brigades to the Confederates 26, the Union had 189 stands to 196 for the Confederates. The Union had more artillery 16-13. The Union had 8 cavalry stands to 27 Confederate

The post is a bit long so you may need a nap after you've read it, or maybe during??

The Union Ian Surj and Rich
The Dirty Rebs, Smiffy, Fran, BigLee, Dave and John

 Before we moved Postie had a surprise for us, the two commanders, myself and John had to pick a ticket, on the tickets was a name of each command, whatever tickets were chosen were the troops that fought in the previous days battle, they would then throw for 2 D6 for each unit, on a roll of a 1, the unit would lose a stand. The Rebs picked out Smiffy's cavalry command, he then threw and lost three stands of figures a massive lose to the Confederates. I very stupidly picked out my own command, then proceeded to throw a 1 for each unit, losing 6 stands in all. The relevant pi$$ was then taken, but I took it on the chin and secretly wrote their names in my little black book!
The pick above is my first move over the stream.

 Ian moves his troops into the valley of death and up the hill, the red Zouves the 3rd Vermont or Vermouth as Ian kept calling them were the unit of the day.

Did you just fart? You dirty bastard!

John columns can be seen marching forward in the distance. 

A wider view of the table, as there were 9 of us playing, Postie used a very nice 12x6 table.

Well I'm nearly ready, just gotta move them troops out the way of my guns!!

My other two guns unlimber, ready to take a few pot-shots at those dirty Rebs.

Ian's very nice looking defensive formation, surly they're not going to attack through there????

Dave got a little too close while still in column, Ian couldn't let that opportunity pass, so he charged!!

He also moved forward to completely block the pass. While Dave and BigLee changed 
formation into Attack Column

I advanced on my right and moved by the flank to reveal my guns.

Not a lot seemed to be happening miles away done the other end of the field. Richard had orders to hold his flank, but it looks like his opponent the headless Smiffy, may have had the same idea???

Smiffy holding their extreme right flank, with his dismounted Cavalry.

And the hill with the rest of his dismounted cavalry.

Surj's command straddling the train track, opposite him is Poor Fran.

Surj marching towards the Snake Hill, I did here a few desperate words from the Confederates at this point!

 Contractual shot of The Postie

Ian only managed ta 2 inch knock back the for the Confederates, just give him a little more time, he he!

Oops, where did they come from???

A yellow marker already, this means the unit is no longer fresh, which is the beginning
 of the end for most units.

Only 1 sandwich for me says Fran!

We've got 'em rattled lads!
Fran had a bit of a moan at his fellow Confederates, bringing howls of laughter from both sides.

Ah that's better, Ian smashed Dave back off the hill.

And they kept-a-comin.....
Not the grey areas on the hills, the cliffs were impassable to all troops, which caused
 them a lot more trouble than us.

As John moved troops over to help Dave on the hill, I took that as my cue to move 
forward and go a-red-bashin'

Up came John's Virginian troops, to try and knock Ian off the hill.

Fran rubs his head in disappointment,
"What the feck is that eejit going that way for?"

Forward boys!! Attack!!

John got his butt kicked in the melee, I just had to take a pic of his moosh!

Another charge for the Union, and once again I knocked John back.

The Confederates run off with John's tail between their legs.

Next turn John came back with two charges. 
I beat him again, its not going their way at all, mwah ha ha!!!

One of Ian's artillery was knocked off the hill leaving  the Vermont boys slightly outnumbered, but 
they were holding there own. 

Boring!!!!! Down the other end of the board, Smiffy still sat in the same place pickin' his nose!
While Richard was wishing he'd stayed at home and caught up with the ironing.

Poor Fran moved forward admiring the view.

BigLee's troops sat on the hill waiting for Surj's attack which never came until, Surj 
had to go and Richard took over the troops......

Meanwhile down my end of the board the Confederates won a round of melee, I was pushed back across the river, so I moved my left flank back as well, being as they were now stuck out on their own.

The Vermont boys were still hanging around although they were now worn, out of 
ammo and were disordered!!!

Richard went completely mad, after taking over Surj's command and moved everything forward (something Surj should have done all along) and pushed all the Rebs off of Snake Hill.

John charged me again, I had failed to move up my rear unit to support the front unit, bloody dice!!!
But I managed to hold him off and push him back.

Dave charged Ian's Vermont boys again, while BigLee attacked through the valley
 and was nearly annihilated!!

In the last melee of the game, Ian's Vermont boys lost the fight and were finally knocked
 off the hill, much to the glee of Dave and the rest of the Rebs.

And that's where the game ended, night was beginning to fall, the points were added up and gave the Union a massive 20-13 victory. The Confederates had lost 57 stands to 24 Union, and remember 6 of those from the encounter the day before.

The losers!

The Winners!!


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    1. Yes, I did get a little carried away!!! Fran was thrilled, he loves losing to me!

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    1. We use the original set of Fire and Fury, they are a great set of rules but pretty annoying, hence the name of my blog, Don't throw a 1.

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    1. At least the 4 big boys were split on both teams or we could have tipped the shed over!

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