Thursday 25 April 2024

3 Million Hits!!


I just noticed that "Don't Throw a 1" has just passed the unbelievable 3 million hit mark!!!

This is just a quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit my little corner of the Blogosphere, whether they comment or not.


Wednesday 24 April 2024

AHPC14 - Last Post ! Donnybrook Generals - Vienna 1683

After my Salute shenanigans, I'm going back to 18th March, when I originally posted these up on the 

Well its finally here, the last few hours of the Challenge.

I shall finish with these two Reiver Castings Generals.

Both will be used for my evergrowing, never finishing Donnybrook love affair.

The chap on the left is still a tad shiny, because the varnish isn't dry yet.

An Austrian General in the uniform of regt Lothringen, from my previous post

And last but not least for this year, the General of the Bavarian Arco Horse.

2 x 25mm Cavalry
An easy 20pts


Well done to one and all.

Friday 19 April 2024

My Salute Loot 2024


Salute is well and truly over for another year and what a great show it was, thanks again to The Warlords and everyone involved in making the show a great experience.
So great infact, that my wallet was attacked by a bit of a spending spree, at the time I didn't think I bought too much, BUT now when I look at it..........well I'll let the pics do the talking.

My first purchase of the day wasn't planned at all, walking around I found Battlefield Accessories. Its not any wonder I'd not heard about them before as they're from Australia! The 3 buildings are made from MDF and were a fair price , between £16 and £24 each.

Next we have a set of rules BelloLudi, this time from the Netherlands!
I bought the complete set of rules, dice and cards. I saw these advertised somewhere recently, can't remember where? 

A pre order from those wonderful chaps at Warbases

Including some of their 2mm Strength & Honour figures.
Yes I'm going to do another 2mm period, even though I've not finished the last one and not had a game with the figures yet.

I phoned Casting Rooms Miniatures a few weeks ago, I wanted them to bring a few packs with them to the show so I could see how big or small they are, basically will they fit in with Trent Miniatures. For my Haitian Revolution game I plan to put on at Broadside Wargame Show in June, I need some Creole/Mulatto figures, so thought these might work. But the one thing I forgot to bring with me was a Trent mini so I had to guess, (never a good idea?) I picked out a few packs, but in the end just bought the bloody lot!!

Foudry actually they're more Creole/Mulatto troops. I really only needed around 18 figures, I've now got a whole bloody army of them! Why do I do this to myself?

Re-designed Vallejo paints!

A little pressie from Steve at General Reeve blog
A sprue of French Napoleonics, these should come in handy, cheers Steve! 
What a great hobby community we have.

By the time I got to Debris of War, they'd sold out of a building I wanted!! No problem though, I've arranged to pick one up at Broadside in June.

A pack of French Revolutionary figures, Paris Mob from Eureka,  and my first ever purchase from 
Gringo 40's General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, he will make a perfect Haitian General.

Last but not least Basic Impetus rules along with Warbook 4.
It's all Jonathan Freitag's fault!

And that's the end of my Salute Loot!

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Salute 2024 - Blogger Meet up


I had a fab time at Salute on Saturday, made even better with meeting up with some great faces old and new. The Blogger Meet up only lasted around 30 minutes, but I got to chat with some damn fine Bloggers!

From left to right Reject Dave, Postie, Steve, Reject Chris at the back, David, Ken, Chris at the back, Carl, Mike, Andy, Tamsin, me, Mike Sayce and BigLee.

Andy and myself

Chris, David Steve from Travels with Khursu & Tamsin (Who won't thank me for the pic?)

The Rejects and Steve

and below a few faces more

Lee, Chris and me

Adrian 2 and me.

Sunday 14 April 2024

Salute 2024 - A very long post!

 Its Sunday afternoon and I'm trying to go through the 400 photos I took at Salute yesterday, while sitting watching Crystal Palace beating Liverpool 0-1!!

This is gonna be a loooong post! So sit down with a cup of tea and a sandwich.

My first pic above is from my favorite game of the show, how magnificent does that look???

The Grandara Model Gaming Project

Five Rejects managed to get to the show, we all had Press Pass tickets and got in the show at 8, long before some games and traders were set up.

Postie, BigLee, Dave, Chris and myself.

We would be joined by Mike Sayce a little later.

Lee's post about the show can be found here.

My first purchase of the day was from a company I'd not heard about before, Battlefield Accessories,

where I bought 3 25mm MDF buildings, if you've not heard about this Australian company before, go take a look at their site, the sell some top quality stuff.

Debris of War - Ready and waiting for the onslaught!!

I spoke to Andy near the end of the show, they had a great day, nearly selling all their stock, so he was a very happy chappy!

At a few minutes before 10, I thought I'd go take a look at the queue!

Not sure how many people were in the queue, but there was a lot.

I beat a hasty retreat as the horde hurried in!

Onto the games...

There were many small games, hopefully I've labelled them correctly?
If not, please let me know.

Ashford Gaming Club - I Can't believe its not epic or Space Weirdos 

Halo - Flashpoint

Rubicon Models UK - Oscar Mike Vietnam

Wild Forge Games - Rogue Regiment

Air Flix - Battle of Britain

Team Milton Hundred Wargames Club
I think Mark was doing a "Hello ducky" impression

Goblin King Games - Moonstone


Artificers Forge

Skirmish Wargames - Boxer Rebellion - An Unexpected Encounter
54mm - An Advanced force from the Eight Allied Powers has bumped into part of the Chinese rear-guard who have decided to make a stand.

Corvus Belli - Infinity the game

Continental Wars Society - The Battle of Gross Sachsen - The Baden Uprising 1849

GCT Studios - Bushido

Farplae Trading - Farplace the Game

Simon Miller - For King & Parliament
The Relief of Norchester

Helion & Company - Renatio et Gloriam
15mm ECW

GM Boardgames - Gods of War - Togo

Mel Bose and me!

Retired Wargame Reloaded - Hold until Releaved
Normandy 1944 WWII

Happy kids, happy Dads!

Crawley Wargames Club - ?

Warp Miniatures - ArcWorld


Planet Smasher Games - Gas Lands

Hailsham Wargames Club - Evading the Devils Paintbrush
WWI Trench Warfare

Our pals at Warbases, both Postie and myself had a nice pre-ordering waiting for us.

Marvel - Crisis Protocol

Star Wars - Shatter Point

Star Wars - Legion

Game of Thrones - A Song of Fire & Ice

My favorite game/display of the day has gotta go to The Grandara Model Gaming Project
Masterstroke Games - Force of Virtue
A skirmish game set in Renaissance Italy

Random Platypus - Wild in the Streets

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - The Longest Night
WWII Nazis Zombies

Adrian 2 and me!

Only around £1800 each!!
and I think I spend too much?

Warlords - Operation Warboard

Warlords - Songs of Fire & Ice

Warlords - Space 1889 - Cloudships

Warlords - Salute Mountain


Milton Hundred - Tigers of Tracy-Bocage


Pendraken - Future War Commander


Bunny Badger Games' Grotesque Gogglebox

Essex Warriors - Marvel Zombieside

Maidstone Wargames Society - The Summer of 77

Great Escape Games - Dead Man's Hand

Uhwerk Verlag - Chronopia

Crooked Dice


Masterstroke Games - Force of Virtue

Caseshot Publishing - The Assault on Fort Mulgrave 
Toulon 1793

Just pipped at the post for me anyway, my 2nd fav of the day....

Cornwall Wargames Association - Gallants of Fowey - The French take revenge on Cornish Pirates in 1457.

Postie certainly liked the look of this game, he found himself buying 3 ships from Sarissa!

London Wargames Guild - What a Viking

Belloludi - A Napoleonic Belloludi Taster

I saw these rules online a while ago. They're a large skirmish game, so I flicked away the moths and bought the rules.

Veterans Wargames Association - The Quick & the Dead

Loughton Strike Force - Saigon 68
What beautiful terrain!

Love you long time........

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Yuletide Mayhem  Gaslands Refuelled

Gentleman's Wargame Parlour - The Pirates of Penzance 1938

1/72 Wargames - The Defence of Duffers Drift

Morphius Entertainment - Fallout

Pulp Alley - The Blue Island of Unicorn's Teasure

Lard Zone
Mark Backhouse & Chums - Strength & Honour
Luvvly 2mm Goodness!

Lard Zone - General d'Armee - 15mm Napoleonics

Lard Zone - What a Tanker - Stalingrad

Brecon Wargames Club - DAK Attack

Footsore Miniature - Gangs of Rome v2

Lee and myself bumped into Chris from Horse & Musket Gaming blog
Our erstwhile Zoom opponent  on Jonathan Freitag's Fornova game last week.

Duncan's Band of Brothers - A Road in Normandy

Yep 7 hits!

Form Square Games - Maida 1806

& Limits of Glory

Marquee Models - Star Wars Legion

Society of Ancients - The Battle of Thrapus

South East Scotland Wargames Club - Valour & Fortitude
The Battle of Nivelles - 1815 Hundred Days Campaign

Scimitar Games Group - WWII Skirmish

Peter Pig Team - Conquerors & Kings

Yarkshire Gamer & Leeds Wargame Club -  Jutland 1916

And that my friends was Salute 2024!
Thanks to all the Warlords for a brilliant day out!!!