Wednesday 22 January 2020

AHPC X Cooke's Crevice - Geology Theme

Its Challenge Island time again, I've taken the next step down the Path of the Forgotten to

Entries must have a geology theme. This can be any figure armed with a rock or rock throwing device, any miner or engineer type, or any figure on a rock and (not just soil, grass or sand base). Will also accept dinosaurs and stone Golems.

 I had this little fellow sitting in my rather large box of Civilian's for my Donnybrook force. There I've gone and mentioned it! Donnybrook!!!

He's from Warlord Games' Clubman Militia pack his only weapon being the rock he has in his hand.

 He's painted to drab colours being from the poorer side of town and wears his Grandad's rusty  helmet from the ECW, for protection.

This little fellow earned me 35 points pushing me up to the dizzy heights of No27

Wednesday 15 January 2020

AHPC X For Joshua - 10mm Romano British Warriors

A few months ago back in September fellow Challenger James, very sadly lost his
unborn son Joshua. 
James is trying to raise money for the local hospital where his wife stayed.
In memory of his son he had an amazing idea....

"My current idea is a 10mm project - fantasy undead and orcs versus the 'free people'. The free people would be eclectic - a mix of whatever anyone wanted to contribute or paint that fitted the 'fantasy' setting. Arthurian knights, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans of any variety, Lizardmen, etc, etc - anything and everything from medieval or late medieval model ranges or fantasy ranges.

The baddies would be in black with a little red.

The set would then do some of the wargames shows in the UK, as a display or demo game.

The whole project would then be raffled (or auctioned) off - The proceeds would then go towards an appropriate charity in honour of my little boy whom I will never get a chance to share my hobby with."

I spoke to Rejects Lee and Postie and explained what had happened, they both agreed that they'd like to help out and would paint some figures up. So at Warfare in Reading we all bought some figures.
These are Hordes and Heroes from Kallista Romano British Warriors.

So if any of you guys n gals would like to help out please do so.

It's my first ever time painting up 10mm figures, I think I need new glasses????
There are 32 10mm figures giving me 32 points

Friday 10 January 2020

AHPC X - LotR Warg Rider

My first entry proper, (not counting the entry into Challenge Island) and its not Donnybrook!
I was wondering what and or who, to paint  for my Curtgeld entry. So I went very off pist for me and did some fantasy!!!

This luvvly looking chap was found all alone at the bottom of a drawer. Gawd knows when I bought him and Gawd knows why I bought him? But I thought there must be at least one of my fellow Challengers who needs a Warg Rider added to their Lord of the Rings collection???

I've once again used my very own grass tufts, which I'm very pleased with!

Points mean prizes and I was awarded 10 points for the figure with a further 25 points for the Curtgeld entry sending me shooting up the table to no 40!

Wednesday 8 January 2020

AHPC X - First entry Dave D's Challenge Island

At last! I've finally got something painted!!!
I've had a bit of a nightmare, like other Challengers I had grand plans of what I was going to paint
over the Christmas break, then on Boxing Day, I went and did my back in!
No I wasn't at the gym, or swimming, or doing gardening or even DIY. 
Its all Posties fault, the git had the audacity to knock on my front door!
In the act of getting out of the chair to answer the door, my back decided it'd had enough for the day
and seized up. By the evening I was in agony, next day Diazipam and Tramadol ended my Christmas totally. For the next week I sat in the chair dribbling!!
So painting was well out the window!
Well now I'm back! Although the said back is still not all that clever to be honest. But I can at least sit at the desk, paintbrush in hand!

My first entry sees me attack Challenge Island, here. I'm starting on the Path of the Forgotten at Docherty's Dock. I have seen this figure already painted up, but can't remember who entered it. The figure is from Black Tree Designs and will be added to my Donnybrook Moor army.

It's was a fairly simple paintjob, and I'm pleased with how Mr Moor and his camel Dave turned out!

I'm more pleased with my newly made grass tutfs! I  was bought the tuft machine the Xmas before last, then a month before the Challenge I made up a few sheets, its a bit messy but well worth the effort!
The figures earned me 40 points, pushing me up the table to No 49.