Tuesday 22 October 2019

SELWG 2019

Postie, Dave and me drove up to Crystal Palace for our annual trip to SELWG. And what a great day it was too!!! We met up with many of our Wargaming friends and associates including  Reject Richard with no James in toe for the first time in a long time, (he's a teenager now and gaming with Dad is not his no1 priority!!! He will return one day) Also met up with Bob Cordry, Tamsin, Al, Simon Miller and Steve from General Reeve 

 We arrived around 20 minutes before opening time, so weren't far from the front of the queue.

Glen Mr Art of War - Art of War
I bought another t-shirt for my growing collection, this time I went all Spartan!

Now on to the games!

Soth London Warlords -  Dark side of the Moon

Simon Miller - To the Strongest - Romans v Celts

Best scenery award - Shepway Wargames - WWI Belgium 1914

Best Participation Game - Crawley Wargames - Aztecs vs Conquistadors

Alan had to walk around the show holding onto Helena all day!!
Even went he went to the loo!

Friday Night Firefight - Dino Hunt

Maidstone Wargames Club - WII Dogfight

Best Demonstration Game - Deal Wargames Club - The Real Guns of Navarone 1941

Tonbridge Wargames Club - Boxer Rebellion


Newbury & Reading Wargames Club - Romans v Persians

Gravesend Wargames Club - Get me to the Church on time.
Had a great chat with Reece, Phil and Jenny.

British Model Soldier Society - Tel-El-Kiber

Robert Dunlop - Battle of Gnila Lips 1914

Wargames Collection Calculator - 6mm Battle of Little Bighorn 

Another pic of the main hall, this time from the other side.

Me & Tamsin

Won Best at Show - Cheshunt Wargames Club - Mosquito Strike Norway

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society - Ironclads at War Lissa 1866

SEEMS - Terminator - The Fight Back

Essex Warriors - What a Tanker

Gravesend Gamers Guild - WH40K

GLC Gamers - The Lamenting Pikeman

Real Time Wargames - 6mm North West Frontier

Society of Ancients - Hydaspes 326BC

Milton Hundred - Kings of War Vanguard
Postie gives the game the thumbs up!

Fire When Ready/Emotionally 14 - Star Wars Legion

The Bring and Buy, near the end of the day I might add.

T'was great to finally meet General Reeve. We've spoke several times about meeting up at a show but its never happened until now, we just happened to bump into each other on the stairs. Was great to have the all to brief chat, hopefully the next time will be a little longer.

And there we have it! Another SELWG over for another year!
Great show lads keep up the excellent work.