Saturday, 19 October 2019

The Battle of Schwedt 1758 pt2 - A SYW batrep

As soon as we'd finished part 1 of last Sundays 7YW game the Battle of Schwedt Wood, we moved over to the main Battle of Schwedt, at the start of the game, neither of us knew how the result of the first battle would affect the second game, but we'd find out on turn 2.
Lee's report can be found here.

Order of Battle
Prussian Army (c/o Ray)
  1st Battalion - Grenadiers, 29th MB (2), 23rd MB, Medium Gun
  2nd Battalion - 41st Foot  (2), 10th Musketeers (2), Medium Gun
  3rd Battalion - Jagers
  4th Battalion - 2nd Cuirassiers, 3rd Cuirassiers
  5th Battalion - 6th Dragoons, 8th Dragoons

Russian Army (c/o Lee)
  1st Battalion - Grenadiers (2), Apcheron, St Petersburg, Medium Gun
  2nd Battalion - Neva, Novva, Pskovsk, Viatsh, Medium Gun
  3rd Battalion - Pandours
  4th Battalion - Feboravitch Cuirassiers, Kievski Cuirassiers

  5th Battalion - Tobolski Dragoons, Arkhanguelogorodski Dragoons

As you can see from above's OOB, we both had 5 brigades, which we had to deploy on a dice roll.
I decided to anchor my infantry on the right next to the town, and put both Horse Brigades on the left.

I won the first dice off and placed my Jagers on the road next to the town.
Then Lee won the next dice off, placing his Cuirassiers on the hill on his left flank.
Which buggered up my plan, so I had to match his Cuirassiers with mine!!!

Lee placed his infantry brigades next to each other and his Dragoons on his flank.
I left a rather large gap between my infantry and Cuirassiers.

And overlapped the Russian infantry on their right.

My Dragoons

Facing Lee's Dragoons. Lee kinda ran out of room and had to put one behind the other
which he didn't really want to do.

Lee's centre
These were the troops I was worried about 2 Battalions of Russian Grenadiers!!

The right of my infantry.

Believe it or not, I did have a plan.
Which was to oblique left forward for a few turns, then oblique right again so
my left most unit would overlap the Russian infantry. This also meant I wouldn't attack Lee's Grenadiers!

I'm hoping Lee won't have time to deploy his second Dragoon unit.

Lee moved off the hill, I didn't expect him to do that????

At the end of Turn 2, Postie gave us the news about the result of the first game.
As I won, any troops i had left, entered the baseline anywhere I wanted.
I placed my two Hussars near my Cuirassiers.....just incase???
And the Bosniaks to help out my Dragoons.

The honor of the first infantry fire of the day went to my Jagers, who shot at 
Lee's Cuirassiers, knocking off 2 figures.

Lee won the first move and charged!

 I moved full move forward and Lee moved up the hill.
Its hotting up!

Dragoon v Dragoon

I had to use my 1st Fire on Lee's Pandors!

The Cuirassiers fight was pretty inconclusive, we knocked a few figures of each other,
but stayed in contact.

The Dragoon fight didn't go so well for me, I lost the first round and retreated 12 inches + 1 D6 I threw a 5, luckily Lee threw a 4 in the follow up and didn't catch me!

Next turn, I had to roll for a morale test, which I passed! Phew!

                           I fired across my front line, taking many casualties off the Russians

Lee move his infantry forward into close range and we both shoot.

Lee's infantry and knocked back in the centre

An ariel view.

All the Cuirassiers and locked in a deadly fight.

My Dragoons charge the Russian Dragoons, as I'm within half my move (6 inches)
Lee can't charge back, and takes the charge at the halt.

I charged with my other Dragoons and just managed to hit Lee within the 6 inches again!!
Lee wasn't happy, there was only mm in it! So once again Lee couldn't charge back.

Its getting very busy!

Lee loses a unit in the centre and I loses an artillery piece.

This is a titanic tussle on the flank.

Which I finally win, Lee's Cuirassiers can be seen fleeing the field.

Tit for tat! Lee then beats my Cuirassiers knocking them back!
But I've now got my Hussars close by.

Russian morale is running out. I beat Lee's Dragoons 5-0 they who flee back, But this time
I throw higher than Lee in my follow up, and catch the fleeing Dragoons, destroying them!!!

I also beat Lee's other Dragoons 5-0 once again, who then flee......

Then manage to catch them and destroy them as well!!!!!
I've got his flank!

Two Russian infantry units fail their morale and move back.

I won't reach them this turn, but I will next turn!!!

And here is where Lee throws in the towel.
With his right flank gone after losing his Dragoons, and his left flank now a 3-1 Cavalry fight, 
there's no way out.

Another great pair of games from Postie, it was extremely close the whole of the way through, but in losing both the Dragoons and the Cuirassiers on the flank the game was over. Posties rules seem to work very well and to the period. The Prussians do have more bonuses, which they seem to in other SYR rules. So all's fair in love n War!

And I won the MVP too!!!!


  1. marvellous. As we are starting a SYW project would be nice to sneak a peak a Postie's rules

    1. ta, tell him I'll buy him a sausage roll at Hammerhead

    2. He said he only eats steak! Dear steak at that!

  2. Looks good. Any plans to tweak the superprussians for late war?

  3. Excellent battle account, Ray! You gave Lee a beating in this one. Your overhead shots of the battlefield are very helpful in following the grand scope of the action.

  4. Great Looking game. I like the way the sheep Held thier Position :-)

    1. They were moved over every turn. But the Prussian's had a great dinner after the battle though.

  5. That looks like you had a fantastic game Ray. Are you going to SELWG tomorrow?

    1. Oh yes. Hope to see you around then. Should be there about 10.30am

    2. I'll be wearing my red Posties Reject tshirt. So I should stick out like a sore thumb!

  6. Looks great, marvelous pictures and report Ray!

  7. A fine game indeed with great commentary!


  8. That last picture just did it...oh dear...

  9. Good game. Very interesting, unexpected play by Lee at the start there giving up that hill.

    1. Yeh, I really didn't expect that, although he was quite vulnerable with his troops in between the 2 hills. It'd mean I could get up close, unopposed. So it was the right thing to do.

  10. Great reports as usual, easy to do when the victor :-)

  11. Nice writeup mate. I was robbed...Robbed I tell yer! Bloody dice rolls!!!

    A fun days play, just not a good result for my army.

    1. You was unlucky in the end. Like I said, whoever lost one of the flanks first was in trouble. It just happened to be you and it was both at the same time!!

  12. A crushing win Ray, well played Sir.

  13. Good game and a great set-up, I liked your intial plan too, vene if you reactd to the enemy deployment !
    Great victory, well deserved (probably despite Postie's effort, I'll warrant)

    1. T'was a great days gaming Joe, despite evil Postie trying to screw us both. Although Lee had the worst of it this game.