Friday 30 April 2021

AHPC11 - I Give Up!

That it I Give Up!

This was my last entry into the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!

The figure is from Outpost Wargames Services from their Highwaymen range and will add a further 5 points to my total.

There's still a few hours left so good luck to all and Thanks to Curt, Sarah and all you lovely Minions for all the hard work. And lastly a special thank you to all my other Challengers for pushing me to get rid of that dreaded leadpile!

Cheers Ray

Tuesday 27 April 2021

AHPC11 - Donnybrook - Imperialist Infantry Baden Baden 1683


I thought I'd try and squeeze in 1 last post before the end of the Challenge and after painting all those lovely Warfare Miniatures Ottomans, I thought I'd start an Austrian/ Imperialist force for them to battle against.

Now a lot of this force will probably consist of Poles, but I thought I'd start with an Imperialist foot regiment as I haven't any Poles!

I hadn't planned on painting this unit up during the Challenge, so a quick look in the League of Augsberg's book "With Talon and Claw" and I decided on regt Baden Baden.

You may notice they're missing their flag. Apparently Warfare Miniatures will be releasing some Austrian flags shortly, So the unit will have to wait to be flagged.

All but 1 of the figures are from Dixon Miniatures, the other being from Foundry. 
There are 21 figures in this regiment so they will add 105 points to my total!

Sunday 25 April 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution - British 14th Light Dragoons


My last unit from the Haitian Revolution for the Challenge and its back to the British regulars.

Two troops of the 14th Light Dragoons were detached and joined 8th Light Dragoons in the Low Countries in 1794 for service in the Flanders Campaign. Then seven troops were detached and deployed to the French Colony of Saint-Domingue in 1795 during the Haitian Revolution, they took part in an action at Mirebalais in June 1797 in which they helped defeat 1,200 ex-slaves who were sympathetic to new regime in France.

The figures are British Light Dragoons with Tropical helmets and of course are from Trent Miniatures.

Now I'm off to try and finish my last unit!!! Fingers crossed!

8 x 25mmmounted figures @ 10 points each

for a total of 80 points!

Wednesday 21 April 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution - Uhlans Britanniques c1796


I have a new favourite unit for the Haitian Revolution and this is it!

The Uhlans Britanniques were formed by the Marquis Louis de Bouille in November 1793, this emigre cavalry corps, which was composed mostly of Germans, were sent to Haiti in early 1796.

On 27th August its 4 companies were ordered to be incorporated into Montalembert's Legion Britainniques de Saint Domingue. So they weren't around for long, but with a uniform like this they were crying out to be painted.

The figures are from Trent Miniatures and are conversions of their Homspesch Mounted Rifles. I chopped and filed down the heads and replaced them with Polish Czapka heads also from Trent, but I can't seem to find a link for them on their site?

Actually I could have left the figures as Homspech's as they were also sent to Haiti, but how could I resist that white czapka?

There are 8 x 25mm mounted figures @ 10 pts each
giving me a total of 80 points.

Sunday 18 April 2021

AHPC11 - Ottoman Commanders - Trent Miniatures

What? More Ottomans?
I'm afraid so!
These two figures were part of  my Xmas pressie from my wife and 4 daughters.

To be totally honest I hadn't planned on painting these two figures up, but I seem to be pumping figures out at the moment, so why not? Also they should take me 10 points short of the 2000 points mark which I didn't think I'd get to let alone plan it!

But these are not Warfare Miniatures? They're Trent Miniatures!
Trent make a small but growing Early Napoleonic Ottoman range.
On the left is a Mounted Aga of the Janissaries
and on the right is a Mounted Janissary Officer.

I've painted up these two figures to use in my 1683 Ottoman army,
Naughty I know!

They're slightly bigger than Warfare Miniatures but still fit in nicely with the rest of my Ottoman force.

They'll add a mere 20 points to my total.


Friday 16 April 2021

AHPC11 - Sarah's not needed ladies 15 pts

These luvvly ladies were painted up early in the Challenge, they were going to be used as payment to Sarah the Sorceress, but I didn't need them in the end. 

The 3 figures are all from Front Rank Miniatures.

I shall now add them to the other Civilians, I've painted up over the last few years. 

They all shall be used in both my Donnybrook Shenanigans and the Haitian Revolution.

And that's it for this post, gotta go now, I've a few sandbags up my sleeves!

3 x 25mm figures.....

15 points!


Thursday 15 April 2021

Reject Richard's - The Battle of Stoliboz, 1 October 1756 Part 4

 An Alternative Seven Years War Remote Wargame

The Battle of Stoliboz, 1 October 1756

A Guest Blog

Part 4 – Battle Phase 3, Probing the Flanks

If you have just joined this then you may want to catch up by looking at some of the previous posts on this battle.

  1. Introduction and details - (I’m sure Ray will provide the link) HERE

  2. Phase 1 – deployment in the fog - (I’m sure Ray will provide the link) HERE

  3. Phase 2 - First Clashes and Jockeying for Position - (I’m sure Ray will provide the link) HERE

These blogs go out after the commanders on both sides have submitted their orders for the next phase.  The commanders individually only see and read about what applies to their zone on the battlefield.  They can communicate with each other and attempt coordination of action… emphasis on the word “attempt”.

This is the situation at around 10:45am.  The early morning fog has now lifted.


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In the woods just north of the town of Stoliboz, the Austrian Liccaner Grenzers prove to be able marksmen and inflict significant casualties on the Montagne skirmishers, who are barely able to keep their equilibrium.

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Simultaneously just to their south and with breath-taking heroism, the French heavy cavalry throw themselves forward with orders to destroy the artillery and Austrian Hussars.

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…but move straight into a crossfire of well-directed shot and canister.

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With crushing casualties and their exertions of the last two hours taking their toll, the morale of the French horse collapses and the few survivors scatter in disarray.

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However, the sacrifice may not be in vain as Surjit's 3rd French Infantry Brigade’s advance onto the Austrian flank is masked by the cavalry's destruction.

So, as the dust settles outside Stoliboz, this is the situation across the whole battlefield at approximately 11 o’clock.


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It continues to be “hot” outside of Stoliboz.  An exchange of musket ball and artillery shot leaves the French Royal regiment slightly bruised but annihilates the Austrian gunners.

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Returning momentarily to the woods, the Liccaner Grenzers continue to harass the Montagne skirmishers, eventually causing them to retire untidily under the pressure and constant casualty toll.

Whilst towards the south, French gunners from the Carlsberg fire at the distant Austrian cavalry, but their shot falls short.

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But back in the north of the battlefield, Ray's 12th Hussars are on a wander as the action in the woods draw French attention away from the passing riders.

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The situation at around 11.15am with both flanks beginning to be probed.

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Outside Stoliboz, French and Austrian gunners let “rip” with desultory counter battery fire, whilst the rest of the two armies continue to remain quiet and move to seek advantage.

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And so, the field of battle looks like this at a quarter past eleven o’clock.

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On the outskirts of Stoliboz, the French line unleash a devastating volley…

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…which sweeps Ray’s 6th Hussars from the field.

Back in the south, John's French Hussars are trying to worry Ian's Austrian dragoons, who have retired back over the stream, whilst the Grenzers take ineffectual pot-shots from the woods.

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In the centre, French and Austrian gunners fire at long range.  The Austrians finding their range quicker and causing some nervous tension in the Saintoge regiment.

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Whilst north of Stoliboz the attritional skirmishing in the woods continues unabated as the rallied Montagne skirmishers seek to creep round the Grenzers' flank.

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Closer engagement between the two armies is developing as the clock turns to approximately 11:45am.


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For those that are interested, all the miniatures are from Baccus 6mm miniatures.  The buildings are 2/3mm scale buildings from Brigade Models.  

A degree of tension is developing on the battlefield and this is being reflected in the players as they seek to make decisions that are hampered by the fog of war.  The lads certainly like to ask lots of questions.  To which the main response is, “you wouldn’t know that.”

How will the armies develop their tactics to give them an advantage?

Until next time…