Tuesday, 13 April 2021

AHPC11 - The Chamber of Challenge - Alter of the Snow Lord - Gendarmes 1525

I've finally found my way to the Alter of the Snow Lord!

The Altar of the Snow Lord: In this final chamber our very own Snow Fiend will select a challenge for you, as a tribute to the painting Gods.

From Curt..........Okay Ray! I heard you mention that, in the long and distant past, you and the Rejects collected 15mm Italian Wars figures to do Pavia. Well, colour me intrigued - I'd like to see a unit of these done up. What say you?

For my Oubliette post a few weeks ago, I painted up some 15mm Renaissance infantry that 
have been laying around for far too long. These Gendarmes have also been laying in a box for far too long and it was about time they got a lick of paint!

The figures are from Venexia, which I bought at Salute form the original Venexia owners many moons ago.
They can be used for either side of the Battle of Pavia in1525.

I'm pleased how they came out, trouble is what do I do with the rest of the unpainted figures??
12 x  15mm Cavalry @4 pts each, 48 pts
 bonus round 20 points 

For a total of 68 pts


  1. That's a lot of points. And they are very festive.

  2. Lovely and colourful indeed.

  3. Cracking and colourful Ray

  4. Beautiful and colorful Venexia cavalry Ray (I've got Venexia Oubliette as well!), nicely done!

  5. Very eye-catching. Lovely work Ray.

  6. Lovely job on figs for one of the most colorful eras. Had to do a double take to see that they were 15s.

  7. Those look awesome, Ray! Great job 👍

  8. Amazing output of so many figures, Ray! Impressive and inspiring!

  9. Very nicely done Ray. They look great all ranked up.

  10. Good looking unit, bright and colourful as how I imagine a unit of gendarmes should look !
    (I'd paint up the rest of your figures in this collection too - they do look so good, sahme not to).

  11. Wow. When I see you and that Yarkshire Gamer feller doing Renaissance Italians, I almost feel the urge to follow along. Not quite, but you make it look very enticing. Well done. What to do with them? Paint some more, of course!
    I see the AHPC gets more complicated each year.
    Again, well done!