Wednesday 29 February 2012

Cavalier Swag!!!

Several followers asked what I spent my hard earned dosh on at the Cavalier Wargame Show last Sunday, so here goes!!!!
  1. 27 packs of Essex 15mm NYW figures. This was the big wallet emptier, Math has never been my strongest subject, I'd roughly worked this out to be around £50, but I ended up handing over £72!!! shhh!!!!!!! But I needed all the figures anyway so there you go, this should (should he says?) be enough to compleste my Jacobite army for the Battle of the Boyne project.
  2. 6 MDF bases, I do plan to make some terrain pieces, a pond, rough ground, etc, etc. Will this ever get done, your guess is as good as mine??
  3. 6 pots of Miniature Paints from Redoubt and I still managed NOT to pick up the Dark blue, that I wanted in the first place?
  4. A pack of Limestone rocks and stones from Realistic Modelling materials for £2, these guys make some beautiful trees.
  5. 1 pack of WSS generals from Black Hat minis, they've got Tricorns that will have to be chopped off, I won't be using the horses though, they're way to big to fit in with Essex figs.
  6. There was a little stall tucked up in the corner, with various wargame brick or brack, nothing was for sale, you had to give a donation, all in aid of Help the Heroes. Which I thought was a great idea. I ended up with 2 15mm wagons, as if I haven't got enough already?? Not sure of their make, but they'll be a good addition to my FIW wagon train.
  7. Earlier in the week Fran put in an order from Peter Pig, (more of his Franonia shenanigans??) I ordered 3 lots of 15mm heads, 1 pack with tricorns, 1 with round hats and 1 bareheaded. So instead of giving him the money back i ended up buying a Peter Pig car for Fran and I've gotta paint it for him. After all its going to be my car in his Franonia project, He's basing the rebel leader on me for some reason Rebel Ray from Rayonia or Rayjuksatan or my personal favourite Rayizkubwa, has red hair???
  8. I spied the LotR rules at the bring and buy for £5, now several years ago myself and Fran changed some of the stats in the rules, so I could use them for my Vikings, (Fran uses the rules for his Samurai skirmish games) so I thought Its about time I sorted my Vikings out. I wasn't 100% sure if I already had the rules, so I bought them..... and then found the one I had already on my bookshelf when I got home Doh!!!
  9. The best for last, this could get a little messy??? Why did I do it? I don't know! Am I going to do them? (Groan and Frown). Am I going to end up smashing them up in a fit of rage and temper? Probably Yes!!!!!!!! I bought for the cheap price of £15 a box of Gripping beast Plastic Vikings. Now I love Gripping Beast, when they first started out years ago I bought everything from them, Normans, Saxon, Vikings, Welsh, Moors, Spanish the whole kit a caboodal. I've not painted or gamed with the figures for more years than I care to remember, but with all the talk on the new Saga rules, and the release of all the different plastic figures, I thought I'll give some of them a try. Now fellow Reject Richard bought some plastic Austrian Napoleonics for his Revolutionary Wars, he's got the patience of a saint and had a nightmare glueing them together.....I on the other hand haven't got a great deal of patience and I think I'm gonna struggle sticking them together, although they're not as complicated as the Napoleonics? So watch this space or my ebay page, or my bin, coz that's where they'll probably end up!!!
Lastly, as I've already got the set of Lord of the Rings rules, I thought I'd give them away to a fellow blogger, So if you want a free copy of the rules, say so in my comments below. I'll leave it a couple of days and if there's more than one person who wants them, all names will go into a hat and a lucky winner drawn out!!!!!

Sunday 26 February 2012

Cavalier 2012 The Rejects on tour....

Only 4 Reject's made it to Cavalier on Sunday, Fran and Postie managed to squeeze into my little car and we met BigLee there! We also bumped into Stefan, from Dr. Willett's Workshop, who's in the photo below with Big lee on the left Stefan, then Fran and lastly me!
It was a very enjoyable show, and  I spent far too much money, (shhh!! don't tell the Mrs),  some of which I'm now regretting??? More on that another day!
Apologies to all readers this is a loooong post, I was going to split it in two................. but didn't!!!

The Main Hall

Fran and BigLee taking their pics of the Main Hall , while Postie wonders what its all about???

Essex Minis - Where I spent far too much money???

  Is that you??

 Or you?

 or maybe you?

Donnington Miniatures

This wagon made my mouth water....sad I know!!

Two games stood out for me at the show, here's the first one.

Defending the Bridge at Obourg (1914) by Gravesend Gamers Guild.
I had a good chat with Phil and Reece, two thoroughly nice chaps, wot wot!!

This plane took a bit of battle damage during the day, Phil had to get the glue out for some 
much needed repair, while mumbling incoherently........

The second standout game for me was the lads at Loughton Strikeforce, entitled
 "The Storming of the Alamo"  6th March 1836
Unfortunately most my pics were out of focus, for lots of good pics goto BigLee's blog, he took some excellent pictures of the Mexican's at the walls.

Had a good chat with the 2 Steve's from Crawley Wargames, I liked the look of their table as you could fold it up like a wallpaper pasting table, after the games finished. We may pinch this idea!?!?!?
Cheers Steve's!!!

Quite obliviously The Society of Ancients - Bagradas 255BC

West Kent Wargamers - Samurai

 As above Maidstone Wargames Society "The Bridge over the River Wye"
These lads made me chuckle, I went to take some pics early on, and was told someone got their wires crossed and left the figures at home, so it was a mad dash back to Maidstone for him!!!! Cracking looking game though.

The North London Wargames Group " The Battle of Monte Grande 1859"

Southend & Rayleigh Wargamers - A Saga Viking Raid
Unfortunately took the pics while they were eating their lunch, so the pics aren't that exiting?

Deal Wargames Society "Return to Madagascar 1942"
The lads explained that their planed game was not finished so they dug out an old demo game from 1999!!!
Still looks great to me!!!

Lastly Old France, New England - A FIW skirmish game.