Tuesday 7 February 2012

Part 2 The Battle of MacKenzie Heights 1854 - A Crimean War Batrep

Fran called the first part "War and Peace"
I'll take that as a compliment that it wasn't supposed to be!
You can find BigLee's post about the game here, which agrees with my result or
you can go to the Russian Properganda minister Fran's blog for an absolute load of old bollox!

The Battle of MacKenzie Heights 1854 - A Fictional Crimean War Batrep p2

About time too! The British Cavalry finally turn up. The rest of Surj's command.
The 4th Dragoon Guards, the 5th Dragoon Guards and the 6th Dragoons all head
for the right flank and the Russian Hussars.

Because I think the 1st Dragoons may be in a little trouble. 

Meanwhile I had to order Surjit to divert a unit to the left flank, to help me out with
 the pesky Cossacks. So the 2nd Dragoon's (Scots Grey's) raced off.

The three Guard units manoeuvring in column.

The 42nd are pushed back after they fail there morale due to artillery fire.

A close up of the 93rd Highlanders

The 1st Dragoons get swamped and loose the fight,
 but due to excellent die rolling by Surj, it's not as bad as it should have been.
They're pushed back towards the baseline losing just 3 casualties. 

The British left flank, the Cossacks have entered the woods, a bloody good move by Ian, who's now in charge of them. So I made a bold decision, I moved up the Coldstream guards who were still in column and showed Ian my flank. I had to force him out otherwise he'd cause me too many problems in my advance forward. 
Did I do the right thing??
showing there flank to the Cossacks. 

Surj also moved the Scots Grey's up towards the woods.

The British right, with Surj's cavalry racing over the hill.

The Thin Red Line continue to shoot up the hill, but the Russian pioneers finally finish
 this and other parts of their redoubts.

In the Russian turn, Ian moves to the edge of the wood, ready to charge next turn (gulp!)
The smaller Cossack unit, turned around and moved to the other edge of the wood to 
charge the British artillery.

The Russian Keiv Hussars charge forward the rest of their move after 
routing the British Dragoons. There was a bone of contention here, as John believed the 
Hussars didn't make it into contact, but Postie confirmed that they did, by 1mm!!!! 
John was not a happy boy!

The Russian's  Charge

Surj moved up the Scots Grey to support the Coldstream Guards.
While I formed a square behind the doomed artillery piece.

John throw tremendous dice and got 6 hits out of 7 dice on the Ingermanland
 Hussars in the top of the picture. While the poor artillery were wiped out. But it doesn't
 look good for the Hussars.

The British still continue to take casualties from the Russians on the Heights,
 who manage to just pass their morale.

 The Grenadier Guards form square.

The artillery are destroyed and the Cossacks follow up into the square
and all fell on the guards bayonets.

My gamble paid off, the Cossacks are gone, but it was damned close, I miss calculated the dice, in the melee, Ian had twice the dice I did, he threw 5 casualties from 14 dice while I got 4 from 5 dice. Making only 1 difference, I failed my morale and pushed back half a move.
BUT then I had to throw to save my colours!!!
I threw a D6 scoring a 2, Oh damn and blast!!!
All Ian had to do was beat the 2 and the colours would be in Russian hands, which of course would have meant disgrace for the Duke of Cambridge and me!! But the dice gods were in my favour, after a lot of praying from both sides Ian also threw a 2 and failed to take the colours, this earned him a punch in the arm from Fran!!

Time was getting on, Postie was knackered, and got a cuddle from Ian.

And that's where the game ended, The Russians decided they call it a day.
Ian now knew he couldn't stop the Highlander's and Guards advancing.
BigLee knew his Hussars were doomed.
And Fran had almost given up all hope due to the longer range of the British Rifled Musket.
Postie did work out the points for the game, which somehow gave the Russians
 a slight victory, but it was too late as they had already given up the game.

I was very pleased to get our first game of the year in, and it's always nice to get a win!!
You may have noticed on Fran's blog, he's claimed victory, somehow forgetting that his side
had already given up! 

Hope you enjoyed the read



  1. Really enjoyed this battle report - plus getting some other views of it from th erest of the group on their own blogs

  2. When we conceded the Russians were ahead on points, but only by the slimmest of margins. But from this point on they could only loose points while their ability to hurt the Brits had been reduced to next to nothing. If we had played on two more turns the points would have told a very different story.

    A good leader knows when to withdraw to conserve his forces... which is probably why Fran wanted to fight to the bitter end!

  3. Punching and cuddling!!! What is this form of wargaming you guys play?? Great read Ray and very nice photos too.

    1. When I was first invited to join the Rejects (a little over a year ago) I was a little worried about what sort of group I'd become involved with! Now 14 months later, I'm still wary and keep my back to the walls at all times. But other than that they are a great bunch.

  4. Top game. Had to LOL at the Ruskies giving in!

  5. Good batrep Ray, different period and sounds to have been a fun game, (even with a few differences of opinion :-) ) and lots of photos's...which is nice.

  6. Very nice! Congratulations for the report...and for the victory!

  7. Congratulations Ray, not only on the result but also a splendid report. I'm sure Fran will eventually concede the fact that his troops were ultimately doomed, but then again...

  8. You guys have gotten me so confused about who really won!!! These are some great table shots Ray and a nice job of telling us about the game as well.

    1. I agree. These guys. I just never know anymore who is telling the truth and who is the fibber.

    2. O gotta agree Fran is such a liar, tut tut!

    3. Whisk, we'll have to keep these two in line! Use your Wonder Woman Super Powers to extract the truth!!

    4. It may be a case that if their lips are moving they are fibbing LOL


    5. Anne: Trouble, those two are.

      Ian: Howdy hello. Now, you I believe.

  9. This is the first Crimean War game I've ever seen. The figs look great and the scenario interesting. Keep up the good work. What rules do you use?

    1. The rules are based on General de Brigade a Napoleonic set, that Postie has made a little easier to understand. We do use the same set for our Napoleonic games with a few differences.

  10. Great job on these batreps, Ray. Another fun read with beautiful pics.

  11. I didn't give up, the second and third commanders who are now counting trees in Siberia, a moral victory for the Russians...Uzzahhhhhhh!

    1. Cobblers, just face it your a losssserrrrr!!!!

    2. looks good, hope u guys get proper drunk during these events.

  12. I liked the little guys going up the little hill. I know it's not supposed to be cute, but it is.


  13. Yep a good BatRep

    So what's next?


    1. Not sure??? Maybe another BLB2 practise me thinks......

  14. A win with the Guards in flight due to a band of Cossacks?

    A very nice battle report (and I´m re-thinking about this period...).

  15. Great battle report Ray! Thanks for sharing!

    When do we get that battle report of that one between you and Fran? The after game! :-D


  16. Finally a win. Congrats! Reports enjoyable as always.

    1. Wot!? What do you mean finally!! Any more of this cheekyness and we'll have to dissolve the Dutch chapter!! he he!

  17. Kay, I get it now. Though I'm still not entirely sure who the winners are. Sounds like a real war!

  18. A great win Ray , at last i can sleep easy knowing that the british army has won again. Good write up and game mate.

  19. Another cool looking table and report!


  20. Highlanders, The Guards and now Man Love its just too much ! :-)

    1. Its always a worry with Postie and Ian in the same room....(shudder!)

  21. there's no time for fun and games painting to be done i tell you paint!! paint until only one eye still onpens then paint some more.
    Oh and it look like a really fun game

    1. Don't think I've ever painted so many figures in such a short time!! There are plenty more points coming my way no where near enough to challenge you though, I think your one of them there robot thingamejigs!!!

  22. Awesome game guys.... love the pics aswell.

  23. Good report, even without a bold rush to the top of the hill. Speaking of painting, I am painting The easiest Napoleonic figures on the planet, French Old Guard in greatcoat and covered bearskins.

  24. It's nice to get an easy unit every now and then.

  25. Lovely setup, and those older miniatures look still fantastic on any table.