Sunday 24 July 2016

Bloody Pig!

Last month I entered into Edwin's Prize draw over on his blog
 "Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist",  and guess what I won a prize!!!
My prize was a £10 voucher to spend at Bad Sqiddo Games!!
Cheers Edwin!!!

After much deliberation I decided to be a pig.....

or rather the Ristuls's Extraordinary Market, Pigs at the Farm
From Bad Sqiddo's site....
Note from Annie – “Oink Oink! These snuffly oinkers are bound to make you smile! As well as being adorable, this kit makes a great bit of scenics but also so nice bits of scatter to duck and fight around in a game. Farm Seige! See also, LOTS MORE PIGS!
This set contains 2 pigs and 6 bits of farm terrain. Really crisp detail, the top quality we have come to expect from Ristul’s!

Just like Annie said, these have gotta be the crispest terrain pieces you can buy! I also added the pack of pigs to the parcel, you always need more bacon don't you????

I did buy some more bits and bobs from Annie at Bad Squiddo at Salute this year so, If I find the time I'll take a few pics.


Saturday 9 July 2016

Donnybrook - Moroccan Musketmen 1664

I started painting these handsome looking fellows back in March during the Challenge, but 
didn't get around to finishing them in time to enter them. They were finished off
 early last month and featured as the only musket armed unit in the Moroccan army
 in my game at Broadside, "Teviot's Last Stand"
Trying to find any info about the Moroccan army in 1664 has proved........difficult to say the least!
So studying paintings of Moroccan and Moorish scenes, it seems they wore very similar clothing for hundreds of years. There are no Moroccan figures made in 25mm for the period, so i'm afraid these are pure guess work???
The figures are in fact Moroccans and Tuareg's from Artizan's March or Die
French Foreign Legion range.
I think they fit in quite well, from a limited knowledge point of view.
The only real problem with the figures, were the guns they all carry, as they're from 
roughly 200 years in the future, but a little filing and swearing soon
had them a little more musket like.....well for me anyway???

Monday 4 July 2016

Donnybrook - 25mm Moorish Horse

These 23 Moor Horse were in my "To Paint" pile, so as I was running out of time to get 
them painted up for our recent game Teviot's Last Stand, at Broadside.
I sent them over the Irish Sea to Reject Fran, who painted them up very quickly, and got them back to me well in time to get them based up for the game.

The figures are a mix of Gripping Beast, Artizan, Essex, Perry and Footsore.
They seem to mix well?

And of course, they can also be used for my El Cid games???

Cheers Fran!