Thursday 30 May 2024

Haitian Revolution or Revolution in St Domingue - A question?


When I picked the Haitian Revolution as my new period, I chose it for a number of reasons. I wanted to do a Napoleonic skirmish game, but one that not many people would know about or even bother to do. I did think about the Peninsular or even the Waterloo period, but these have been done over and over again, by others.

Then I saw a advert for Trent Miniatures Haitian Revolution range and found Stuart's blog , Dust, Tears & Dice and I was hooked. But it has caused me a few problems.

Personally I rather not to play any games post WWII, as they're a bit too close to home, I understand that some people are fine with playing Falklands, Iraq and other modern warfare, I say good luck to them, but they do make me a little uncomfortable. 

In my naivety I didn't think playing the Haitian Revolution would cause any problems, it was 232 years ago after all. But the date isn't the problem??

Sometimes my kids and Mrs are in a happy mood and they actually listen to me bang on about my latest wargame creation, (usually their eyes glass over, much like mine do, when the conversation goes over to shoes and handbags). I spoke about the up coming battle plan, where the black Colonial Infantry, joined forces with the mulattoes and rebel slaves. I was then read the riot act, "why do you have to call them black infantry, that's racist?" and so on.....

I tried to explain that they were the terms used back in 1792 and there were a lot more terms that really can't be used anymore. They asked what a mulatto was, I explained it was a half white, half black or brown or mixed race person, at the time they were known as mulatto or creole. I got told off once again, there was really no talking to them. 

So my point here is, what are you supposed to say or do, I'm a wargamer, not a politician. I do have many political views, none of which I might add are in any ways racist. But trying to explain this very difficult period of history, can wind people up the wrong way? Its a very nasty period, mistreated slaves, slave owners, massacrers and lots of racial tension.

I was talking to Dave from Milton Hundred who runs the Broadside Wargame show, he told me one of the other local Kent clubs were asked not to put on their WWI Palestine game, that they'd spent a year getting ready, at another local show, as they thought it was in bad taste, with what's going on today with Israel and Palestine.

This got me thinking about the civil unrest that's going on in Haiti at the moment??? As I'm putting a game on at the Broadside Wargame Show on the 8th June, so I thought I'd ask the guys there whether they thought me putting a Haitian Revolution game on was ok? Was it going to cause offence? Did they really need the hassle? Luckily they told me to go ahead.

I do understand my generation is completely different to my kids generation, but history is history and in the end this is a game..........What do you guys n gals think?

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Blogger Blogger Blogger!!!

Its not been a good weekend in Casa Rousell this past weekend. My back's bloody killing me and the mighty Leeds United failed miserably to get promoted!!! Poxy football, why do I pit myself through this stress??

On the plus I bought a new mobile phone a Samsung Galaxy SE 23, all good I hear you say??

No No No!

For some stupid reason I cannot log onto blogger on my mobile, I've tried all the usual things, but can't seem to get the bloody thing to work.

So I'm hoping one of you fine fellows will know how to fix this problem and no I don't mean Leeds need someone who can actually take a shot on goal from time to time either!

The problem starts after clicking the Blogger App.

Here you can see, I'm not logged in, I click the link to sign in and get taken below.

Great I think? I can write a post, change anything on my layout, BUT I'm still not logged in so cannot comment on my or any others blogs?

See I'm not singed in?
I've  allowed All third Party cookies (which is usually the problem) but I still won't let me log in?

Any ideas??

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Partizan May 2024 - The Rejects on tour.


Oh my, what can I say about Partizan???
If your'e a historical gamer then Partizan is the place to visit. There were so many superb looking games on show, everywhere you looked. Please if you haven't been before, you just gotta go.

Only 4 Rejects made the looong trip up north, (for us anyway)
Postie, Steve, Lee and myself.

I've tried to knock off some off the photos I took on the day, but this is still a very long post, so take your time and let me know what you think?
You can always check out Lee's post here.

So onto the games.
My top 3 in no particular order were
Phil Olly - One Steppe at a time
Friends of General Haig - 10mm Battle of Aughrim
The Gentlemen Pensioners - Sharpe Practice on the Cape Frontier.

Central London Wargames Club - 15mm Napoleonics

Veterans Wargame Association

Northamptonshire Battlefields Society - Argents Gap 1945 - Not quite Mechanised

Pandyman Entertainment - WW1 Trench Warfare - Trench Offensive

Escorchers - Brecourt Manor 1344

21eme Regt of Line - Napoleonics

KB Club - 1/300th Space fighters

Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum  - WW1 Air Combat - Wings of Glory

Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum - Napoleonic Naval Action - Sails of Glory

North Star Miniatures - Oathmark - 28mm Fantasy

LetsXcape 28mm Greek Myth

KB Club - 144th Moderens

Doncaster Wargames Society - Steampunk Naval  - Clockwork Log Rafts 

The Dicemen - 28mm Western shootout Gunfight at Harpersville

  Great Escape Games  -28mm Western - Dead Man's Hand Redux


Forlorn Hope - Battlefleet Gothic - Battlefleet Heresy - Siege of Terra

Col Bill, doing his thang!

Hornsea Contemptables -  ECW

Wargaming Develepments - The Battle of the Bulge


Grantham Strategy Club Battle of Britain Deck Building Undaunted Battle of Britain

Chesterfield Open Gaming Society - Hunting Horrors in an Apocalyptic World Thrice Doomed!

All Hell Let Loose - Bloody Omaha 6mm WWII

Anschluss Wargames -12mm WW2  - Hollywood style bank heist. Kelly's Heroes

The Scourers - 28mm Napoleonic Gothic Horror The Silver Bayonet

Friends of General Haig - The Battle of Aughrim 1691

Friends of the Rejects, Dave and Mike.

Worley Books - Kreigspeil Map Game - Combat of Genappe 1815

John Kersey - 1/72 Games -  20mm Spanish American War - The Battle of El Caney 18981898

Morris & Chums - Midgard Heroic Battles

Morris & Chums - 6mm Trojan Wars

Iain otherwise known as Mr Caveadsum 

League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists - 28mm Home Guard 1940  - You Stupid Boy!

Blitzkrieg Miniatures - Mighty Empires - The Silmarillion

Caseshot Publishing - 15mm War of 1st Coalition - The Battle of Mondovi 21st April 1796

Martin from Warbases

Harrogate Wargames Club - 28mm Modern South American  - Welcome to the Jungle

Huntingdon & District Wargames Society -  28mm AWI  - Guildford Courthouse 1781

The Gentlemen Pensioners - 28mm Colonial  - Sharpe Practice on the Cape Frontier

Two Fat Lardies - Far East Chain of Command

The Bunker - Indiana Jones - The Temple of Ramalamadingdong

Bramley Barn Wargames Club - WWII

Forest Outlaws  -28mm War of 1812 - The Battle of Bladensburg 24th August 1814

Kallistra/Forest Outlaws - The Siege of Belgrade 1456

Steve Jones/ Steve's Painting Shed - AWI The Battle of Freeman's Farm 1777

Steve & Darrel

The Skirmish Wargames Collective - 60mm Death on Planet Pima

1st Corps - 28mm American-Mexican War - Across the Rio Grande

Phil Olley  - 28mm Eastern Renaissance - One Steppe at a a time

The man himself Phil Olly

League of Augsberg - Dreadnought - The Battle of Jutland 1916

Colin, Postie & Barry Hilton.

Chesterfield Old Boys - 1/35th WW2 - Skirmish Into the Reich

Simon Miller - 28mm ECW - The Relief of Norchester

Peter Dennis - 10mm Plexiglass - The Battle of Plexidorf

The Bodkins - 28mm Rome Vs Sassanids - Warriors of Rome: The 3rd Century Crisis

Coritani - Yep 3 bottles of Tanned Flesh please!

Very British Civil Forum - 28mm Very British Civil War - Poking the Polden

Like a Stonewall - Conquistador

The League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers - Down the Adriatic Sea - 28mm Back of Beyond

Rubicon Models - Oscar Mike - 28mm Vietnam

Glasgow Tradeston Wargames Club - The Battle of  Breitenfeld 1631
15mm 30 Years War 

Myself, Dave, Martin & Matt

North Riding Wargames Club - It's Hot Here Sir! -  Sudan

Barely Legal Wargames - The Battle of Carabobo 24th June 1821
28mm South American Wars of Independence 

Derby Wargames Society - Operation Goodwood, The Battle of Bras 1944
Eastern Front - 20mm WWII

Henry Hyde & Myself

Myself & Kerry from the AHPC!!!
All the way from New Zealand via Wales.

Boondock Sayntes - 28mm Indian Mutiny - The Battle of Unao September 1857

                             The Yarkshire Gamer - "Rome or Death" The Battle of Mentana 1867                              
 28mm Italian Wars of Unification

Steve & David the Wargaming Amateur

Durham Wargames Group - 28mm Dark Ages  - The Battle at Fulford Gate

Westbury Wargames - 28mm Macedonian Successors - The Battle of Gabene 316BC

Iron Brigade - To Catch a Queen - 25mm ECW

Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society - Mike Lambo Games - Napoleon to Napalm

And that's it!!!