Sunday 29 May 2022

Partizan May 2022 The Pics P2

Part 2 of my Partizan Pics and we'll carry on from where I left off.

Very British Civil War Forum

Westbury Wargames - The Battle of  Aruquijars 1834
Carlist War

Anchluss Wargaming - WWII Biscari Airfield, Sicily 1943

Caseshot Publishing -  ACW, The Battle of Wilson's Creek 1861

Burton & District Wargames Club - Western Gunfight - Dead Man's Hand

Boondok Saints - Cawnpore. India 1857

A visual feast for the eyes!

I was just about to have a chat with Pete Barfield when I saw George Anderson from Musings on Wargames and Life, I first bumped into George a few years ago at Salute, so it was great meeting up and having a chat again.

Talking of Pete Barfield!

And here's Pete's game with the Leicester Phat Cats -  Baron's Waf

I kept going back to Barry Hilton's game for a chat, but he was always busy.

While I was waiting to speak to Barry and collect a few figures I might add, I had had chat with these 3 fine looking fellows. Aly Morrison from Aly's Toy Soldiers, Ian "Flags of War" McDonald and David O'Brien.

I did finally get to have a chat with Barry and play one of his games, I had my eye on a prize, one of his new ships, from Ark Royal Miniatures I had to beat 51 points, it was close, but I only managed to get to 50, Dammit!
Lucky Alastair, he won the prize.

Lance & Longbow Society - Hastings 1066

Northamptonshire Battlefields Society - The Battle of Middleton Cherney 1643

Sails of Glory

KB Club

Pendraken Miniatures - Cold War Commanders, Crossing the Kiel 1985

Royal Air Force - Aliens, Operation Newt Recovery

Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society

Not sure who these guys were?

The Scourers - Never Mind the Billhooks

Never Mind the Boathooks

Not sure who and what? Looks like WWII?

Test of Resolve - War of the Roses


Charles Rowntree 

Royal Air Force - WWI Dogfight

University of Edinburgh - The Adventures of Harold Hadrada

Hornsey Contemptables - Italian Wars

Using Fire n Fury?
I wanted to ask how, but there wasn't anyone at the table.

Steve Spence - 30 Years War, Nordlingen 1634

Lance & Longbow Society

Leeds Night Owls - The Battle of Fort Millican

1/72 Wargames -  Alternate History - The Battle of Maldon 1919
If England were Invaded

Peterborough Wargames Club - Gnomes

Sheffield & Rotherham WGC - Strength & Honour

Grimsby Wargames Society - ACW Vicksburg 1863

Like a Stonewall - Sharpe Practice, The Attack on Hougomont 1815

Harrogate WGC - The Good, the Bad and the Lardy
A bad day in Lardville

Newark Irregulars - Silver Bayonet - The Essential Rescue
Napoleonic Gothic Horror

More Silver Bayonet

Too Fat Lardies - Easy Company

Lastly I met Mel Bose, The Terrain Tutor.
What a great guy!

Well that's it!
Its taken me nearly as long to do these two posts on the game as it took on the day out, 
I need a beer!