Saturday 27 February 2021

AHPC11 - Chamber of Challenge - The Shrine - The Shrine of St Cuthbert


Its Chamber of Challenge time once again!!!
And I'm in "The Shrine"

Shrine: Dearly beloved Challengers, let us bow our heads, and create … a religious-themed entry in this chamber. A model which is worshipping, praying, genuflecting, preaching, pilgrimaging, scourging, crusading, venerating … or maybe just visiting parishioners for tea. Clerics welcome!

I've gotta say I'm mighty pleased with how my Shrine turned out.

This wonderful piece of kit comes from the very talented team at Debris of War

And is available for the great price of £35

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to paint this up!!!!

This is its 4th and final incarnation, I originally tried to paint it up like Andy's from Debris of War,
see below, but I just couldn't get it looking as good. So in the end I gave up and went grey.

I then spoke to Andy on the phone and he told me how he'd painted his. It was so simple I couldn't believe it. But I stuck with the grey anyhow.

I based the Chapel on a large Warbases base.

And added basing flock mixed with PVA to make moss and painted/placed on.

I added a few MDF gravestones, covered with a thin wash of Polyfiller, then inked them. Just to add a 
bit of decoration.

I took a few pics with some figures in to help you guys with its size.

These figures do not count as points.

Also added for effect were loads of Debris of War tufts along with Javis Ivy/climbing weeds

Peek a boo!

In the Chapel set not only do you get the walls but a font, an alter and a small coffin/shrine.

So its down to the points.....
The ruined chapel measures
9.5 inches in length
5.5 inched in width
4 inches at its highest 
Then you have the tiled floor, Alter, Font and Shrine.

Math is not my strong points so after speaking to BigLee and Tamsin, both suggested
20 points, (which I was pretty gutted with!) 😭
And then another 20 for the Challenge Bonus.
Making a total of 40 points

Tuesday 23 February 2021

AHPC11 - Donnybrook - Janissaries


More goodies from Warfare Miniatures
Here we have some Elite Janissaries of the Ottoman army.

They use a D10 for all actions, in Donnybrook so should be deadly but are pretty
 fragile, as there's only 4 of them.
I think I'll double the size of the unit later on???

My Janissaries should add 20 points to my total.

Monday 22 February 2021

AHPC11 - Sarah the Sorderess - Skuld

I call upon her Highness Sarah the Sorceress, please transport me from the Armoury to 
The Shrine on Level 2

My third and final Witch from Black Tree Design's Witches from MacBeth set is Skuld.
Once again I've gone for the Hollywood green skintone, which works so well.

She's the only witch carrying a broomstick, it looks like she's gonna hop on?

Also included in this post is their cauldron, with some ungodly broth being cooked up.

Finally a quick shot of the sisters together.

Points wise...

5 points for Skuld
20 points for the bonus
& 2 points for the cauldron???

Making a total of 27 points

Friday 19 February 2021

AHPC11 - Haitain Revolution - York Hussars

Back to the Haitian Revolution and to my favourite unit I've painted so far.
The York Hussars.....The York who? I hear you say?

The York Hussars were raised in 1793 in Germany but with British Officers. There were 600 men in 3 squadrons. It fought in Holland before sailing for Haiti in March 1796, they saw action almost immediately. Many men perished from fever and there were less than 300 left in December and less than 240 by June 1797. Remnants of Hompesch and Rohan's Hussars were drafted into the regiment. They then left Haiti in August 1798, sailing for Jamaica, then back to England in October 1799. They were disbanded in July 1802.

I've painted plenty of Napoleonic's over the years, but reading and seeing the great uniforms of the Revolutionary Wars, really floats my boat! The uniform is so different to the usual British  dress, so much that you wouldn't think they were a British regt.
The figures are from Trent Miniatures, although they are actually Lombardy Legion Hussars, whose uniform is almost identical to the York Hussars. So they had to be painted up!

As for the points
8 x 25mm mounted figures = 80 points!

Thursday 18 February 2021

AHPC11 - The Chamber of Challenge - The Armoury - Spahi of the Porte


Its Chamber of Challenge time once again and  I've just been dropped off at the Armoury by Sarah 
the Sorceress. 

The Armoury: Paint a figure, a vignette or unit which is armoured - plate, steel, iron, ceramic, chain-mail - the choice is yours.

This unit of 6 x Spahi of the Porte have jumped way ahead of the queue. These originally were going to be painted up right at the end of the Challenge if at all???

I needed a figure or figures in armour for the Armoury and wanted to paint something up I'm actually going to use, rather than stick in a box, never to be seen again for a few years.

The figures are from Dixon Miniatures and match in height wise quite well with Warfare minis who will make up the majority of my Ottoman force.

For my force the Sipahis of the Porte will be an Elite unit using a D10, so even though they're small, they should throw a big punch.........Poles and Imperialists beware!!!
(BTW, I haven't any Poles or Imperialists, yet?)

60 pts for the Sipahi
20 pts Bonus for the Armoury

Monday 15 February 2021

AHPC11 - Sarah the Sorceress - Verthandi

I call upon Sarah the Sorceress, please transport me from the Guardroom to the Armoury on Level 2?

My second Witch from Macbeth is Verthandi , she's a bit younger than her sister Urthr, by around
 64 years! She is from Black Tree Design's Macbeth set.  I've carried on with the green skin tone, with goes quite well with the shock of red hair!

I'd guess her hair is modeled on Bette Midler's character Winnie in Hocus Pocus?

Verthandi should earn me 5 points with the Sarah Bonus of 20, making a total of 25 points!!

Tuesday 9 February 2021

AHPC11 - Donnybrook - Ottomans - Segban

Next up for me are more of my new Donnybrook Ottomans.
My second Ottoman unit of the Challenge are 12 x Segban Recruit Musketeers armed with Matchlock Muskets. The Segban units were not a fully formed unit and acted mainly as light infantry for the Janissary Orta's
For those of you unaware in Donnybrook a Recruit Infantry units has 12 figures and throws D6 to hit and for morale, so as pretty as they look they're not the best unit on the board.

Segban units usual wore there own cloths, as they were not issued any uniform, but just for ease of use in games, I've given them all a light blue hat and green waistsash. I've kept the rest of their cloths pretty subdued, greys, browns and dull greens.

Points mean prizes so my Segban should earn me....

60 points!

Friday 5 February 2021

AHPC11 Donnybrook - Dutch Garde te Voet Grenadiers


The Guardroom: This chamber-challenge is to paint some donut-munching, soundly-sleeping, or professionally competent guards. Bonus points for painting things they might be guarding, as well. 

If Its Guards Curts asked for its the best Dutch regiment on the English establishment he gets!

The Guard te Voet

In Holland in 1573, a company of Foot Guards were raised. In 1599, a guard regiment, called His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot, or the Regiment Nassau, was created. A second guard regiment, the Regiment of Foot Guards, was raised in 1643, into which the Company of Foot Guards was incorporated. When Prince Willem III became Stadtholder, the Regiment of Foot Guards lost its guard status and became a line regiment; the Company of Foot Guards was transferred to a new guard regiment raised in 1672, named His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot. This regiment lost all its commanders in the battle of Seneffe (August 11, 1674); the commander of the Regiment Nassau, Major-general Van Solms, amalgated both regiments into one guard regiment, the Nassau Regiment becoming the 1st battalion, and His Highness' Guard Regiment of Foot becoming the 2nd battalion

The regiment was renamed His Majesty's Guard Regiment of Foot in 1689. From 1688 to 1699 it served as William III of Orange's Guards regiment. Under King William III, the regiment served in England as his personal guard. During this time, it was also known as the "Blue Guards", because of the Nassau blue coats with yellow/orange cuffs and lining. After Willem III died in 1702, the regiment was renamed the Dutch Guards. The uniform became dark blue with poppy red lining and cuffs; white metal buttons on the coat, and white lace loops; waistcoat and breeches became white. This uniform was worn throughout the 18th century.

In 1699, William negotiated the second partition treaty (with France) in coordination with the Dutch Estates General and Betnick but left the English Parliament out of the loop. In revenge, they stopped funding his Dutch Guards, and he contemplated abdication:

"I am so angry (William to Heinsius) about what is happening in the House of Commons in the matter of the troops, that I can hardly concentrate my thoughts on anything else. I foresee that I shall have to come to extreme decisions and that I shall see you in Holland earlier than I had intended"

Yes its more Donnybrook, Woo Hoo, all from Essex Miniatures as well!

Onto the points 20 for the Guardroom bonus and 40 for 8 x 25mm figures for a total of.....

60 points!