Saturday, 27 February 2021

AHPC11 - Chamber of Challenge - The Shrine - The Shrine of St Cuthbert


Its Chamber of Challenge time once again!!!
And I'm in "The Shrine"

Shrine: Dearly beloved Challengers, let us bow our heads, and create … a religious-themed entry in this chamber. A model which is worshipping, praying, genuflecting, preaching, pilgrimaging, scourging, crusading, venerating … or maybe just visiting parishioners for tea. Clerics welcome!

I've gotta say I'm mighty pleased with how my Shrine turned out.

This wonderful piece of kit comes from the very talented team at Debris of War

And is available for the great price of £35

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to paint this up!!!!

This is its 4th and final incarnation, I originally tried to paint it up like Andy's from Debris of War,
see below, but I just couldn't get it looking as good. So in the end I gave up and went grey.

I then spoke to Andy on the phone and he told me how he'd painted his. It was so simple I couldn't believe it. But I stuck with the grey anyhow.

I based the Chapel on a large Warbases base.

And added basing flock mixed with PVA to make moss and painted/placed on.

I added a few MDF gravestones, covered with a thin wash of Polyfiller, then inked them. Just to add a 
bit of decoration.

I took a few pics with some figures in to help you guys with its size.

These figures do not count as points.

Also added for effect were loads of Debris of War tufts along with Javis Ivy/climbing weeds

Peek a boo!

In the Chapel set not only do you get the walls but a font, an alter and a small coffin/shrine.

So its down to the points.....
The ruined chapel measures
9.5 inches in length
5.5 inched in width
4 inches at its highest 
Then you have the tiled floor, Alter, Font and Shrine.

Math is not my strong points so after speaking to BigLee and Tamsin, both suggested
20 points, (which I was pretty gutted with!) 😭
And then another 20 for the Challenge Bonus.
Making a total of 40 points


  1. Ray, great job on the shrine! How long did it take to create this beauty? Maybe then, you can renegotiate the points?

    1. Fat too long Jonathan, I painted and ruined it several times over before I was happy with the look. In all, it probably took me a week to complete it?

  2. Great article. Love the ruuined building

  3. You have done a really great job on the stone wire of this building Ray!

  4. That is really cool! I want one. Or yours since you painted it to perfection.

  5. Superb piece Ray, excellently done

  6. SUperb shrine, inside and outside, inspired job Ray!

  7. Excelled yourself on that one Ray. It looks really special.

  8. A wonderful piece of terrain. You've outdone yourself on this mate.

  9. Bootiful Ray! I almost felt like genuflecting! Old habits die hard

  10. Magnificent, love all the lil' details on it.

  11. Well done Ray. A fantastic piece of terrain.

  12. Really great job! It looks great and I really like the dark gray stones. It almost looks like it was built with Hirst Arts blocks. 😀

  13. That looks great, and the grey works really well with this piece.

  14. Wow! Great job Ray, extremely realistic. Well done!

  15. You've relly pulled out the stops with the interior detailing, it looks superb !

    1. Thanks Joe, I'm really pleased with how it looks.

  16. That looks really nice mate. Love all the moss and foliage you added it really brings it to life.