Tuesday 29 October 2013

NYW French Infantry regt Greder

The first of Richard's French Nine Years War Infantry regiments, now in my collection. Regt Greder who were raised in 1680. They fought in many of the battles during the Nine Years War including Walcourt, Fleurs, Mons, Leuze, Steenkirke, Neerwinden, Charleroi, Brussels and d'Ath . The unitis the German Greder and is not to be confused with the Swiss regt of the same name.
The flags are from Warflag and as per usual the figures are from Essex Miniatures.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Fran the Whingin' Winner

As some of you may recall, I won some very nice, still unused Rosemary brushes from Ian, over on his blog The Blog With No Name. You may also recall that Fran moaned like the biatch, that I'd won them.
So the kind and generous Ian also sent Fran some brushes in the same packet as mine, and said he'd like a few pics when Fran opened his free prize.

The biatch moaning on Ian's blog

For fecks sake this has to be a fecking fix, that fecktard only lives down the road from me and I'll never hear the fecking end of this, fecks sake.........congrats to all the winners.....except fecking Ray, Ray you better share some of those brushes you fecking git!


  1. Kick in the crackers it is then!

"I'm so happy, Ian sent me some brushes as well"

Note BigLee stuffing his face and Yes the chap in front of Lee is asleep?
And yes the moaning shitbag IS smiling!!!
"Hmm? What's in the packet"
The other chap is still asleep??
"What the feck"
I think Fran's moaning woke the poor chap up as well?
Look at Lee grinning! he he
"Look at the state of these, feckin brushes!!!"
Fran gives Ian the finger
"I'm gonna fecking kill him"

And here's a little close-up from Fran's blog.
He wasn't a happy bunny
But I thought it was quite funny, it made me and Lee laugh anyway!!

Thursday 17 October 2013

SELWG 2013 Part 2

Seems I jumped forward in time to 2014 for the last SELWG post, this one is definitely set in 2013????

Crawley Wargames Club - Fraustadt 1706 Great Northern War

I mentioned in my last post that I had two favourite games from the show, this is the second one.
Its from my favourite era of warfare, The Lace Wars.
I just love the mass effect you can make with 15mm, great looking figures and excellent snowy terrain to boot!

Gravesend Wargames Club - War & Conquest

GLC Games - The Battle of Steenkirke

Dulwich Gamers - Clash at Croydon Airport

Shepway Wargames Club - Wagons Roll, Nobovidy January 1422

Crush the Kaiser - The Miracle of the Marne

Deal Wargames Club - Sunset over Shumshu

Newbury & Reading - Warlords of the 15th Century

North London Wargames Group - Save the Bridge

Peter Pig - Vikings