Tuesday 30 November 2021

Broadside 2021 - The Rejects on Tour


This Saturday the 4th of December, Posties Rejects will be attending Broadside Game Show at its new venue in Gillingham. Run by the luvvly chaps from Milton Hundred Wargames Club
Not only are we attending we are putting on a game. 
Reject Richard has organized a French Revolutionary game.
The Battle of Montenotte 12th April 1796.

Here's a couple of photos from our last practice game a few weeks ago.

So if you'd like to see more and are going to the show, come and say hello.
We're on table C5, circled below.
See you there!

For more info check out Milton Hundred Facebook page

Thursday 25 November 2021

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge 12


I'm signed up again for the Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge. There may be a few places left if you fancy joining in the mayhem?

Click this link , which will take you to the Painting Challenge page and contact the Snowlord Curt, his email is on that page.

You never your luck!

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Salute Loot 2021

Its lucky I've entered another Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.
Where would I have found the time to paint this lot up otherwise?

Above Debris of War Grass Tufts
You can never have enough tufts!

25mm round bases from Warbases
Need I say more?

Dead and Prisoners figures from Col Bill, got something in mind for these chaps already
& 2 of the same figure Prince Rupert  from Bicorne. Don't ask.....

A pre-order from Warfare minis!

Cossacks, Imperial Cuirassiers and new commanders.

Do I need more commanders?
Or do I want more commanders?

Wagon wheels, from Eagle Figures (for the same plan I have with the Col Bill figures) and
and table and bench and a fantasy (yeh I know) figure, incase I need something like that for the Challenge from Encounter Terrain

A few more packs from Trent Miniatures.
Just to make up a couple more units.......he says!

Hmmm more new command figures, this time from Reiver/Northumberland Painting Services . Commanders and characters for my Austian/Imperialist troops????
As well as some Austrian Grenadiers

Polish Winged Hussars and Pancerni from Redoubt Enterprises!!!!!!!

These are really nice figures, can't wait to get them painted.

And finally a 6 x 4 cloth mat from Geek Villain!
I've been after a mat of some kind for a while, we got a bargain , me and Lee bought a mat each and got a little discount.

And that's your lot!

Sunday 21 November 2021

Salute Blogger Meet up

With all things being considered I thought the Salute Blogger meet up was a great success.
Yes there's not as many of us than normally but as you probably all know by now, the numbers for the show were down.
From left to right
Kyle, Barry Hilton, Peter Brian, Postie, Gary Wright, Peter, Tamsin, BigLee, Dave D, me! 

Reject Richard, Reject Dave, Postie and Tamsin

Barry, Kyle and Peter

                                                        Gary, Peter, BigLee and Dave D

I also met up with Dave Crook, David from Suffolk, Pete Barfield and Simon (Blax) who didn't make it in any photos.

Hopefully we'll try again next year!

Sunday 14 November 2021

Salute 2021 - The Pics


Beware this is a long post!

Yesterday some of the Rejects visited the Excel Centre in London to attend Salute 2021.

It was a strange event if I'm totally honest, we arrived early and got into the show before it opened thanks to our Press Passes!

We were all quite stunned as there were loads of holes were both traders and club games were missing.
After speaking to a few traders we were told that some big names pulled out right at the last minute. Personally I had no plans to buy anything from Gripping Beast, 4Ground and Hasslefree, but I'm sure there were loads of people who were miffed at these big guys not turning up. 
I'm not sure why these and other traders didn't attend, perhaps it was Covid, Brexit or just plain politics, but they were missed.

Now this pic really amazed me, the queue to get into the show 15 minutes before opening time!!!!
I normally take a photo when the doors open and nearly get squashed in the stampede?
I did here that number were down and only half the normal tickets had been pre bought?

This was going to be a strange day??

Taking up a lot of room were a Spitfire!

and a Hurricane


10 minutes to go and there's still gaps everywhere.

Martin & Glen

Paula & Trevor

Pre order No1 picked up!
Polish Winged Hussars!

I've been eying up some of there 25mm building for some time now?
One day!

That's a long drive from windy Orkney!

The guys from Skytex, who are now selling Trent Miniatures

I met Barry in the food court to pick up some clandestine figures!
Yes more Donnybrook stuff!!

Charles looking very grumpy, (this was the best pic I'm afraid!) and Stephen M Carter
the author of Fighting For Liberty, Argyll & Monmouth's Military Campaigns against the Government of King James, 1685.(In his hand)

Both me and BigLee succumbed and bought a cloth mat.

And finally we come to the games, like I previously said, there wasn't as many as normal at Salute, probably more than 50% down infact!

Wyvern Wargames - Imjin War 1592
Japan's invasion of Korea. 12mm

Gentlemen's Wargame Parlour -  28mmVBCW Chain Reaction Air Assault

Wings of Glory Aerodrome 

Random Platypus - Carnage City Chronicles

PCS - Divisions of Steel

Plastic Soldier Company - Divisions of Steel
Launch of the new rules by Simon Hall (MeG) and Mark Bevis (MicroMark)

Plastic Soldier Company - Rome

Bumped into Kyle Cruikshank

Frothers Unite UK 

Fake News - Escape from Brexit

Fake News - Escape to Mexico

Loughton Strike Force - Fire on the Volga

In my opinion THE absolute game of the show!

This great looking games is bases in the white rectangle in the pic above!

Twilight Miniatures - World of Twilight

Socirty of Ancients - The Battle of Paraitakene 317BC 
Eumenes v Antigonus

GCT Studios - Bushido, Rising Sun

Maidstone Wargames Society - Biggles and the Island at the Top of the World

Teal Time Wargamers - The Year of Liberty 1798

Battle of Britain 

Warlords - Wellington in India
A Tribute to Stuart Askwith

Grimsby Wargames Society - Retreat to the Dneiper

Wigmore Warriors - Raid on Piddling Down
German Paras attempt to destroy a UK radar station in 1940

Also at the Excel centre was a Star Trek convention. Here are just 3 of the well dressed individuals attending their show. 
In the wonderful world of Geekdom, was it only me who felt slightly superior to the Star Trek guys?

The Continental Wars Society - Fight at Bronnzell
Prussia and Bavaria come to blows over rights to use roads through the neutral 
state of Hesse, central Germany.

Leicester Phat Cats - On the Palins of Panama

Pete Barfield hogging the Jaffa Cakes

The Officers Mess - XCOM Classic

Not sure who this luvvly looking game belongs to?

The Conclave - By the Will of the Saint

Essex Warriors Wargames Club - Space Hulk

Little Wars Revisited - The Relief of Fort Pippin

Alastair was helping them out,


Royal Air Force Wargaming Association - WWI Trench Football

Anschluss Wargames - Panzer Lehr Counter Attacks July1944


Wyre Forest Wargames - The Battle of Poltava 1709

Skirmish Wargames - Viva Mexico 1915

Naval Wargames Society - Saga at Sea
Pagan Raiders C11th Century 

Caseshot Publishing - Wellington at Bay, The Battle of Villamuriel 1812

Posties big buy. Lots of painted ACW figures from Grubby Tanks, I can't say how much they all cost, just incase Mrs Postie reads this!

Numbers were down on Traders, Games and Visitors but I still enjoyed the show, I picked up 2 pre-orders and bought want I planned to, with a few other bits and bobs thrown in the mix.