WIP 2013


Lanier's Horse x 12 Link
Earl of Belhaven's Horse x 6 Link
Earl of Annadale's Horse x 6 Link
Lauder's Grenadiers x 6 Link
Col Mitchelbourne's Foot x 21 Link
St John's Foot x 21 Link
Killicrankie Generals x 14 Link
Tiffin's Foot Link
Earl of Levan's Foot x 21 Link
Lord Kenmure's Foot Link

von Donp's Horse x 12 Link
Sehested's Horse x 12 Link
Juel's Horse x 12 Link

MacLeans x 12
MacDonald of ClanRanald x 15
McDonald of GlennGarry x12
Locheil's Cameron's x 15
Mixed Clans x 12 Link for all
Wallace's Horse x 5 Link

MacGillicuddy's Foot Link
Parker's Horse Link
Jacobite Militia x 18 Link

Firmacon Dragoons x 12 Link

MacLean's of Duart x 12
Campbell's of Glenorchy x 12
Clan MacKenzie x 12 Link for all
Scots Archers x 24 Link
Scots Pike Blocks x 272 figs Link
Scots Pike Blocks x 160 figs Link

Ranger Canoes x 10
Ranger Rafts x 6 Link
Indian Canoes x 22 Link
Buildings x 3 Link
Buildings x 5 Link

Bastard Heron's Border Horse x 8 Link

Later Henry VIII Army
English Pike x 32
English Demi-Lancers x 16 Link

Flames of War
28th Maori Battalion x 27 figs Link

Renaissance Buildings x 4 Link

Taliban x 20 Link


Samurai/Ronin x 4 Link
El Cid Spanish Archers x 16 figs Link
Victorian Coppers x 5 figs Link
Napoleonic General's x 2 Link
Viking Command x 7 Link
Viking Command x 6 Link
Viking Command x 4 Link
5/95th Rifles x 12 Link
The Duke of Marlborough Link

Judge Dredd
The Angel Gang x 5 Link

Dr Who & Martha Jones Link

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