Sunday 27 December 2015

Secret Santa & Santa Claus Goodies

A big thank you to both my Secret Santa and my Santa Claus for the great figures pictured!!

Don't know who sent me the North Star figures above, but they're perfect, thanks!!!

I do have an idea who did or didn't send me the lovely painted Native Americans below, lets just say
he's a  Loony Canadian  Vicar!
The figures are from Bob Murch's Flint & Feather range
and are very very tasty indeed!!!
Its been on my mind recently to expand my Donnybrook adventures over the pond
for Bacon's Rebellion, so these could be the perfect start!!
Thanks Loony Vicar!

Thursday 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Another year nearly over???

How times flies.....

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

and some boobs...

and 1 for the girls....

Sunday 20 December 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year........

"Its the most, wonderful time of the year
With the challengers painting
As the Nostalgia round.. draws near
Its the most, wonderful time of the year"

Yes its time for the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!!!
The time when I seem to get all my painting done for the year.
It seems an age ago when I entered and won the 2nd Challenge with nearly 5000pts!!
This year, like last I'll be content with a mere 500pts

I'll be trying to enter all of the bonus rounds which are

Jan 3rd - Nostalgia
Jan 17th - Epic Fail
Jan 31st - Defensive Terrain
Feb 14th - L'amour
Feb 28th - Nautical
Mar 13th - Gambler/Risk Taker

Now I've got the Nostalgia, Terrain and the Nautical kinda sorted, but I'm struggling with the others.

Last year I bought and used figures just to fit in with the bonus
 rounds. But this year they will all have to somehow fit in with my periods.

Now when I say periods,
I lied its A period. And you'll never guess what

Yes Curt....the Nine Years War
More 15's and lots more 25's!!

Oh Goodie!!!

Good Luck everyone........except Fran!

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Little Rejects v Dad

I had a bit of a surprise last week, my No3 daughter Holly, started up a conversation about wargaming??? Now normally she slates her Dads hobby (just like her mum!) then much to my amazement asked she could have a game.  Oh my God!!! So I had a chat with von Postie and a day and time was set. No4 daughter Nieve was feeling a little left out and wanted to come along as well. How could I say no??

Holly & Nieve

Holly wanted to " Do a Tudor's game" So Postie set up a simple Border Reiver game. It was the Girls v Dad. They played the Scots who recently plundered south of the border and were heading home with their ill gotton gains. While I played the English Lord who'd been plundered.

All Holly & Nieve had to do was exit the far end of the table with as much booty as they could.
While I had to stop them.

The girls picked up the rules very quickly.........perhaps a bit too quick???

The girls did the right thing and moved their loaded wagon full move, and took a few pot-shots at long range, missing all of them!

I charged forward with my Horse.

And won one fight and drew the other.

I won the next turn and charged in again with the rest of my horse, the girls did the same.

Both sides lost a few casualties

And it looked as though I was gaining the upper hand

I went in for the kill, and charged my leader into Nieve's leader, then also hit him 
from the back.

And in typical Ray dice mode I got my butt whooped

Which equaled 2 very happy Little Rejects

Sunday 13 December 2015

Pick us a Winner......

28 entered......
but there can be only 10
in Don't throw a 1's 1 Million Hits Xmas Giveaway!!!

All winners please send me an email with your name and address and
I'll try to get the prize off before Christmas.
to rousell68 AT gmail DOT COM

Anyway on with the winners

No 1 Xyston Greek Marines

And the winner is..


No 2 GW Artillerymen

and the winner is....
My Photo

No 3 Minifigs WWI French

and the winner is......

It is Time for a Christmas Sale

No 4 FoW Stowage

was won by...

Paul from The Man Cave

No 5 Irregular Dark Age figures

won by.......

Martin from 28mm Heroes

No 6 15mm Greeks

and the winner is.....

Neil Scott from Scotty's Wargaming

No 7 15mm Dixons Malburians

were won by.....

My Photo

Tarzan (Clint)  from Anything but a one!

That'll save me some postsage!!!

No 8 Greek Peltast

won by...

My Photo

firemonkeyboy from The Monkey that walks

No 9 Warlord Wargames Rules

were won by.....


myincubliss from Dead Lead Project

And last but certainly not least

No 10 Irregular Byzantine Horse

were won by......

My Photo

Thanks again for visiting my little part of the Blogeshere
and I hope all the winners actually get to use this lot that's been sitting unloved in my shed
for more years than I care to remember!!!

Sunday 6 December 2015

1 Million Hits Xmas Givaway

To celebrate Don't throw a 1's passing the 1 Million hits mark
I've trawled through my unloved box and dug out 10 items that you may wish to win??
To win a prize all you have to do is....
Comment on this post, saying what item you'd like, you can
 pick as many as you want!!
If you post a link on your blog you'll double your chances of winning, but post a comment here on this page or I won't know you've done it!!
You have until 12pm Sunday 13th December to enter.
I'll announce the winners either latter that day on on the 14th.
Good luck!
1. 15mm Xyston Greek Marines
2. Games Workshop Artillerymen.
3. Minifigs WWI French Cavalry
4. Flames of War Stowage bits & bobs
5. 21 25mm Irregular Dark Age figures
6. 15mm Greek Hoplites
7. 15mm Dixon Malburians
8. 15mm Greek Peltast
9. Warlord wargames rules
10. 25mm Irregular Byzantine Horse

No1 15mm Xyston Greek Marines
No 2 GW Artillerymen
No 3 Minifigs WWI French Cavalry
No 4 FoW Stowage bits and bobs
No 5 25mm Irregular Dark Age
No 6 15mm Greek Hoplites (Not Sure of their make?)
No 7 15mm Dixon Malburians
No 8 15mm Greek Peltast
No 9 Warlord Wargames rules
No 10 Irregular Byzantine Horse