Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year........

"Its the most, wonderful time of the year
With the challengers painting
As the Nostalgia round.. draws near
Its the most, wonderful time of the year"

Yes its time for the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!!!
The time when I seem to get all my painting done for the year.
It seems an age ago when I entered and won the 2nd Challenge with nearly 5000pts!!
This year, like last I'll be content with a mere 500pts

I'll be trying to enter all of the bonus rounds which are

Jan 3rd - Nostalgia
Jan 17th - Epic Fail
Jan 31st - Defensive Terrain
Feb 14th - L'amour
Feb 28th - Nautical
Mar 13th - Gambler/Risk Taker

Now I've got the Nostalgia, Terrain and the Nautical kinda sorted, but I'm struggling with the others.

Last year I bought and used figures just to fit in with the bonus
 rounds. But this year they will all have to somehow fit in with my periods.

Now when I say periods,
I lied its A period. And you'll never guess what

Yes Curt....the Nine Years War
More 15's and lots more 25's!!

Oh Goodie!!!

Good Luck everyone........except Fran!


  1. What would be considered Epic Fail?
    Good luck, Ray!

  2. Best of luck, Ray! I've got my Nostalgia and Epic Fail entries primed and ready, my Nautical awaiting assembly, and I came up with a good one for L'Amour. My Gambler/Risk Taker might require some rethinking, and I think I'll pass on Defensive Terrain, because the only thing I can think of would be doing a Roman Testudo...

  3. Can't wait to see what you produce Ray. Good look too sir!

  4. Best wishes for the Challenge, Ray. 6 years already, wow.

  5. Good luck Ray. Looking forward to seeing all of your entries.

  6. Good luck Ray. I haver similar issues with the bonus rounds. I do not want to buy figures just for "Epic Fail" or "Defensive Terrain" but I do have ideas for the others. "L'Amore" Idea came to me while watching "Strictly" But I promise it is nothing to do with Dancing spray tan or glitter!

    1. Yeh right!! We all know you're a closet Rumba man!!

  7. Best of luck Ray, should be a blast.

  8. Good luck, my friend. I´m expecting wit great interest your "L´Amour" interpretation...

  9. Stick to the painting I think Ray!

    Best of luck.

  10. Good luck Ray and stick with it!

  11. Good Luck there Ray I am sure you'll be a winner

  12. Good luck Ray.....see you in the Challenge!