Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!! & Boobs!

Just a quick post to wish all you bloggers and readers a Happy New Year!!!

Just sitting drinking tea and scoffing stale Mince Pies spending another New Years Eve at bloody work!!!
Still can't complain at least I can paint?????

And now for the promised Boobs

Ok they're not as big or as nice as you'd hoped?
This was infact my first entry into Curt's Painting Challenge, the Civilian Bonus round
It only got 9% of the vote, but was up against some very stiff opposition!
The figure is a 25mm Gentleman's Collectible from Ground Zero Games
They sell quite a few of these naughty ladies in various stats of dress and undress??
I've a few more to paint up they may make it into the Challenge, but I've stacks of other 
stuff to paint up first.........if I get the time that is??
The Christmas Pole Dancer with added tinsel earned me 55 points and put me in 34th position
I'm now in a lowly 43rd place without a sandbag in sight?

Lastly, I dug out one of my old comics, made me think of Loki,  it seems pretty apt to me?

Saturday 28 December 2013

Secret Santa a belated Happy Christmas and other chit chat!

Well that's Christmas over again for another year, I had the 3 important Christmas days off work,Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day but now I'm paying the price, I swapped the three shifts with a co-worker, which now means I'm working every day until the 10th January!!!! At least the place is closed down  for the holidays and I can get a little painting done.
Apologies if I've missed any of your posts recently, like many of you, Its been a little too busy in the Rousell household, what with Christmas and work to even look at the computer for too long. So a belated Merry Christmas to all.  But now I'm back at work so I can once again bore you all to tears with my NYW figures!!

I've a few nearly bits and bobs nearly finished for Curts Challenge, I had to send an emergency plea for supplies to Warbases, just before Christmas, as I only had a few bases left. (Thanks Martin!!!!) I spent so much time getting figures ready for the Challenge I didn't even think about the damn bases!!!

As I already mentioned in a previous post, my main aim in this years Challenge is to get the French NYW army completed. I've been sorting through Richard's Horse units, to save himself money he only bought 1 command pack per regt of horse, now me being the particular plum I am, I've got to add the missing command stand and flag to all the second squadrons, which will leave spare figures which I'll then add to, to make new units. So I'll be posting a few 12 man units that I only painted a few figures for, so you'll have to trust me on this one!!!!

Thanks have got to go to Ian and Cath for organizing the Secret Santa plan. And thanks to my not so secret Santa, Dave D, who sent me the most excellent figures in the pic above, they're 2 Essex minis wagons to go with my NYW figures, I do plan to get these sorted for the Challenge, Thanks Dave!!!!!
I hope my Secret Santa liked his gift, he was a right bugger to by for, I searched his blog for what seemed like an age to get some ideas, but in the end gave in and emailed Cath, who sent me a nice long list of goodies to buy from, that made it a lot easier.
I also got three wargaming gifts for Christmas, which I don't usually get, as the Mrs R seems to think I spend enough money on figures and stuff throughout the year. She may have a point????

The Fort William Henry Osprey

War & Conquest Rules 

And finally John Childs newly re-printed The Nine Years War and the British Army 1688-1697
A must if you're interested in the period

Apologies have got to go to Tamsin, I was sorting my shed out, making room for more figures, when I found the Sandbags they she most graciously presented me with at Salute. We did think we'd have to use them a couple of weeks ago, as the Thames was going to flood, which I live pretty close to.  Thank God we didn't have to use them after all. When I picked them up a figure fell out of the packet......

Lastly, you may have tried to go to the post I posted yesterday, which infact wasn't a post at all.I was trying to comment on Juan's blog, Jugando con "Munequitos" and somehow my comment turned into a post??? which I deleted as soon as I could, so it's all Juan's fault!
I couldn't have possibly pressed the wrong button....could I????

I hope you all had a great Christmas, plenty of booze, grub and of course painting!!!! 


Friday 20 December 2013

25mm WWI Bavarian Uhlans - from Battleaxe

Another regiment for Matt from Battleaxe, Postie painted the last unit of Uhlans, so it was my turn this time. These are 25mm Battle Honours figures, they definitely not as good a figure as the last unit, they have a lot less detail on them. These are painted a slightly different colour than the last unit as well,just to differentiate them both as they both have red piping. They represent the 4th Bavarian Uhlans, hence their blue and white pennon. I've got more British Infantry to paint up for Matt, these will be entered into Curt's Challenge, once I clean the buggers up, that is!!!!

Wednesday 18 December 2013

15mm 4ground FIW Cabins

Just managed to get these and some other bits and bobs finished before the start of Curt's Challenge on Sunday last. These are my second lot of 4Ground items I bought from Col Bill's Wargaming Depot at SELWG. They're the New England Settlers Hamlet set, consisting of 3 buildings for the princely sum of £22
I did have a little trouble putting the things together, it was the instructions really. They were simple enough to follow, but the difficulty was working out which part went where because the numbers on the sprue's didn't correspond with anything at all??? I worked it out in the end, but did make a few mistakes, which luckily you don't actually notice!! Apart from that, I'm quite pleased at how they turned out. I think they look quite nice and fit the period well, I could do with a few European houses for my NYW figures, here's hoping eh?

Small moan about the side of the chim chiminey stack, surly it could've been made
 to look stone all the way around?

Gotta get the decorators in now for the insides????

A couple of pics with some 15mm Frei Korps figures for scale.

Sunday 15 December 2013

......and they're off!

Well the day and hour have finally arrived
Good luck to everyone involved in the Analogue Painting Challenge
I got to work early today and sat brush in hand for 20 or so minutes eager to start!
I'll be starting with a French Horse unit for the NYW and I may start the first bonus points figures as well.

A shot of the work desk, I'm watching The Football League Show on iPlayer while I wait,
while having a nice cup o tea!

Wednesday 11 December 2013

A Guest Post, FIW Batrep - The Attack on Fort Haste 1756 by Postie

Hi everyone,  I have several names, Gitface, shitbag, Evil Umpire but I'm better known as Postie, obviously that's not my real name.....or is it??? I am the General in charge of a rough looking bunch of lunatics otherwise known as Posties Rejetcs, Ray's been on at me for ages to do a post on his blog, so just to shut him up I thought I'd give it a go. Personally I don't own a computer and I'm completely out of my depth with all this technology stuff, give me pen and paper anyday!! Anyway on with the show!!!

Its Blog-Con weekend Ray, Fran and Lee were away in Nottingham for the weekends fun and frolics, so I decided to put on a small skirmish game for some of the other poor Rejects, Smiffy, Dave and John.
I been working on a simple set of French Indian War skirmish rules for some time, that are not too technical and don't rot my brain, but give a fun game.
I chose the sides Smiffy played the settlers while John commanded the Canadian Militia and Indians and Dave had Coureur de Bois and Indians, with a separate force in canoes as reinforcements.
Smiffy has most of his settlers in the newly built Fort Haste, stragglers are still arriving at the Fort after a warning of a Warparty in the vicinity. Luckily a small force of Rangers was in the area at the time of the alarm and have stopped to help out the poor settlers. The settlers plan is to survive!
The French Indians plan is to capture and kill all the settlers who have invaded their territory.

Smiffy moves some stragglers over the river, who get stuck mid-stream due to a bad die roll.

The settlers look on worryingly as the wagon gets stuck in the stream.

Meanwhile at the far end of the table John's troops gradually make their way across
 the table towards the fort.

Dave's troops are also heading across the table towards the Fort, these are Redoubt Indians.

Smiffy decided to send out his small party of Rangers to help out the stuck wagon, also a lone pistol armed straggler makes his way back to safety.

John throw well for the Indian reinforcements which arrived 1st turn!
Smiffy was not amused!!!!

Ma Clampet takes a pot-shot at the Indians from the back of the wagon!

Dave's Coureur de Bois move as fast as they can to try and capture 
the wagon, that is still a long way off!

The wagon free's itself from the rivers clutches but at the same time the Indians have landed
and are eager to capture or kill the occupants of the wagon.

Dave's Indians are running as fast as they can, to try and get some action!

John's Indians ford the river.

Smiffy's Ranger patrol, are still trying to help ma Clampet at the river.

The Rangers give fire at any Indian that shows himself, but unfortunately Smiffy couldn't hit a damn thing!

Dave's troops search the houses for any lurking settlers and see if they can find some booty.

Ma Clampet succumbs to a tomahawk blow in the head, well she was screaming!! And the Indians capture lunch, Daisy the cow! The orange markers mean the figures are reloading.

Another shot of Dave's troops swarming through the settlement, the buildings are the newish 4Ground Colonial settler dwellings and are rather nice! I don't like them horrid brown bits on the roof, I'm going to try and sort that out later.

Aha! Dave's Indian finds a ladder, he thinks it may come in handy for the attack on the Fort.

What's left of the Rangers fall back to the safety of the Fort, firing as they retire, hence the puffs of smoke!

"Oh Damn!" said John, he didn't really say that, but I couldn't possibly repeat the words he used !!
The problem was John just realised he left one of his French Militia at the start line 
and we were 6 turns into the game by now. Ha ha ha!

The captured wagon moved forward and was being used as cover!

As a great round of fire, where Smiffy missed absolutely every shot, he even missed 
the horse pulling the wagon!!! Poor chap!

The Indians head for the main gate of the Fort covered  by the Wagon.

More troops arrive ready for the assault on the fort shooting as they arrive.

John's French Militia approach the left side of the fort and exchange fire with the defenders.

Blimey its getting crowded here!!! As Dave masses his forces for the assault!

The assault is well under way, even the Indian with the ladder made it to the fight!

Them pesky Injuns are everywhere!
The Indians have stormed over the walls and make it into the fort, they quickly over run the last remaining defenders scalping and murdering as they go.
The game went to the wire if the Indians had not killed or captured the last settlers this turn, due to their heavy casualties they would have been forced to retreat, thus losing the game. But they didn't as Dave had some very lucky dice rolls, which one the French and Indians the game.

Dave (Indian's and Coureur de Bois), Smiffy ( Settlers) and John French/Canadian Militia and Indians.

I hope they enjoyed the game as I hope you enjoyed my first foray into Blogging

PS Ray typed this out as I dictated the battle report, as I'm an illiterate Git!!!
Ray said that not me!