Saturday 30 May 2015

Posties Rejects @ Broadside 2015

 Posties Rejects are off to Broadside Wargaming Show in Sittingbourne on 14th June 2015.
Postie has been up to his usually Megalomania and we've a new untried 
period out on show. 
The Border Reivers
Here are 2 pics of our practice game today, just to wet your appetite??


 If you're going to the show, come on over and say hello, we'll be at G15, circled in the map below.
                 CLUBS                                                                                        CLUBS

T1    ADLERS MINIATURES                                                            G1     HORNCHURCH  WARGAMES CLUB
T2    ARMOURFEST                                                                           G2     THE SOCIETY OF ANCIENTS
T3    BRIGADE MODELS                                                                  G3     MEDWAY GAMING SOCIETY
T4    REDOUBT ENTERPRISES                                                       G4     DEAL WARGAMES CLUB
T5    DAVE LACHESTER BOOKS                                                   G5     CRAWLEY WARGAMES CLUB
T6    CYMBERLINE GAMES                                                            G6    FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE FIGHT
T7    FENRIS GAMES                                                                          G7    RAINHAM WARGAMES CLUB
T8    TABLESCAPE                                                                             G8    GRAVESEND GAMERS GUILD
T9    HARFIELDS MILITARY FIGURES                                        G9     HERNE BAY WARGAMERS
T10  REALISTIC MODELS                                                               G10   SKIRMISH GROUP
T11  IRONCLAD MINIATURES                                                      G11   HEADS OF HYDRA CLUB
T12  CAPITAN GAMES                                                                     G12   SOUTHEND WARGAMES CLUB
T13  20MM ZONE                                                                              G13   SHEPWAY WARGAMES CLUB
T14  COL BILL'S                                                                                G14    MODEL DADS
T15  LESLEYS BIT BOX                                                                  G15    POSTIES REJECTS 
T16  WARGAMES n KITS                                                                G16   MAIDSTONE WARGAMES SOCIETY
T17  PILUM PAINTING                                                                    G17    MEDWAY WAGAMES SOCIETY
T18  MONARCH MILITARY BOOKS                                           G18    SOUTH EAST ESSEX MILITARY SOCIETY

Had an email from Broadside CnC Alan, unfortunately
 G14 Model Dads have had to pull out of the show, so
 there's been a small change to the layout of the show. 
We are now at G14, see the map below, we are still the 
orange circle!!

Sunday 17 May 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Blog Givaway Winners

A big thank you goes to all of you who contribute to my little part of the blogesphere and its my pleasure to dish out some prizes to some of you. 50 bloggers entered the fray, some won more than one prize as well!!!
Could all winners please contact me on my email address at rousell68 ATgmailDOTcom with their name and postal address, and I'll try and get your winnings out in the post asap.

No1 Hasslefree - Michelle & Pals
goes to

My Photo

No2 Ainsty Casting bases....I think
go to...

No3 8 x Victorian Gentlemen

go to......

My Photo

No4 8 x Foundry Cowboys 
go to

My Photo

No5 Heresy - Not K9

go to


No6 17 x Foundry Indians

My Photo
Are on their way to Espana to

No7 4 x Ironclad Miniatures - Evil Henchmen

are going to

No8 4 x Ironclad Miniatures OOD05 - Armed Police


My Photo

No9 7 x Victorian Ladies

go to

Ooops What a tit!
 No 10 is null and void. Why you ask?
Because its the same figures as No 3, but just a different photo.
Don't ask me what happened, because I don't know???
Sorry goes our to an unnamed Canadian who should have won the prize!
Anyone who asked to be entered for no 10 was added to the hat for  No3.

No11 12 x Peter Pig WWII packs

goes to...

My Photo

No 12 Ground Zero Games - 6 x Freetraders & Ravagers

No 13 GZG - Not sure what these are???

Goes to....

My Photo

No14 Judge Dredd - Female Judge

goes to

My Photo

No15 Foundry - Dismounted Cuirassier

goes to....

My Photo

No 16 25mm British Officer Sudan Wars

goes to...

that man Edwin.......again??
Better check your shoes Edwin?

No 17 North Star - Robyn Hood

goes to....

My Photo


And lastly
No 18 20mm WWII Late Wars Russians
and they go to

another double winner

My Photo

Its Giveaway time over to Pendraken Without's blog so get your butts on over, for a visit to church, quite apt for a Sunday!

And that Ladies & Gentleman concludes today's Give-away!!!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Battle of Pattala 326BC Alexander's Conquest of India

Some Rejects got together over the weekend for our first game of Macedonians verses Indians for what must be at least 15 years!!!

The Battle of Patalla 19th July 326 BC
otherwise known as
The Massacre of Patalla, depending on who you want to win?

A few days after the Battle of Hydaspes, Alexander has sent a large force to the city of Patalla, to  force the city to surrender to his authority. But the cities leaders have set up for battle outside the cities walls, ready for battle.

view from our right
We drew out of the hat for sides, I was the Indian Commander (on our left) with Ian (centre) and Smiffy (right) as my 2 &3
The Macedonian Commander was John (their left), with Surj (their right) and BigLee (centre). Lee's posted a batrep about the game as well, clicky here!

And from the left

The Indian centre.

My Command on the left flank.

Smiffy held the city Pattala.

BigLee was in the centre, commanding the Macedonian and Greek phalanx's

In a rather strange move, Surj commanded their right flank with the armies best troops, 2 units of Macedonian Hypaspists, a Greek phalanx, a heavy and light bolt shooter and the Companion and Prodromoi Cavalry.
Sorry no pics of Commander John's troops, he held the left flank with mainly light troops, both foot and horse.

The killers!
Good grief these troops were good!

Ian's Heavy Chariot unit.

 Let the fun begin!
We had to throw for the Luck of the Gods
I failed and none of our troops could move until we gained the love of the Gods. Which I managed to do next turn.
Surj also failed the Gods test, so he couldn't move either. 
There's woes began here.

A couple of pics of my troops.

Lee was the first to take any casualties, from long range bow fire, which was insanely good?

Ian moved closer to the Macedonians, to get into a better range.

With Suj not moving I turned my infantry and aimed them towards the centre, to add my 
fire to Lee's troops in the centre. While the rest of my men moved forward.

Lee's right hand phalanx takes half....yes half casualties. I shot at him with 2 Indian infantry units
that were armed with Bow and a 2-Handed cutting weapon.
16 figures fired in each unit and I needed 4 or under on a D20!!

Which was gonna make it hard for them as Ian had 4 of the same units defending the hill.

Poor John's Thracian Peltast refused to move for the first 3 turns. He'd set them up
out of command range, so each turn they had to throw his morale to move.....which he didn't!

Contractual shot of the Evil one...

Surg still hasn't moved...... and I'm getting closer.

We were very quickly whittling away at the Phalanx's

Lee's right hand phalanx was destroyed, John made the mistake of moving too far forward
so Ian turned his chariots on their flank.
This could be messy???

The look on their faces says it all?
I even felt sorry for them? 

Ian was very happy
John was not!

Ian charged the Greek Peltast...

Surj was finally able to move and I did the dirty and reveled our hidden Cavalry.

I turned my Elephants to shoot at the Greek Phalanx and at Surj's Prodromoi
with devastating results. 

The charge on the flank had left Lee, no choice, he had to turn 1 of his Macedonian Phalanxes, to protect his flank.

Meanwhile we kept up a constant fire on the Phalanxes

Lee's Peltast were destroyed to the man, luckily for them Ian's charge was halted.

Surj had sat doing sod all for so long, when he could actually move he mucked it up big style.
But as I already felt their pain I let him off of his tit movement.

Which allowed him to move last!!

My first casualty of the day, 1 nellie bites the dust.

What a bloody mess!
Ian contacts the Macedonian Phalanx with his chariots, while be center is riddled with 
 with arrows again.

In a fit of excitement Smiffy move s his troops out of Pattala, 1 unit stays inside and shoots and destroys John Cavalry, on their left flank.

Why were they on the flank?

The Macedonians move forward again.....poor chaps!


Lee loses half his unit while Ian loses a chariot.

The game had to be called then, the Macedonian's had lost their left flank and their centre.
Only Surj's troops were left intact and battle ready.

The difference in casualties was crazy
I can't even be bothered to count theirs....

While we had.......3....

Lee took a pic of the winners, so I thought it only fitting to take a pic of the poor losers.

Postie needs to change the rules on this one. The Indians were unstoppable. Ian argued that their set-up was wrong. Which I tend to agree with, but I still don't think they stood a cat in hell's chance in this game. I'm sure they would agree??? Lee?