Saturday 30 January 2021

AHPC11 - Sarah the Sorceress - Witch No1

I call on Her Highness Sarah the Sorceress.
 Please send me from Adventurers Landing across Level 2 to land at the Guardroom pleeeeze?

This Old Hag named Urthr, comes from a set of figures from Black Tree Designs that I bought a few years ago. I've gone for the Hollywood green skin, it just looked better than the norm.
Her sisters, will be making an appearance later on in the show!

Sarah the Sorceress Bonus 20 pts
1 x 25mm figure 5 points
25pts total

But Sarah gave me an extra 5 points, so 30 points it was!!!


Thursday 28 January 2021

AHPC11 Donnybrook - 25mm Ottoman Command


My new project has finally been started!
25mm Ottoman Turks and Yes they're for Donnybrook!

These are quite obviously some Command and standards, who I thought, would be a great start.

The figures and flags are from the most excellent Warfare Miniatures. 
To be total honest I'm not an expert on the Ottomans at all so back in 2019, I asked Mr Hilton to work out some Donnybrook army lists for me, which he did. 
Then he offered these lists out for customers to buy.

So these 5 figures are the start of my Donnybrook, 4 point Ottoman infantry army.

Here's what my army will be made from

Ottoman Infantry Force

Unit if Elite Jannissaries armed with flintlock muskets 4 models
Unit of Drille Tufeckci musketeers arned with matchlock muskets 8 models
Unit of Recruit Segban musketters armed with matchlock muskets 12 models
Unit of Recruit Irregulars - Anatolian or Balkan with improvised handweapons 12 models

Easy one for the points in this post.
5 x 25mm figures = 25 points

Tuesday 26 January 2021

AHPC11 - The Chamber of Challenge - Adventurers Landing

My first entry for Level 2 of The Chamber of Challenge and I've braved the drop and waves from the Aquifier, nearly falling off the page and washed ashore on Adventurers Landing.

As I said in my pervious post, this was originally going to be me entry into the Aquifer, but the lucky find of the Well, soon put pay to that.

Adventurers’ Landing: A chance to paint a landing on a home or foreign shore to collect some points. Try not to get your feet wet...

You certainly won't get your feet wet at my small pier and rowing boat, as you can see they're all in dry dock for a wash and brush up. They'll soon be sent back out to the river though.

Once again, I've had these so long, I don't remember when or where they were bought or from whom?
If anyone has any idea I'd love to know.

As to the points?
This is a difficult one...
The pier is 90mm long and the boat is 70mm long at its highest its only 35mm.
So I'm really not sure?

20 points for the Bonus
5 points for the terrain?

Sunday 24 January 2021

AHPC11 - The Chamber of Challenge - The Aquifier - Well Well Well

Its the Chamber of Challenge time once again....
and with this entry I've completed Level 1!!!!

The Aquifer: Anything with a nautical, or waterbound, theme.
Well I did originally paint up something different for this entry, but found this Well I picked up some time ago from I don't know whom???
So I moved the other thing I've painted onto a different Level and entered this one instead.

Well, It was a little boring on its own, so I thought I'd paint this little chap up to go with the well.

I think he's a Foundry figure, but I could be wrong?
He will go into the massive box of Donnybrook civilians.

As to the points...
5 points for the figure
I'd guess 5 for the well, if you class it as a 25mm figure???
and 20 for the bonus. Making a grand total of

30 points!
Well I never!

Saturday 23 January 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution - Royal Artillery

More Napoleonics for the Haitian Revolution. I've already got some French artillery, so
thought I better have some British too.

The artillerymen are from Trent Miniatures and can be found here for the princely sum of 
£5 for 4 figures.

The artillery are from Bicorne Miniatures
Here we have a 9 pounder

A 6 pounder

and a 5.5 inch Morter.

So onto the points

3 x Artillery @ 10 pts each 30pts
8 x Artillerymen @ 5 pts each 40pts
Making a grand total of 70pts!

Thursday 21 January 2021

AHPC11 - The Chamber of Darkness - The Grey


Another entry into the Chamber of Challenge....

The Chamber of Darkness: For this chamber challenge, you’ll need to paint a model in luxurious greyscale. Quick, buy some more Vallejo “Neutral Grey”, dear Challengers!

Curt asked for something grey, so A Grey it what he got!
I've had this figure for a number of years, waiting for the opportunity to use it in a bonus round, so now's the time.
The figure is from Avolak Castings, who I think are now out of business, Here's a link to their Facebook page, its not been updated since 2015!
My little Grey will also be my Cost to Enter into the Challenge, so it will hopefully find a new home who will appreciate it!.

My Grey will earn me 5 points for the figure, 20 points for the Chamber bonus and a further 20 points as its my Cost of Entering the Challenge 
Making a Grand total of 45 pts!

Monday 18 January 2021

AHPC11 - Haitian Revolution Generals

For my next entry into the Challenge I've gone back to Napoleonics. The Haitian Revolution to be precise! 

The English General on the right is from Trent Miniatures.

While the Haitian General is from Front Rank. Apart from his head!

The figures is actually a French Officer/General, I can't find him on their site? 
I chopped off his head in true French style and replaced it with  a Trent Minis head to represent a black officer, either fighting for or against the French.

I painted the English General up with green cuffs, I'm not 100% decided if he's from the 39th Foot of 69th, who were both pretty unhappy to be sent to Saint Domingo at the time.

These fine looking fellows will add 20 points to my total!

Sunday 17 January 2021

AHPC11 Donnybrook - Dutch regt Von Essen


At last a Donnybrook entry!! These 8 Essex Miniatures are painted up to represent he Grenadiers of the Dutch regiment Von Essen.

I'm afraid I know nothing about the unit, I just liked the Ash Grey coat with Yellow cuffs!

So that's it, short and sweet.
8 x 25mm figures = 40 points
The figures shot me up the table to my highest placing this year so far, No 40!

Friday 15 January 2021

AHPC 11 The Chamber of Challenge - The Golam's Haunt


Another step closer to the Alter of the SnowLord....
The Golem’s Haunt:

 “..IT WALKS…!!” Paint something re-animated, stitched-together, bolted-together, re-created from steel, clay, earth, etc.

Well If anythings made out of nuts n bolts its CP3O?
This is my first venture into the land of Star Wars and may not be the last???
I bought an unpainted selection of Star Wars figures from a friend Tony over the summer, just
incase I fancied doing something different.

C3PO Is a 54mm Hasbro Star Wars Command figure and like I said I do have more to paint, can I fit anymore into the Challenge??????
The Golden one should earn me 10 points as a 54mm figure and another 20 for the Bonus round!

Thursday 14 January 2021

AHPC 11 - The Chamber of Challenge - The Pit & The Pendulem

Another downward step towards The Alter of the SnowLord.
This is my second entry in the Bonus Round of The Chamber of the Challenge.
The Pit of the Pendulum: 
 "Paint something torturous, terrifying - or just something with a slowly descending pendulum-blade… swoosh… swoooooshhhh….. arrrghhhh!!"

I've had this Gibbet & Gallows made by Black Tree Designs for some time now, waiting
for the opportunity to paint it up for the Challenge and this year is it!

Its a fairly easy paintjob to be honest and I've added a figure for scale only.

So my Gibbet will get 20 bonus points plus I guess 5 points for a 25mm figure?

Over to you Mr Minion....

Monday 11 January 2021

AHPC11 - Chamber of the Challenge - Hall of Traps


I have officially entered the Chamber of the Challenge!!
For me this has got to be the most difficult set of Bonus rounds we've ever had in any Challenge.
It seems to be leaning over to the evil side of wargaming......Fantasy!!!

I'm starting down the stairway into the inner sanctum of the Chamber of the Challenge. The first room is The Hall of Traps: A figure or unit which is trapped, stuck in a trap, snared, or lying in wait. Watch your step, Challengers!
As you can probably tell I've gone for a figure lying in wait.

This was the first figure I thought of when reading through the rooms, the Native American Indian
is a Wargames Foundry figure from their Early American Indian range, Northern Tribes pack

This is why I rushed through my Rocky terrain entry, I thought my skulking Injun would look
better than stuck on a base.

This should earn me 5 points for the figure and 20 points for the bonus round. 
Making 25 points!!!

Friday 8 January 2021

AHPC 11 - Rocky Scatter Terrain


For my second entry into the 11th Challenge I thought I'd get some terrain done.

I bought these Woodlands Scenics plaster cliff faces, from a Railway shop in Chatham. 

They were only a few quid each.

They're based on some spare bases I got cut from Warbases.

To paint them, I first run them under a tap for a few seconds as plaster is very porus. This allowed the inks and paints to flow free, rather than dry instantly as it soaked into the plaster.

Then slapped on various black, brown and grey inks. and other greys, brown and greens
using watered down paint.

Gotta admit, I didn't think they'd look this good?

I originally bought them as I was looking for some scatter terrain to fill out a small table for some Donnybrook FIW games I put on via Zoom last year. But just couldn't find the time to get them done.
These are some 25mm Native Americans, shown just for scale.

And are these 15mm Natives, just for scale. I think they work quite well for both scales

Now the hard bit......the points.
Placing the 3 biggest on top of each other makes approx 2 x  6' boxes
with the 3 smaller pieces making approx 1 x 6' box, I think?
So I'd guess at 3 boxes, which equals 60 points?
Which was kinda agreed by Capt Minion!