Thursday 28 April 2016

Salute Blogger Meet-up 2016

A bit late but the Blogger meet-up seemed a success?

Dave - Part time Reject

Sir M & Al

Fran, Vince & Loki

Tim & Kyle (MrLee)

Postie makes an appearance!

George, Legatus & Alastair

Feck you Loki!!

And a few other pics of bloggers who didn't make it.....

Michael 3rd from the left -

Alan and Mark from Milton Hundred

Kyle and pals


Postie & Trev (Mr Redoubt)

Sunday 24 April 2016

Salute 2016 part 2

Right, straight on with some pics from the show........

Oshiro Model Terrain - The Adventures of Paul Drake

Mines a pint!

Victrix - Spain 1800

Beautiful  54mm figures!

Not sure who this game was by?

Some entries into the painting competitions

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society - Koniggratz 1866

Hastings 1066

Southend Wargames & Capitan

The action at Onokhovo 1812

The Battle of the Somme 1916, Albert-Bapaume Road
Wyvern Wargames & Kallistra

Kings of War

Gripping Beast - Swordpoint

Gripping Beast - Saga

Essex Gamesters - The Vietnam Experience 1965-1975
The Tet Offensive

Markee Models - Zombicide


Leicester Phat Cats - Team Yankee


Sheffield Runelords - Stop the Trucks

Crush the Kaiser? in Mexico??



The Terrain Tutor

Utterly Mental Fantasy game!

Essex Warriors - Russo-Finnish War 

Lance & Longbow Society, with Rob Broom and Gravesend Wargames Club
Hastings 1066

Italian Wars??

BrokenToad, with MrLee

Richard Gillingham & David CR Brown - Battle of Antietam

Alan & Mark from Milton Hundred get some coaching lessons.