Friday 28 February 2020

AHPC X - Donnybrook Generals

What more Donnybrook!!!
Yes more Donnybrook!

And I still haven't had another game yet!

I did plan on these Casting Room WSS pack of figures to be my entry onto
Rousell's Sandhill, but the Badger wouldn't fit under the table!

 I've had this set here, for a few years now and its been undercoated since Challenge 8, but its not made it onto the Painting desk for either of the last 2 Challenges.

So it was great to finally get them done!

As these are WSS figures I needed to get rid of their tricorns, so scaple and saw in hand I went about cutting and reshaping hats.

This chap has a new Warlord Games ECW hat.

As does this chap.

I managed to bend down, this ones hat to a flatter version.

This figure has had his hat cut away from his hand, so I placed a new hat for him on the table.

Lastly, I did bugger all with this figures hat!

As for the points......
25 for the figures
and and another 5? for the table and chairs???
And perhaps a few points for the conversion work?
You never know your luck!

I was awarded 32 points which moved me back up to 34th place!!

Wednesday 26 February 2020

AHPC X - Donnybrook - Native's Prisoners

Curt wanted Donnybrook, so Curt gets Donnybrook!
Here we have another 4 figures for my collection.

Were back in North America for this entry, the figures are from Redoubt Enterprises' 
FIW range, but mine will be for King Philips War or Bacon's Rebellion.

The prisoners will probably be used in a rescue scenario, whenever I get around to it?

I earned 20 points for these, pushing back up to No 32.

Monday 24 February 2020

Cavalier 2020 - The Rejects on Tour

Postie, Lee and myself all visited Tonbridge on Sunday for our annual trip to 
Cavalier Wargame Show.
Don't know if was me but numbers did look down on last years show? And there seemed to be less traders and games? We all had dosh to spend at the Art of War stand but poor Glen had a flat tyre, so he was a no show!

Soon as we walked in we bumped into Al, Bob and Dave Crook!
I also met and spoke to fellow bloggers  Lee, Mick Sayce and  Lee Gramson

The Games

SEEMS - "The Colonel’s Jammed and the Gatling’s Dead"

Tonbridge Wargames Club  - Fight or Flight,  FIW

Maidstone Wargames Society Biggles - The Island at the Top of the World

Gravesend Gamers Guild - Kill Team (Sci-Fi)

Milton Hundred Wargame Club - Der Kampf um den Krug  - 28mm Napoleonic Skirmish; Demonstration

The Bring & Buy

Wadhurst Wargamers and role-players - Dungeons and Dragons

Society of Ancients - Battle of Paratakene

Friday Night Firefight - Best of Enemies
28mm Crusades

Love the castle!

Deal Wargames Society - Shall we dance ? 
20mm 1933 Bowradet Rebellion

My Fav game of the show!

Hailsham Wargames Club - Late Romans vs Goths

Crawley Wargames Club - Escape from the Aztecs

Lee and Henry Hyde 

Lee, little Postie and Moi

Peter Pig - Pieces of Eight

Cheshunt Wargames Club - Mosquito Strike Norway

Bring on the Bad Guys - Superhero

And finally Big Lee doing his thang!