Sunday, 16 February 2020

AHPC X - Hawkins' Hill - Bonus Round

"Ah, those poor forgotten miniatures. Here's one for you: Submit something you prepared for Challenge 7 or earlier (or something from at least three years ago if you weren’t a Challenger
 at that time)."

Way back in February 2015 I posted my entry into the Comedic Bonus Round . A Bar Room Brawl scene, our luvvly serving wench was originally purchased for this scene, she came in pack C1 figures from SHQ Miniatures , see below

But alas I ran out of time to get her painted up as well! Francis carrying the barrel and the landlord Curt came from this pack. Some of you may remember Tamsin O'Leary? My L'amour Bonus Round post from back in 2016, well that's her in the middle a brazen hussy If I say so myself!!!
I did get myself in a little trouble with her!

There's nothing too hot about the paint job, block colours and inked with Windsor and Newton Peat Brown writing ink......

I'll have to hop on Sarah's Balloon for my next venture on Challenge Island?
Hmm? Where too?

My visit to Hawkins' Hill should bring me in 35 points?