Friday, 28 February 2020

AHPC X - Donnybrook Generals

What more Donnybrook!!!
Yes more Donnybrook!

And I still haven't had another game yet!

I did plan on these Casting Room WSS pack of figures to be my entry onto
Rousell's Sandhill, but the Badger wouldn't fit under the table!

 I've had this set here, for a few years now and its been undercoated since Challenge 8, but its not made it onto the Painting desk for either of the last 2 Challenges.

So it was great to finally get them done!

As these are WSS figures I needed to get rid of their tricorns, so scaple and saw in hand I went about cutting and reshaping hats.

This chap has a new Warlord Games ECW hat.

As does this chap.

I managed to bend down, this ones hat to a flatter version.

This figure has had his hat cut away from his hand, so I placed a new hat for him on the table.

Lastly, I did bugger all with this figures hat!

As for the points......
25 for the figures
and and another 5? for the table and chairs???
And perhaps a few points for the conversion work?
You never know your luck!

I was awarded 32 points which moved me back up to 34th place!!


  1. Beautiful and colorful company!
    I like all those little details!
    Great job!

  2. They all look like they have something up their...
    Well, you know!
    You should definitely get some high points for these.

  3. Very nice work on this command group Ray..well done!

  4. Superb looking characters, and map...Inspired job!

  5. Great looking commanders, and really good work on the hat replacements. Love the maps 👍🏻

  6. Great work Ray. Love the conversions.

  7. A very welcome change seeing you paint up some figures for Donnybrook abd very nice they are too.

    1. Well.....I thought I'd go for something different.......

  8. Lovely work here, Ray. Map looks fantastic.

  9. Floppy hats galore! Very nice mate.