Wednesday, 26 February 2020

AHPC X - Donnybrook - Native's Prisoners

Curt wanted Donnybrook, so Curt gets Donnybrook!
Here we have another 4 figures for my collection.

Were back in North America for this entry, the figures are from Redoubt Enterprises' 
FIW range, but mine will be for King Philips War or Bacon's Rebellion.

The prisoners will probably be used in a rescue scenario, whenever I get around to it?

I earned 20 points for these, pushing back up to No 32.


  1. Unusual to see you painting up figures for Donnybrook...


    G#Nice paint-job on these btw.

  2. Can you every have too much Donnybrook? I don't think so, lovely job Ray.

  3. This is exactly the kind of vignette I like Ray, great work. I have trawled through the Redoubt site many times looking at civilian figures I might buy one day....lots of cool stuff like these on there

    1. Redoubt be sell some great figures for sure!

  4. Nice stuff mate...will we be seeing these on a games table any time this decade?